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If you’re a fan of the Cursed series, you may wonder why Cursed Season 2 was canceled from Netflix. In this article, you will learn the actual reason why Netflix called off drama.

Watching TV series might be a hobby. Don’t you think so? This is the best time when you can forget about all the issues and immerse yourself in the world of the heroes, follow the plot and get excited about every event described in the series. This is an alternative world where you become a part of the scenario, worry about the characters, and would like to be one of them. 

These days, the TV series industry is as wide as ever. A lot of moviemakers and other people from the art industry try to make their plots a reality. And if the scenario attracts the target buff, it’s a complete success. 


Watching TV Series is a New Art Therapy

Why is watching a series so popular? The fans of the series create their own fan clubs and online communities to reach each other, discuss the latest news about the actors or characters and predict future events. Why is the industry so popular? In some cases, it’s even in more demand than the movie industry. What’s the reason? 

A TV series consists of a huge number of sections. You can enjoy a couple of seasons with your favorite heroes. It makes the plot and the story a part of your real life. You wake up with the characters and spend every single moment with them when you’re free. 

Does it happen to the viewers when it comes to the movies? Not really because a movie is a solid piece of art you can’t be obsessed with daily unless it’s a sequence of movies. But the series has a different vibe. They make you fall in love with every single part of the plot. 


Netflix Cursed Season 2 – What Do We All Know So Far?

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Speaking about the obsession with the TV series, there’s a good example to be mentioned. The Netflix Cursed is a phenomenal TV series broadcast on the same-name online platform. The series got its popularity right after its date of release. If you had to compile a list of the top TV series of the decade, the Cursed would be surely on top. 

The series gathered a huge fan community for its plot, an interesting story, and the best quality of the image on the screens. It’s a pleasure to watch the serial and enjoy how professionally the sceneries are done, or the fits of the main characters are made. 

What’s the series about? This is a story about the medieval times when King Arthur was the main historical figure of the times. The plot is built on the legend about Nimue, a girl destined to leave her place in history and become the Lady of the Lake. This is a widely known Arthurian legend that gave rise to the development of such a popular and loved TV serial.

Why are there so many fans that follow every news about the serial? Nevertheless, this is a historical serial, it has every attribute of real life. You can watch how the regular problems between people are solved. There’s a love conflict and many other issues common for the viewers today. This is what makes the Cursed popular. 

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Where to Watch Cursed Online?

Katherine Langford in Cursed Season 1
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If you’re interested in the serial, you may want to watch it online. There’s a Cursed on Netflix, Hulu, and many other platforms. Though it’s broadcast on many sites, fans usually use Netflix for its quality image and sound. 

But the content could be blocked due to geo-restrictions. It is not a new thing on Netflix and Hulu. There are several ways to do this, and the easiest and safest is VPN. If you are watching the series from a browser – try the best VPN extension for Chrome, Opera, or Firefox. VeePN is also available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and many other devices. VPN changes your virtual IP, which allows you to bypass geolocation blocking.

You don’t have to look for another streaming service to watch your favorite series. It only takes a few clicks to unblock any site or service.

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Why Did Cursed Season 2 Get Canceled on Netflix? 


If you watched the series before or would like to turn it on on the Netflix platform, you might know that the series was canceled. The series appeared on the Netflix screens in 2020. It was the premier that fans liked a lot. But after the first season, the reaction of the platform wasn’t clear about the further seasons of the series. 

There’s the question – Why was Cursed season 2 canceled from the streaming service? There’s no clear explanation from the platform, but the most obvious answer is the lack of the viewers that followed the project. Nevertheless, Cursed was a popular picture, the platform didn’t get enough activity with the content on their streaming service. It might be the reason why we won’t see a second season online. 

The reviews from the viewers are mixed, but there could also be another reason for such a reaction from the platform. Due to the pandemic, a lot of TV productions stopped and were unable to continue with their projects. For this reason, Netflix canceled a bunch of TV shows that were already in progress due to certain technical or deadline issues. This could have been the reason for Cursed to disappear from the Netflix screens. 

The release of the show was impressive and gained a lot of attention from the viewers. And so was the cancellation period with the fans all over the world arguing about the decision made by the streaming platform. But there’s the solution. If you want to watch the series again or rewatch them, you can go for another streaming service on the web. 

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