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After the stunning performance of RejctX, Zee5 release the RejctX season 2 for us on 14th May 2020. What If I tell you after watching part-1 of the web series I was quite curious about what will happen in part-2? I’m pretty much sure that you too was thinking how things will change in RejctX season 2?

If you haven’t watched the 2nd part of the web series then be ready as further I’m going to tell you what makes RejctX season 2 a must-watch web series?

5+ Powerful Reasons That Proves RejctX Season 2 A Worth Watching Web Series:

1. Adventurous Storyline

RjectX season 2
The story of RejectX 2 shows us that Aarav(Ahmed Masi Wali) is attempting to kill his dad, unfortunately, he misses the target therefore his dad gets injured on the left arm and survives. After this moment, dad starts trolling Aarav because he failed in killing him.

Now, Aarav visits school in a fresh semester, and thereafter, he begins developing a bond with Kiara(Anisha Victor). When Rene(Esha Gupta) gets informed about the suicide of Anushka she inspects the complete case. And, After analyzing the whole case Rene finds that Aarav and Anushka were sharing a bond.

Unfortunately, Some weird incidents of the school again point towards Aarav. Just after a while, Aarav and his companions get extorted by a hidden Mr. X and it was quite clear that the objectives of Mr. X weren’t good.

2. Amazing Performances by the Zee5 RejectX Season 2 Cast:

1. Esha Gupta

RejctX season 2
Esha is playing the character of Rene Roy in season 2 of the web series. Not only me but also major people were impressed with his role as an inspecting officer. She fulfilled the need that was required to play the role of Rene.

I’m pretty much sure that you are quite familiar with her face. You might have seen her in films like Jannat 2, Baby, Rustom, Commando 2, Baadshaho, Paltan, Total Dhammal, and Main Raho Ya Naa Rahoon.

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2. Sumeet Vyas

RejctX season 2
TVF Tripling fame Sumeet is playing the lead role in the RejctX season 2. You will see him in the character of Farhan Hussain, mostly viewers admired and praised him because of the level of energy and dedication that he put in the character.

From timing to the pitch of dialogues everything of Sumeet was superb. Do you know before becoming the part of RejctX season 2 cast, Sumeet has worked in superhit web series like Permanent Roommates, Bang Baaja Baaraat, Official Chukyagiri, and Official CEO Giri.

3. Anisha Victor

RejctX season 2
Anisha is presenting the character of Kiara Tiwari in the RejctX season 2. She too was amazing in her part, her way of delivering dialogues was nice and at the same time, her body language influenced the audience a lot. In simple words, she was just fabulous in her character.

You might be not recognizing her face but let me tell you that her first movie was Aval(Tamil) which was released in 2017. Besides this, she has appeared in web series like What’s Your Status(2018) and Mr. Das(2019).

4. Ridhi Khakhar

RejctX season 2
You will witness her in the role of Pornomitra Rai in RejctX season 2. She has delivered an impeccable performance in the episodes. She has impressed the viewers through his best acting skills and stylish body language.

Apart from working in RejctX 2, she has acted in the Netflix Lust Stories web series that was released in 2018. There she had played the character of Natasha. Keeping these things apart Ridhi has appeared in many advertisements including Set Wet Gel, American Express, Tata Tea Gold, etc.

5. Saadhika Syal

RejctX Season 2
Saadhika is also an integral part of RejectX Season 2 Cast. She has played the character of Sehmayt Ali in the series. I will say she has done her job pretty well, she has shown his best performance before the audience.

Probably you may not know much about her but let me tell you that apart from working in the RejectX 2 she has also appeared in the It’s My Pleasure web series.

Along with these stars Prabhneet Singh, Ahmed Masi Wali, Ayush, Khurana, Pooja Sundar Shetty, Tanvi Shinde, Khalid Siddiqui, and Shaan Grover have also effectively delivered their characters.

3. RejctX 2 Trailer: Audience Response

The trailer of season-2 of the web series was released on 8th May 2020 over Youtube. You will be amazed to listen that till now it has collected 9.7million+ views along with 11K+ likes.

Another great thing about the RejctX 2 trailer that will impress you is that major people have given positive responses to it, which is another plus point of the web series.

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4. RejctX 2 Review:

RejctX season 2
If we talk about the IMDb ratings of the web series they are just stunning. After receiving votes from more than 1700+ users the season-2 has gathered phenomenal 8.3/10 stars with encouraging responses from viewers.

On the other hand, the RejctX season 2 has received 3.5/5 stars on the IWM Buzz. After considering the factors like direction, acting, screenplay, and story the IWM Buzz has given these ratings.

5. RejctX 2 Direction:

RejctX season 2

Goldie Behl has directed decently all the 8 episodes of the web series but some things could be better. Using the scenes from the previous season at the beginning of RecjtX 2 episodes doesn’t sound effective. On the other hand, the narration is also not as much good as it was expected.

6. RejctX 2 Zee5 Download:

The season-2 of the web series is available on the official website of Zee5 as well as on its app. To watch the series firstly you need a good internet connection and then a subscription to Zee5. Thereafter, you can watch comfortably the whole web series.

So, these were the reasons that make the Rejctx season 2 a must-watch web series. Therefore, if you haven’t seen it yet then visit the Zee5 official website or app and start watching Rejctx 2 episodes.

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