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‘Comedy’ is the most admired and loved genre of all time. The fast lives of our current era have made everything over-burdened and stressed for all the age groups people and nobody can be seen enjoying the real pleasures of life! Losing every day into an occupied schedule. Isn’t it?

Since life has become so persistent with the stress-busting problems everyone demands some heart-lightening and delightful to pass on some gala time with family having a bite of snack all. Such genres contribute a lot to taking over the stress that seems to rule over people apparently.

Norsemen Season 1, an American comedy television series was something to binge rightly for the comedy-drama that takes us back to the time of the 19th century.

The first season dropped back in the year 2016 and is followed by 2 more seasons until 2020 persisting the rating of 7.5/10. Now the show’s three seasons are streaming live on Netflix to be binge-watched anytime and this would definitely lead to tickling your funny bones.

Now eagerly waiting for the comeback of a brand new season drop of Norsemen Season 4.

Until then stay tuned for more goofs and all the flashed updates and here’s to what our sources could recollect so far!


Norsemen Season 4 – What do we know so far?

Norsemen Poster
Source – Netflix

Norsemen is basically a story of a group of Vikings living in the village name Norheim in the 1970s, it was originally premiered in Norway under Vikingane (Vikings). It is basically a comedy-type show and is written by famous writers namely Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen. Moreover, it is produced both in English as well as the Norwegian version. The first English season was dropped on the renowned OTT platform Netflix in August 2017, and another season i.e. season second was dropped in October 2018.

Additionally, the story basically covers day to day life of Vikings in the village(Norheim). It also throws light on some of the disputes with the nearby villages and it also tries to modernise the Norheim’s culture. The IMDB rating for the show stands at 7.8/10 and it is live to binge on Netflix.

The first season was out in 2016 and the Norheim Season 3 dropped in 2020. Each season is comprised of 6 episodes.

Would be interesting to see what brings out with a new season drop!

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Norsemen Season 4 Plot – What new awaits the audience?

Norsemen Season 3 Poster
Source – Netflix

The plot of the series revolves around the story of the villagers of the town namely Norsemen. Norsemen takes place in Norway around 1970, there are several characters in the series taking roles as the series developers. The story basically covers activities of their day-to-day life, some of them are comedic scenes, and some disputes with the neighboring town or village members. Whereas Season 3 is a prequel to Season 1.

In the concluding episode of Norsemen Season 3, Olav and Varg indulge in a deal to set Orm free leading to punishment by Scrotum Whipping. Finally, after this when everyone moves to England Rufus is knocked out by the Vikings.

Now, this is a point where season 1 started and season 3 concluded. Further if Norsemen Season 4 drops we might get to see Bjorn in the new season. The show remained a bit underrated but is a great binge-watch holding a snack.

Hoping for some great news to drop for the lovers of Norsemen Season 4!

Until then stay cool and keep binging the previous seasons only on Netflix!

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Norsemen Season 4 Release Date – When will the new outing arrive?

The duo is looking scared
Source – Netflix

This is an insanely repeated question and we are not even kidding.

In recent times, there were so many speculations around whether there will be Norsemen Season 4, and the viewers were also pretty curious because of buzz or flashed updates for the renewal status.

Now the eagerness seems to be over veins amongst the audience because it’s almost 2 years now since Norsemen Season 3 arrived.

Several, reasons can be held responsible since the pandemic hit the world everything has been dismantled and imbalanced. But these are all assumptions. Hoping for the best to happen.

The show was also pulled out of the cards for a while, but now…

The show probably will be renewed soon and maybe officially announced also.

Until then be patient because Fiferst has got you all covered!

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Norsemen Season 4 Cast – Who is returning in the next season?

The man is looking at the lady
Source – Netflix

There is no such official update regarding the release date of next season. So there is still a probability that we will see some new cast and crew when the series comes back with new episodes in the future. So there is a bundle of unanswered questions for the audience and they have to wait eagerly for the release date of the next series.

Let’s have sneaked a peek into the main cast seen in the show –

  • Henrik Mestad is Chieftain Olav, the leader of the village.
  • Marian Saastad Ottesen as Hildur, Olav’s wife
  • Nils Jørgen Kaalstad as Arvid, the chieftain’s second-in-command.
  • Jon Øigarden as Jarl Varg, the regional overlord and main antagonist of the show
  • Kristine Riis as Liv, Arvid’s gold digger wife
  • Bjørn Myrene as Torstein Hund, Varg’s right-hand man.
  • Mikkel Bratt Silset as Ragnar, Arvid’s right-hand man
  • André Eriksen as Ørn, a local Viking

So, there are some chances that we can see these faces again but still can’t assure that there is no new face in Norsemen season 4.

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Norsemen Season 4 trailer – When will the trailer be out?

The release date of season 4 remains indecisive by show makers. There’s no trailer drop yet and fans have to be patient until there’s any update regarding the upcoming drop.

Since there’s no reliable update for the upcoming Norsemen Season 4 yet.

The fans have to hold their hearts and keenly look out for the trailer previous season to keep alive the nostalgic sense in their veins. If Norsemen season 4 happens, it’ll bring along a bunch of crisp.

The fans keep their fingers crossed and are happily waiting for a new season!


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