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Back in 2021, Netflix dropped the first season of Hit and Run. It has been more than a year and fans have been patiently awaiting an update about the second season of the thrilling action-based show. As soon as it was released, the show managed to grab many eyeballs and keep the viewers hooked to their seats with its elements of suspense.

Since it ended with unanswered questions, the finale of the first season did not qualify to be a satisfactory end. It left the fans waiting for any confirmation or update concerning Hit and Run Season 2 Release Date.

Want to know what the series has got to offer without any major spoilers? Do you look forward to know if it is worth a watch?

Sit back, scroll down and read till the end of this article on Hit and Run Season 2 Release Date to discover all about Hit and Run Season 2 that you are here for. Happy Reading!

Hit and Run Season 2 Release Date – A Quick Look Back At Season 1

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Hit and Run Season 1 premiered on August 6, 2021, on Netflix. It was an exciting journey of nine episodes filled with twists and turns from the beginning to its very end. Produced by Agatha Warren, the show had Nicole Yorkin as its creator.

It centers around Segev, an Israeli on a quest to find answers after his wife’s demise. Segev’s wife, Danielle loses her life in a hit-and-run case which is later discovered to not have been an accidental death.

The shock after his wife’s death is not the only unexpected thing that happens to Segev. As he tries to examine the event, Segev reaches his wife’s home in New York.

The person right next to you might sometimes have angles and inside stories to offer that you are unaware of. This is exactly what happens between the husband and wife. Many revelations await the viewers as Segev discovers facts that he never knew about Danielle’s life.

We would not spoil the fun for you. For more details, go and watch it out!

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Hit and Run Season 2 Plot – How is Season 2 Expected to Shape Up?

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Hit and Run Season 1 did not end on a conclusive note. There were many questions left without an answer. There is a lot to look forward to that would be taken up in the second season. Towards the end of the first season, the show takes a different direction from where it started. It is no more about just Danielle or her life.

The abduction at the end of Season 1 pointed at the possible angles for Hit and Run Season 2. We expect the second season to take us to a point where our doubts can be cleared. It is likely to take Segev on new journeys and uncover underlying truths and secrets to the building mysteries around him.

What started from a hit-and-run accident, turned to shape up into espionage and is most likely to continue with many stories that are to be unfolded in Hit and Run Season 2. If you have watched the first season, you might find the wait for Hit and Run Season 2 release date worth it.

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Is Hit and Run Worth Watching?

Hit and Run is one of those series that you would want to binge-watch and enjoy. There is no lack of action and thrill as the drama unfolds its cards before the viewers. A word of caution – some might find the plot losing its note of suspense as the episodes progress.

The narrative might not make sense at certain points. However, it is still capable of keeping you intrigued and hooked to your seats.

Those who have watched the first season know that it has left us with many unanswered questions. For all the answers that we are yet to receive, Hit and Run Season 2 becomes worth a watch.

Hit and Run Season 2 Cast – Whom to Expect and Whom Not to Expect in Season 2?

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Those who have watched the first season of Hit and Run know that many important characters died as the story progressed. Therefore, if we eliminate an exceptional possibility of flashbacks, these characters would not return for the second season.

Apart from the characters who left in the first season, there are a few characters who are certainly going to be a part of Season 2. Lior Raz would be there to play Segev. Other than him, Sanaa Lathan and Moren Rosenblatt would also be back as Naomi and Tali. Gregg Henry is expected to play Martin, however, the element of uncertainty about his inclusion remains.

Kaelen Ohm’s role as Danielle in the second season would depend upon the plot requirements. As she has already died in the first season, her involvement would only be through flashbacks. The conflicts started with Segev exploring the life of Danielle but whether or not would that be a concern in the second season can be told only after we reach Hit and Run Season 2 Release Date.

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Hit and Run Season 2 Release Date – When is Hit and Run Season 2 Likely to Release?

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Here is a piece of good news for all the fans who might be looking for an update about the next season. As per the word going around and reliable sources, we do have an expected Hit and Run Season 2 Release Date. The second season of the show would most likely premiere on August 4, 2023.

We know that it is still a few months away but an expected date for the arrival of the second season is likely to provide the fans with something to look forward to. Start counting the months!

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Where to Watch Hit and Run?

You can catch up with Hit and Run Season 2 on the giant streaming platform Netflix where the new season would be released on the day of its premiere.

In the meantime, the nine episodes from the first season are available on Netflix for you to binge-watch before we make it to the Hit and Run Season 2 Release Date.

Hit and Run Season 2 Trailer – Is the Trailer For Season 2 Out?


The fans must be anticipating an answer but unfortunately, we do not have anything to offer in this section. The trailer for Hit and Run Season 2 is not out yet. However, looking at the positive side of it, since the season would be out in August, the trailer is also expected to be dropped soon.

Thank you for coming this far. Hope you found this article useful.

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