Aashram Season 2 release date

You might remember Bobby Deol’s Aashram which was released in the last week of August. From the day of its release, people have praised and admired the concept of drama continuously until now. ‘Loha Garam Hai Aur MX Player Ne Hathoda Maar Diya‘, Yes taking the advantage of the opportunity recently the OTT platform has renewed the Aashram Season 2.

If you are also are a lover of this crime drama then after hearing this news you too will be hungry to know its release date. Today along with the release date I have come along with some other latest news that will electrify the level of energy in your body once you will hear it. So, let’s begin.

List Of The Latest Updates That Are Added In Aashram Chapter 2?

1. What is the Aashram Season 2 Release Date in India?

Aashram Season 2 Release Date
We all enjoyed watching season 1 of the drama and In fact, many of us seen it two to three times. And I think it the reason why the Ashram crossed more than 200 million views within 2 months over MX Player. After seeing such an outstanding response of the audience makers understood that we are thirsty to see Aashram chapter 2.

It seems that they have listened to our request and now they have given us a big surprise to celebrate by disclosing the release date of the upcoming season. Are you yearning to know it? If yes, then let me tell you the much-awaited dynamic Aashram Season 2 is releasing on 11th November 2020. It means that there is not even a month left to its release.

Note down this date in your diary to avoid missing it. Make your plans as per it because on the 11th of November you will be busy watching a nail-biting drama.

2. What will happen in Aashram Season 2?

Ashram Season 2 release date

In season 1 we have seen a suspicious murder story that encircles around Pakhandi Baba Nirala. His followers and fans are crazy as they can do anything on his single gesture or order. They consider their Baba as a God. On the other hand, Baba is a crook, he wants each and every devotee to stay and spent their whole lives in his so-called Aashram.

After a while, Ujagar Singh (Darshan Kumaar) enters into the story. The best thing about him is that he is determined to find out the reality of the corpses and skeletons that have been found from Aashram’s belongings. An enigma is linked to each episode that is somewhere linked to Baba Nirala.

Probably we will get to see the cop disclosing the truth of baba in front of everyone in Aashram 2.

But what will happen exactly in the second installment of the drama is still unknown as makers have just revealed the release dates of the upcoming season 2 but they haven’t disclosed the story of the drama. One thing is sure that we are going to see several twists and spins in the forthcoming thriller.

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3. Has the Aashram Season 2 Trailer Arrived?

No, not yet, but to amuse the fans the lead actor has shared something interesting for them on the Instagram handle. Actually, he has published a post on his account which is a short teaser of the upcoming Aashram chapter 2. The trailer hasn’t more to show as it just reveals the release date of the upcoming season..

The official trailer of season 2 is yet to come. As per predictions, it appears that it will arrive among us within the interval of 15 days. So, you have to wait a few days more to witness it and if you haven’t seen the Aashram season 1 trailer then you can easily watch it above.

4. What will be the Aashram Season 2 Cast?

Ashram Season 2 release date

After seeing the teaser published by the actor Bobby Deol one thing is clear that he will again play his role as Baba Nirmala. Apart from him, there are 90% chances that other cast members will also replicate their previous roles.

All the stars have delivered awesome performances in Ashram season 1 and that’s why it is looking that creators will not change them in the second 2. If it happens then we will again see our previous stars as –

  • Bobby Deol will be seen as Kashipur Waale Baba Nirala(Monty).
  • Chandan Roy Sanyal will replicate his role of Bhopa Bhai (Bhopa Swami or Bhupendra Singh).
  • Aaditi Pohankar will reprise his role as Parminder aka Pammi.
  • Tushar Pandey will play his character of Satti.
  • Darshan Kumaar will deliver his role of SI Ujagar Singh.
  • Anupriya Goenka will portray his role as Dr. Natasha.
  • Tridha Choudhury will be again seen as Babita.
  • Vikram Kochhar will play his character of Sadhu Sharma.
  • Anil Rastogi will be seen as CM Sundar Lal.
  • Sachin Shroff will reprise his role as Hukum Singh.
  • Anurita Jha will portray his role as Kavita.
  • Rajeev Siddhartha will deliver his role as Akki.
  • Jahangir Khan will be seen as Michael Rathi.
  • Kanupriya Gupta will play his character of Mohini/ Sohini.
  • Adhyayan Suman will replicate his character of Tinka Singh.

Apart from them, stars like Vikram Katyal, Keshav Pandit, Mala Sinha, Rupesh Kumar, Dimpy Mishra, Sandeep Yadav, Navdeep Tomar, Mirza Ajhar Beg, Siddharth Srivastav, and many others can be seen playing their respective characters.

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5. How Many Episodes Will Be In Aashram Season 2?

Ashram Season 2 release date

In season 1 we have seen 9 episodes including –

  • Episode1. Pran Pratishtha
  • Episode 2. Grih Pravesh
  • Episode 3.Duh Swapna
  • Episode 4. Sewa Daar
  • Episode 5. Amrit Sudha
  • Episode 6. Vish Haran
  • Episode 7.Gati Rodh 
  • Episode 8. Shuddhi Karan
  • Episode 9. Maha Prasad

Although makers haven’t revealed the exact number of episodes for the Aashram chapter 2, as per predictions it will have 9-12 episodes.

6. Where Will Arrive Ashram Season 2?

Aashram Season 2 release date

You know that Aashram is a part of MX Originals. So, the long waited fascinating thriller will arrive definitely on it. One of the best things about this OTT platform is that it doesn’t ask you to pay any amount to watch any show or movie. You just need a good internet connection to entertain yourself on it.

To see Bobby Deol again in action on 11th November you just make sure that you have downloaded the app and also don’t forget to keep it fully updated. Otherwise, it hurts when we are indulged in watching any episode but suddenly there comes interruption in that, and thereafter you receive a notification that asks you to update the app.

So, be ready with all arrangements to witness a banging drama on the 11th day of next month.

Source: Republic World

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