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The murder mystery series, Clickbait created by Tony Ayres and Christian White, premiered on August 1, 2021. The show was received with open arms by the audience upon the release of all its eight episodes on Netflix. With crime and mystery interwoven into a dramatic setup, the American-Australian show is expected to return back with Clickbait Season 2.

Initially meant to be a limited series, Clickbait is a thrilling mystery that has its focus on cybercrime. Season 1 of Clickbait did answer all the questions and reveal the hidden facts and reality towards the end. However, with the response that it received as well as the scope for the same plot to be taken forward or a new plot to be written, the hopes for the official announcement of Clickbait Season 2 are very much likely and alive.

Clickbait Season 2 – Precap from Season 1

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The first season of Clickbait revolves around the disappearance of Nick Brewer from and for society followed by his sudden and mysterious appearance in a video uploaded on the internet. This video goes viral and turns things upside down for Nick’s family with the revelation of some truths that are hard to digest.

Nick Brewer has a wife (Sophie), a sister (Pia), and two daughters. The video reveals that Nick Brewer has been kidnapped. It shows Nick holding a couple of notes – “I ABUSE WOMEN” and “AT 5 MILLION VIEWS I DIE.” The whole plot of Clickbait witnesses Nick’s family’s struggle to discover the hidden truth and the kidnapper. The season reveals why and how does Nick Brewer lands up in the circumstances that he ends up in.

By the end, Clickbait reveals the secrets of all mysteries. The kidnapper and killer of Nick Brewer is disclosed along with the reasons and links behind his kidnapping and the video. The eight-episode-long journey of the first season of Clickbait feels worthwhile after the note at which it ends. NO MAJOR SPOILERS GIVEN. You may thank us later!

Clickbait Season 2 Release Date: Has It Been Renewed?

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The first season of Clickbait premiered on Netflix in August 2021. It was initially meant to be a limited series. However, that doesn’t mean no scope for Clickbait Season 2. Several shows in the past have got a revival because of a potential scope or brilliant reception.

Additionally, for the fans of Clickbait, who have been waiting for Clickbait Season 2, we have some positive hints. Tony Ayres has said, “I think it works really well, especially for a more elevated crime. I like to satisfy the whodunnit quality, but still, try to do a deep dive on character and then at the same time do a 360 around an event because everyone has slightly different [perspectives]. I’ve got ideas for a season 2 or 3.”

Since we have fans, a good reception, interested creators as well as ideas, we have got all the good reasons to expect that Clickbait Season 2 would soon become a reality. Fingers crossed!

Who are the faces that are expected to be seen in Clickbait Season 2?

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One cannot exactly predict the cast for Clickbait Season 2 till we know how the story would proceed and progress. The second season of the series may be a continuation of the story from the previous season or may take the shape of an anthology series where another enticing murder mystery or a mystery around cybercrime would be served before us. We clearly cannot predict the actors in the first case. However, if Clickbait Season 2 continues with the murder of Nick Brewer, the major cast is likely to remain the same.

If flashbacks are used, Adrian Grenier is expected to be back as Nick Brewer, the man around whom the whole fiasco was created in the first season. Sophie Brewer would be played by Betty Gabriel once again. Becca Lish would be back as Dawn Gleed while Wally Dunn would be back in action as Ed Gleed. Among the major supporting cast members, we are likely to see Jessie Collins as Emma Beesly and Taylor Ferguson as Sarah Burton. In the role of Matt Aldin, we expect to watch Ian Meadows on the screen once again.

As far as our wish goes, if and when Clickbait Season 2 becomes a reality, we expect the same story from the previous season to proceed and take an unpredictable direction that would shock the audience and set up the plot for the second season but it seems difficult and unlikely since not much was has been left under the covers in the last installment. Also, if we get a new plot, the cast would naturally remain a mystery till some official announcement is made.

Clickbait Season 2 Plot – What is coming for us?

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The plot of Clickbait Season 2 can be predicted only with the speculation that the season would be taking the same story from the previous installment forward. With this in our mind, we believe that the plot of the second season would revolve around the murder of Nick Brewer and join some dots that we might have missed.

Nick Brewer got murdered in the first season of Clickbait. The ending of the show also answered many of the questions that the audience had been seeking throughout its episodes.

As per Tony Ayres, the creator of Clickbait, the transitions in the point of view and characters are fairly important for this murder mystery based on cybercrime. Ayers says, “The main thing we wanted was to engage people with a roller coaster ride that also had some kind of emotional effect. One of the virtues of that format is that you really get into the lives of the particular characters that each episode is about. Ideally, what we really want is for people to stop and think about the nature of their interactions.”

Do we have Clickbait Season 2 trailer?

The trailer or teaser for the next season of Clickbait has not been released yet. We cannot guess a date when the trailer is expected to come out because there has been no official confirmation for the show yet. However, we do hope that the official announcement for Clickbait Season 2 would be made soon and the trailer would be released sooner than you expect.

Till Netflix comes to our aid with the announcement or the trailer, here is the trailer for Clickbait Season 1 to revive the tale that has been told so far from the story that you’ve been waiting for –



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