Undekhi web series review

“Ye wahi wali web series hai jiske promotion se sony live ne logon ko daraya tha” – Yes, Undekhi is that web series that created a big controversy some months ago. Sony Liv was highly criticized for promoting their series in the wrong way. You might remember that call promotion – ” Main Rishi Bol Raha hun, Yahan Ek Murder Hoga Hai…”.

Many people also posted several harsh comments about the digital platform for this horror promotion. Thereafter, Maharashtra Cyber Cell aware people regarding this fault practice of the channel. But contrary to this people liked the concept when they watched Undekhi season 1.

Let Me Tell You How The Series Has Turned Hate Of People Into An Immense Love.

1. Thrilling Plot

The episode of the series starts with DCP Ghosh(Dibyendu Bhattacharya) analyzing the corpse of one of his colleague police cop who has been found dead in the forest of Sunderbans. The main felon behind this crime is two escaped females of the neighboring village whose names are Koyal(Apekhsha Porwal) and Kanak(Apurva Soni).

While Daman and Teji have their marriage in Manali. But, the situation becomes sensible as Daman’s Papaji kills Kanak while she was dancing on the floor. Now, what happens, the photographer Rishi captures the whole incident in his camera. Thereafter, papaji’s dearest stepson along with Don, Rinku attempts to erase all the proofs of the incident.

But, Rishi turns out to be a big danger for Papaji’s family as he plans to register a case against them. Now, all Undekhi episodes rotate about this whole matter and they become more interesting as Rinku makes vital planning to protect his Dad. On the other hand, DCP Ghosh remains busy finding those two girls in Manali.

Undekhi web series review

After the terrible killing of Kanak, Teji resolves to end up her collaboration with Daman and drops his wedding plan. On the other hand, Rinku pushes Teji to do marriage by extorting her. The situations become harder as Rinku begins blaming Rishi for Kanak’s killing.

But the man who fixes the handset of Rishi discovers a copy of the incident video recorded by Rishi, therefore he transfers it to his group that helps in verifying Rishi guilt-free. Now, at the last of the series due to Sonali, Rinku strategies to finish Rishi, but whether he becomes successful in doing so or not is still unknown.

Now, in the final episode, Koyal reaches DCP Ghosh and discloses why she killed that police cop in West Bengal. In the conversation, she explained her main intent behind killing him. She did so because that Cop was habitual of assaulting females. Now, the Undekhi episode finishes in this way so that people definitely see it for the second season.

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2. Brilliant Acting By The Undekhi Web Series Cast

Undekhi web series review 2020


Now, If I talk about actors of the series, they have superbly played their roles. Big credit goes to Divyendu Bhattacharya, he is quite impressive in the character of Bengali DSP. His character gives a sense of relief from intense violence. Harsh Chayya in the role of Papaji has entertained a lot in the series.

He is someone whom we can say – “Bade Bade Logon Ke Saath Uthna Baithna Hai” People who surround him always recommend- “Goli maar denge” solution to every trouble. He quite is refined in his part. His talks in between the episodes often bring laughs to the faces of viewers.

Surya Sharma has gracefully played his negative role. His character of brutal, Don is one of the most talkative characters of the Undekhi web series. It seems that he has done a lot of hard work to get himself in that particular role.

Abhishek Chauhan as Photographer, Rishi has completed his task superbly. Actually, in the series, he only looks innocent in the world of criminals. Apeksha is equally well on his part, she has displayed both parts in a balanced way.

3. Gripping Script

Undekhi web series review
The script of the series has been framed by four writers including Siddharth Sengupta, Varun Badola, Umesh Padalkar, and Mohinder Pratap Singh. We can say that all of them are very clever. They have written the whole story in a very engaging and attractive way.

The audience witnesses a new twist every time they jump to the new episode. They have taken care of every little thing. Their work deserves a bunch of admiration. We can say that they have succeeded in achieving their target.

4. Music and Direction

Undekhi web series review
Any movie or show seems “Khaali Khaali” without music and this increases the load and responsibility of composers. Anuj Danait and Shivam Sengupta have taken care of this fact. That’s why they have created the music carefully and according to the situations of the scene.

Director, Ashish R. Shukla has done a fantastic job. He has shot all the 10 episodes of the Undekhi web series flawlessly. He has put in the best efforts on his behalf. His work is pretty much fine.

5. Undekhi Web Series Review: IMDb & TOI

Undekhi web series review

Ratings are our priority when it comes to watching any show or movie. I’m glad to tell you that Undekhi has lived up to the expectations of the audience as it has gathered whopping 8.2/10 stars after receiving 2300+ votes on IMDb.

On the other on Times Of India has also rewarded the Undekhi web series splendid 3.5/5 stars. Also, News 18 has given staggering 3.5/5 stars to the web series. Therefore, now I can assure you that Undekhi season 1 is a fabulous and worth watching web series.

Hence, the combination of amazing acting and appealing script makes Undekhi a nail bitting web series. If you haven’t watched it yet then now the time has arrived to watch it. To watch the series you just simply need to download Sony Liv.

And after sign up, you have to purchase a subscription of the platform. Thereafter, you can search the name of the Undekhi web series on the search bar. Now, you can begin watching the episodes of the series.

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