Satoru is travelling back in time

Erased Season 2 hasn’t been released yet. Its Season 1 was dropped on Netflix in Dec December 2017. It was inspired by a quite popular manga magazine released in Japan from 2012 to 2016. Erased Season 1 made quite a roar when it was released on Netflix. Initially, people thought that it is going to be another typical time travel-based series. However, it didn’t take long for it to shatter all the pre-set beliefs. Erased became one of the hit series in its genre.

Satoru (Yûki Furukawa) is an artist but the world doesn’t treat him right and he has to struggle to make his ends meet. He is passionate about manga and he aspires to be a great manga artist. However, fate had other plans for him. It’s a story about strength, love, and friendship with a hint of mystery.

These ten episodes of the series are mind-boggling and heart-wrenching. The show was released in 2017 and even though viewers admired the series, it wasn’t enough to fetch another Season of the show. Anime fans are still waiting for Erased Season 2. Let’s find out what’s on the plate for us?

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Erased Season 2- Juggling In The Flashback

Airi and Satoru are standing with their back touching each other

In the very first episode, Satoru Fujiuma, a 29-year-old guy. He works as a pizza delivery boy and survives in this world with minimum wage. Another character, Airi Katagiri, is his co-worker and is also a high school student. Satoru’s power was revealed in the very first episode. He could go back in time to stop any bad thing from happening. He calls his power revival.

He can see bad incidents seconds before happening and when they happen, he could instantly stop them. Because of this, he has saved a ton of lives. The main thing that happens here is that the revival happens just a few seconds or minutes before the actual incident.

However, interestingly, this time his mother died and he went back to becoming a 10-year-old kid who is still in school. He is caught in time and he wasn’t able to understand why such a weird thing happened to him. Now, he has a mission to stop his mother from dying. But it’s wrapped up in a ton of mysteries. Would he be able to solve all of it and save his mother from getting murdered?

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Erased Season 2 Release Date- Has It Been Set?

Satoru is lying in flower bed

The fans are curious about Erased Season 2. It has already been 5 years since Erased Season 1 was released on Netflix. The fans have been stuck in between because there were a ton of plot themes that are yet to be explored. However, it wasn’t initially made clear and it was always on the list for getting picked up again. Neither Netflix nor the makers have said a word regarding the release of Erased Season 2.

However, this anime has been getting a lot of attention lately and considering the attention, it could be said that even if it’s renewed, the fans have to wait till late 2022 or early 2023. There is a high probability that Erased Season 2 could be picked up. This has happened far too many times in the past and it doesn’t stop Netflix from doing this again.

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Erased Season 2 Cast- Which Character Is Being Revived?

Cast of Erased Season 2

Satoru is the main lead of the series and without him and his power ‘revival’, the series couldn’t take off. His mother was the centre of all the puzzles. Even though all the mysteries were solved in this Season. There is still a possibility of prolonging the story in the Erased Season 2.

In the manga magazine issue, its second instalment looked into the motive of the killer and surrounded the story. It is an interesting approach and it became a hit in the novel. So, there is a high probability that it would become hit in the form of the series also.

If the Erased Season 2 would focus on the track of the killer’s motives, then we could expect every character that was present earlier to come back in the Erased Season 2 as well. We could only hope for such a spin-off. Let’s see what are we indulging ourselves into.

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Erased Season 2 Plot- Are We Going Way Back In Time?

Satoru is replaying his memories

Erased Season 1 kept us hooked for the entire Season by engrossing us in the mystery of Satoru’s friends’ murders. Even though by the end of the season, all the mysteries were solved. There are still plenty of plots that could be explored in Erased Season 2. What we saw in the last Season is how Satoru went 18 years back using the power of revival and solved the crime at that time and saved his mother from being murdered.

We saw that revival had the capability of going back decades back but how far can we stretch this ability? Can Satoru go back in the past centuries back to change big events of history? Is it possible that what the world would look like if it could all happen? It’d be an interesting take on the story where Satoru is changing remarkable events of history.

The writer in the Erased Season 2 would know what to do with all the potential plots. We are just rambling, it’s up to the writers what part they want to explore further. Would they want to stay in the present and show us the struggle of Satoru? Or maybe a little trouble won’t hurt him. He could mistakenly go way back in past and has to solve the mystery before he could come back. There are a ton of story plots for makers to explore. Indeed, Erased Season 2 is coal that needs to be beaten up to take up the form of a precious diamond.

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Erased Season 2 Trailer- The First Glimpse Of The Show

As of now, there is no official announcement about any teaser or trailer of the Erased Season 2. The makers have not decided on the renewal of the show. It’s been five years since the Erased Season 1 came out and still there is no light shining upon the Erased Season 2. As far as we know Netflix is not renewing it for Season 2. However, the makers can change their minds anytime. Till that time, let’s watch the trailer of Erased Season 1 and keep our memories fresh.

Satoru is a remarkable character and the way it was put in the story has been excellent. This series consisted the mystery, drama, etc. Having the power to travel back in time is an excellent story with multiple plots. There are only ten episodes in the series and it could be finished in one sitting. I enjoyed this series and if anybody is a fan of anime then they would enjoy this show. If you’ve already watched the show then it’s great but if you’ve not yet then it’d be the perfect time to hit play. One can watch this show on Netflix.

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