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The Primetime Emmy-winning American musical-comedy series, Country Comfort, premiered on the 19th of March, 2021 on the popular streaming platform, Netflix. It also gave instant rise to hopes for Country Comfort Season 2. The show aired as a Netflix-original series and consisted of ten episodes in accordance with the order given by Netflix in early 2020.

Created by Caryn Lucas, Country Comfort follows the story of a singer, facing a rough patch in her life, who ends up as the nanny of a widower’s five children. Set in Nashville, Tennessee, the show did not receive a thoroughly pleasant reception from the critics and didn’t perform too well in the number game or rankings as well. But people who could relate and develop a liking for this musical-comedy show started demanding Country Comfort Season 2 right after the first season was premiered.

However, despite their expectations and demands, the news might not be great for all the Country Comfort fans who’ve been waiting to watch more. We bring this article for you to know all the titbits and latest updates about Country Comfort Season 2.


Country Comfort Season 2 – Precap from Season 1

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Netflix released all the ten episodes of Country Comfort Season 1 together on March 19, 2021. It was premiered as a Netflix-original show. The road for a multi-camera story and a comedy on Netflix wasn’t expected to be smooth and the fears did become real. Critics had their say and the lists released soon after its premiere started excluding the show.

The first season of Country Comfort saw a singer, Bailey, played by Katharine McPhee, entering the role of a nanny for the five children of a cowboy, Beau. These children, namely Tuck, Brody, Dylan, Cassidy, and Chloe, receive the warmth of a mother from Bailey while also helping her with the crisis in her life during this process.

Bailey reaches at the door of Beau while she is facing issues in both her personal and professional lives. She takes up the job of a nanny for Beau’s children. Though Bailey is not experienced for the position that she accepts, she tries and succeeds at modifying the environment in the house. She fills in the void existing in the lives and hearts of the children. What’s more?

With this family, Bailey also finds what she’d been looking for. For the career-oriented Bailey who’s passionate about music, the house members help her in her professional journey which comes as something out of the box for the budding singer.

Country Comfort Season 2 – Has the show been Renewed or Scrapped?

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Country Comfort became a reality after Netflix instructed Country Comfort to create a show with ten episodes back in January 2020. Though the first season didn’t do quite well, it did win an award at the Primetime Emmy for ‘Outstanding Cinematography for a multi-camera series.’ There were several demands for Country Comfort Season 2. However, Netflix put an end to all the expectations of renewal and scrapped the show on July 2, 2021.

Country Comfort Season 2 – The Cast from the Past!

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Though they didn’t settle well with all, the first and only released season of Country Comfort had a bunch of talented people in the team. The show starred Katherine McPhee who enacted as Bailey, the singer in the show who also becomes a governess for five children. Eddie Cibrian portrayed the character of Beau, a cowboy, and widower.

Ricardo Hurtado came in as Beau’s eldest son, Tuck while Jamie Martin Mann played the role of 15-year old Brody. Griffin Thomas McIntyre personated Dylan while Shiloh Verrico came in as Cassidy. Lastly, it was the cute and beautiful, Pyper Braun who enacted as Beau’s youngest daughter, Chloe.

In other roles, Janet Varney was seen as Beau’s girlfriend, Summer while Eric Balfour was included as Bailey’s ex-boyfriend, Boone. The show also had a special guest appearance from the American singer and actress, LeAnn Rimes who portrayed herself in the show.

The fans would have definitely loved to see this cast making a comeback for Country Comfort Season 2. However, the astrological stars don’t seem to be in favour of the fans of the show.

Country Comfort Season 2 Cancelation – Why has the show been Called Off?

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It saddens us to discuss the cancellation of Country Comfort Season 2 with the fans of the show who wanted it but we believe that they deserve to know as much as we do.

After the release of any show, especially the very first season, its reception is observed and the show is kept under constant check. Country Comfort didn’t stand strong in the list of the top 10 shows in the world or even the US for long enough. This cannot be considered a report that would suffice for the revival of a show. So, doubts had started making circles from the very early days after the premiere of the first season.

However, as per Eddie Cibrian, who played the character of Beau, Country Comfort Season 2 was called off somewhere around mid-May in 2021. The words which were shared are –

“We are getting so close to finding out about what y’all have been asking for…Season 2!! So, this weekend we need all you Country Comforters (just made that name up) to watch, rewatch, tell others to watch and rewatch, so we can make the decision for Netflix and Netflix Family an easy one!”

This was a clear indication that the show won’t have materialized if it didn’t do as well as it was being expected. However, it didn’t happen. The viewership did not take a jump and the show had to be called off. Nothing could help it and the cancellation of Country Comfort Season 2 came in July 2021 by an official spokesperson.

Country Comfort Season 2 – Season 1 Trailer

Unfortunately, we can’t bring for you the trailer for Country Comfort Season 2 till the makers and the streaming platform change their minds which seems unlikely for now but we can help you rewind!

Dear Fans, here’s the trailer of Country Comfort Season 1 that’d help you go down the memory lane and maybe inspire you enough to re-watch what you’ve been missing all this while –


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