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If you are as old school as well are, we can bet you loved Netflix’s Hollywood! If that is a yes, we have a piece of news about the Hollywood season 2 release date. Keep reading until the end because we got things for you.

Being one of the classiest shows with a different approach to the characters, Hollywood has made its mark, and the show site was down for quite a while.

Since the ratings of the show are fine, as we’ll see in a while, the chances of Hollywood season 2 are visible, but in a fog. We’ll tell you how if you keep reading to the end.

But it’s not just the Hollywood season 2 release date. There are so many more questions to be answered. We will answer all of them together. Just stay tuned!

Hollywood Season 2 Release Date- What Do We Know So Far?

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Set in 1940, released in 2020.

Isn’t it Hollywood, the Netflix show is? Is there going to be a season 2? What about the cast, renewal, trailer, and release date of the show? Let’s see that one at a time.

The show Hollywood was released initially in 2020, taking you back to the 1940s.

The show has 7 episodes that were released on the same date on Netflix. The show also has a rating of 7.5 out of 10 stars in IMDb, while 58% percent of people liked the shoe on rotten tomatoes, and 89% of Google users liked the show as well.

What Is Going To Be Hollywood Season 2 Plot?

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The show Hollywood, as mentioned earlier, is based on the post-World War 2 era in the 1940s. The first season of the show had covered up pretty much all the golden times of Hollywood.

And If of season 2, chances are, it will not be based on the same characters. The show might escalate two decades from now. The probability that the show will be set in the 1960s is very high.

Not to forget, if season 2 gets released. But what about the season 2 cast of the show? Do you know who played who in the first season? Let’s see that.

Who Is Going To Be In Hollywood Season 2 Cast?

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If the show jumps 20 years later, a whole new cast will be needed. If that is the case, the season 2 cast is not confirmed yet. But if it doesn’t, then what happens?

No major changes in the Hollywood season 2 cast are expected to be there. Most of the cast members from season 1 will return with their best performance in the second season (if any).

Hollywood season 2 cast is:

  • David Corenswet as Jack Castello
  • Darren Criss as Raymond Ainsley
  • Laura Harrier as Camille Washington
  • Joe Mantello as Richard “Dick” Samuels
  • Dylan McDermott as Ernest “Ernie” West
  • Jake Picking as Roy Fitgerald—Rock Hudson
  • Jeremy Pope as Archie Coleman
  • Holland Taylor as Ellen Kincaid
  • Samara Weaving as Claire Wood
  • Jim Parsons as Henry Willson

Not to mention, there is always room for some freshness in the cast!

Is Hollywood Season 2 Renewed?

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We’ll not lie to you (why would we?) Hollywood is planned to be a limited series, and it was announced that there will not be a season 2 unless the first season is not a tremendous success. The statement that followed was:

Hollywood was “planned as a limited series, but it’s become so popular that everyone is asking for another season. So who knows? I sure love this cast though.” 

As far as our knowledge of Hollywood season 2 renewal goes, no news of Hollywood season 2 has been confirmed, despite the show having fine ratings on certain platforms.

No, Hollywood has not yet gotten the chance for a second season.

But, never say never.

What Is Hollywood Season 2 Release Date?

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Since the renewal of the show is not yet confirmed, telling you the release date of the show would quite be an overstatement.

The official release date of the show has not been announced yet.

But if we had to give you a tentative release date, under the assumption that the show gets renewed as soon as possible, following the pattern of season 1, the Hollywood season 2 release date might be in the first week of May 2022.

What About Hollywood Season 2 Trailer Release?

Because neither the release date nor the renewal of the show has been confirmed, the trailer release for season 2 of the show would be a grand gesture.

Under the assumption that the show gets renewed and the release date to be set around May 2022, the Hollywood season 2 trailer would be released at the beginning of April.

No, the Hollywood season 2 trailer is not released as of now. But you will find it right here, below the season 1 trailer as it gets released!

Watch Hollywood season 1 trailer:

Where Can We Watch Hollywood Season 2?

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Hollywood Season 2 release date has not been announced yet. No news regarding the renewal of the show has also arrived. So, currently, you cannot watch the show anywhere.

However, assuming that the show gets confirmed, you will watch the Hollywood new season on Netflix.

So, that was all about the Hollywood season 2 release date. Now, let’s sum up the whole thing quickly!

Summing Up | Hollywood Season 2 Release Date

So, here were all the updates we had about Hollywood Season 2 release date. The release date or the renewal of the show has not been confirmed yet, but the odds of that happening seem quite thick to us.

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