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If you are a fan of musicals and period dramas or their adaptations, and if you are also waiting for Schmigadoon! season 2 release date, this blog post is specially made for you.

Whether you want to know the Schmigadoon season 2 plot, cast, trailer release, or release date of the show, we will be the one getting -you the information- and below is the one about the musical we’ve all been waiting for.

Schmigadoon! is an American musical genre show that aired on Apple TV+ from July to August 2021. The show is loved by music lovers that they are waiting for the second season of the show ASAP. Is there any information we have to share with you? Yes, of course!

So, without any further delays, let us get straight to Schmigadoon’s season 2 release date, cast, trailer release, renewal, and more!

Schmigadoon Season 2! What Do We Know So Far?

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Source – Schmigadoon (Apple+)

Schmigadoon, an Apple TV+ show created by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio is an American musical show. The show has received considerable appreciation from critics.

Schmigadoon has an astounding 7.3 out of 10-star rating on IMDb, while 88% of people on Rotten Tomatoes like the show. Adding to this, 78% of Google users have good things to say about the show as well.

The show Schmigadoon first premiered on the OTT Apple TV+ on July 16th, 2021 and the last episode of season 1 of the show premiered on the platform in the middle of July.

So, it has been months now and there is still no news about Schmigadoon season 2’s fate… or, is there? Let’s find out.

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What Is Schmigadoon Season 2 Plot Going To Be?

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Schmigadoon on Apple TV+

The basic plot of season 1 revolves around the main characters Josh and Melissa. Both of them were once so in-love doctors. Now, things seem to have changed.

Both of them go on a backpacking trip to get along and save their fading love and relationship, only to find themselves still in fights and even arguing. They get lost in the trip and discover a magical mysterious town called “Schmigadoon”.

Later on, in the show, they find out that they cannot get out of the town unless they find true love. Now what? Will they be ever able to escape the town? Will they find the love that was long gone?

Season one ends as Josh and Mel reconcile. Both of them discover a lot of secrets and so many more things in the first season.

Now, why the Schmigadoon season 2 is long-awaited is because even after both of them reconcile and get back together, hand-in-hand they stand near the bridge to cross it, the show ends and it is not revealed whether they made it to the other side of the bridge or not.

And this is what we all want to know, and hence waiting for a season 2.

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Who Will Be In The Schmigadoon Season 2 Cast?

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Source: Netflix Life

To say that in Schmigadoon season 2, any of the main characters from the first season will be missing would rather be a bold statement.

When Schmigadoon season 2 release date comes out and we know when god and Apple TV+ are going to bless our eyes with season 2, the most possible cast of Schmigadoon season 2 will be:

  1. Keegan-Michael Key as Josh Skinner
  2. Cecily Strong as Melissa Gimble
  3. Alan Cumming as Mayor Aloysius Menlove
  4. Ariana DeBose as Emma Tate
  5. Kristin Chenoweth as Mildred Layton
  6. Jane Krakowski as Countess Gabriele Von Blerkom
  7. Martin Short as Leprechaun
  8. Aaron Tveit as Danny Bailey
  9. Ann Harada as Florence Menlove
  10. Fred Armisen as Reverend Howard Layton
  11. Dove Cameron as Betsy McDonough
  12. Jamie Camil as Doc Jorge Lopez

Further additions or deductions in the cast of the show will also depend upon how the writers decide to take the show further. However it may be, we need our secret out! We want to know whether Josh and Mel found their love or not.

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Is Schmigadoon Renewed For Season 2?

No, Schmigadoon is not yet officially renewed by Apple TV+ and there is no piece of news on the same further.

However, given the critical response of the show, we can soon expect to hear about the renewal of the show.

What Is Schmigadoon Season 2 Release Date? And When To Expect?

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Source: Schmigadoon (Apple TV+)

Given that Schmigadoon is not yet renewed for a second season, there can be no predictions or assumptions made about when Schmigadoon’s season 2 release date will be revealed.

But, if the series gets a green signal by the last of 2022, i.e., till December 2022, then Schmigadoon Season 2 may be premiered by the start of 2023.

But if there is any sort of delay or anything like that, nothing reliable can be said yet about the dates.

When Will Schmigadoon Season 2 Trailer Will Be Out?

Given that Apple TV+ has still not given out any information about the renewal of the show, it is not quite predictable when the Schmigadoon season 2 trailer will be released.

However, if we are to predict when the season 2 trailer will release,

Summing Up | Schmigadoon Season 2 Release Date & More!

So, these were all the news and updates we needed to know about Schmigadoon Season 2 release date. Apple TV+ is yet to renew this web series that aired in mid-August 2021.

However, with the response the series got from the audience as well as considering the story and plot of the show, there are chances that Apple TV+ might renew the series for a second season soon.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Schmigadoon Season 2 –

1. Will there be a season 2 for Schmigadoon?

Nothing is clear right now. Apple TV+ and showrunners are yet to reveal their decision regarding the second outing.

2. Was Schmigadoon Cancelled?

No, it hasn’t been called off. Neither the series has been renewed nor it has been scrapped.

3. How many episodes of Schmigadoon are there?

The first outing comprises a total of six episodes.

4. Is Schmigadoon a limited series?

Showrunner Cinco Paul said that they always have a long vision for the show. While replying to a fan on Twitter, Paul mentioned, “So glad you like the show, and it made my jaw drop too! I’d always envisioned Schmigadoon! potentially having multiple seasons…we shall see.” So, it’s clear that Schmigadoon is not a limited series.

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