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Ballers is an American comedy-drama television series brought to us by Stephen Levinson. You have landed in the right place if you are a fan of this series and the status of Ballers Season 6 is what you are inquisitive about. False hopes would hurt the fans. Truth to be told, there is an awful news for all those who have been waiting for the next installment to the series. Ballers Season 6 has been cancelled and the fifth season has been declared as the finale of the show.

The series marked its very first episode on HBO on June 21, 2015. Its fifth season aired from August 25, 2019 to October 13, 2019 on the same platform. The first season has an acceptance rating of 81% on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 6.43/10, based on 47 reviews.

As Spencer Levinson is fighting with the disappointment of no longer being able to play professionally, the show also portrays the challenges that he has to face in his post-athletic life after starting a business and all the obstacles thrown at him by his rivals that he has to pass through, while simultaneously maintaining his personal life.

From the reason for revokement to the expected cast, we have got it all. Dive in to find the answers to your questions regarding Ballers Season 6.

Ballers Season 6 Recap – What Has Happened So Far?

Dwayne Johnson
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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars as a retired football player who tries to resurrect his career as a financial manager for current players in Miami. Spencer establishes a client base of young phenoms and seasoned stars alike, following his employer Joe’s advice to “monetize his connections,” but his involvement in their lives extends far beyond money management as he tries to assist them to negotiate the various pitfalls that come with life as big-time “Ballers.” Ballers’ debut season is all about a newcomer trying to find his place in the new arena.

Spencer succeeds in finding the funds to bring the Raiders to Las Vegas at the end of Season 3 but there’s a catch. Spencer, who has been suffering from his own worries, chooses to leave the group.

The ratings of Ballers Season 4 and 5, on the other hand, were a touch lower since the audience believed that the show wandered off onto a path with less action and more politics. Those plotlines came to a close in Ballers Season 5 which ended conclusively, providing a closure that was required.

Ballers Season 6 Release Date – When Can We Expect It To Hit Our Screens?

Dwayne Johnson

Ballers is an HBO programme that has aired for five seasons. Critics and spectators have given it mixed reviews, although it has been lauded for its authenticity. The programme has received appreciation for its representation of black masculinity but it has also been criticised for its lack of gender and ethnic diversity.

The programme hasn’t been renewed for the sixth season. HBO is yet to make an announcement on whether the show would be renewed or not. However, there has been a formal confirmation of cancellation of Ballers Season 6 from Dwayne Johnson himself.

Dwayne Johnson in one of his Instagram posts wrote a heartfelt message for the fans describing the fifth season as the finale of this series and expressing his gratitude towards the fans for making Ballers the highest-rated comedy on HBO. The actor further went on to thank HBO for providing him and the other actors with the opportunity to rise.

Dwayne Johnson
Source- Instagram

Before speculating on the chances of Ballers having a sixth season, a number of variables must be examined. The programme is yet to receive a sixth season renewal. However, there can be one exception. If Ballers performs extremely well in the ratings, it might become possible for the show to be renewed. As of now, Ballers Season 6 stands cancelled.

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Ballers Season 6 Cancelled – Reasons For Season 6 Being Scrapped

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The answer is plain and simple – Because it failed to attract enough eyeballs, Ballers Season 6 was cancelled by the makers. Although the series was well-produced, it failed to hold the audience’s interest. It is probable that the programme was cancelled because it could not live up to the hype.

There does exist the potential for ‘Ballers’ to be reborn, similar to how shows like ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Deadwood’ have been in the past. HBO has not declared any plans as of yet, but considering the show’s popularity, we may anticipate it to happen some day soon. If we find any changes in the releasing status of Ballers Season 6, we will update you! Stay in touch!

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Ballers Season 6 Cast And Number Of Episodes – Will There Be Any New Faces?

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While thinking about the comeback of a show, we always want to know which actors would return to play their parts. Though it has already been declared that Ballers Season 6 stands cancelled but there might still be some hope left for its comeback, not right now but maybe after some time if the ratings take a rise. If this happens to be the case, the following actors from the series would be expected to be seen in the next season –

  • Spencer Strasmore, an ex NFL player turned financial manager, is played by Dwayne Johnson. He later becomes the Kansas City Chiefs’ owner and general manager.
  • Joe Krutel, played by Rob Corddry, is a financial advisor at Anderson Financial who eventually starts his sports-entertainment organisation.
  • Ricky Jerret, portrayed by John David Washington, is a fiercely competitive and spiritual NFL athlete.
  • Charles Greane, played by Omar Miller, is a friendly former NFL player who is looking for a new job.   Following a tenure with the Miami Dolphins, he became General Manager and president of the Los Angeles Rams.
  • Vernon Littlefield, a very family-oriented defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys, is played by Donovan W. Carter.
  • Jason Antolotti, presented by Troy Garity, is a top-notch sports agent.
  • Reggie, Vernon’s boyhood pal, is played by London Brown who takes care of his finances.
  • Julie Greane, played by Jazmyn Simon, is the wife of Charles Greane, an ex-NFL player.
  • Tracy Legette, a local TV sportscaster who is deeply linked with Spencer, is played by Arielle Kebbel.
  • Brittany S. Hall plays Amber, Ricky Jerret’s ex-girlfriend who subsequently becomes his live-in girlfriend and the mother of his kid.

Keeping the number of episodes from the previous seasons in mind, we can make an estimate that Ballers Season 6, if renewed, may bring 8-10 brand new episodes.

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Ballers Season 6 Trailer – Has It Arrived?

Since Ballers Season 6 currently stands cancelled, hoping for a trailer would simply not fit into the picture. However, you can surely watch the trailer from the last season to take a jog down the memory lane –


You can also binge-watch the series all over again on HBO and Disney+ Hotstar.

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