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Web show lovers are talking constantly about the ‘Abhay 2 review’ over the internet. Many have watched the series while some are still in doubt. Are you too in doubt? If so, then after reading this article your doubt will be completely over. Abhay 2 is a high voltage and suspense-packed crime drama that keeps the eyes of the audience on screen till it is over.

The second installment of the series includes a total of 8 episodes and they have been released in parts. Firstly, three episodes on the 14th of August and thereafter two episodes on the 4th of September. The story was left in such a place that people were eagerly waiting for further episodes to be released.

Now, Zee 5 has finally released the remaining episodes to end the impatient wait of people. Let’s know how the complete web series is?

How Many Parameters Of the Crime-Drama Are Up To The Mark?

1. Adventurous Storyline

Abhay 2

In part one, you might have seen an energetic and juvenile head of the UP Police force in the past year. Firstly, Abhay Pratap Son captured a lot of time on time screen but now he is going to boarding school. The wifeless guy(Kunal Khemmu) has now found a girl i.e. a tv reporter (Asha Negi) to enjoy but he doesn’t like her much.

There are several new faces in the Abhay 2 – Khushboo is in the role of Nidhi Singh’s assistant in place of Sandeep Dhar. While the new head of Abhay is Mohan Kapoor. The series shows the action and suspenseful drama for which people come to see it.

The beginning episode of Abhay 2 shows us a batch of students who get abducted and killed prior to their exams. When police inspect the whole case they came to know about a mysterious murderer. In between this, a guy captures a school bus above which no one doubts.

Then the second episode tells us about a bawd and corpse of a police cop whose dead bodies are discovered in a canal. Now, Abhay inspects the case to find the responsible guy behind all this. He wants to know the intent of the murderer behind both killings.

The third episode of the series shows us a seizing of a school bus and the absence of the children. The police grab the culprit of the crime and that criminal is making efforts to make an agreement with Abhay Pratap Singh.

In the later episodes, Abhay tries to rescue kids and he also becomes successful in saving some of them, but still, six kids are yet remaining to rescue. Will Abhay be able to save them or not? To know the answer you have to watch the thrilling Abhay Season 2.

Overall the screenplay of the series is quite gripping. The villain and protagonist have given equal bump-up to each other. Hence, its story adds a bunch of stars in the Abhay 2 review.

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Abhay 2 Cast Performance: Remarkable Acting By The Actors

Abhay 2

No doubt, Kunal Kemmu has effectively played his role.  He hasn’t missed even a single opportunity to impress the viewers. Kunal is just incredible in the character of Abhay, it seems that he has worked quite hard to merge himself into the role of a police cop and we can say that his hard work has paid off.

On the other hand, Ram Kapoor has superbly delivered his role of a kidnapper. He has understood and played very deeply. He deserves appreciation for his playing his role flawlessly. He increased the voltage of the drama when he arrived in the third episode and he kept the thrill till the final episode. I can bet you will become his die-hard after watching the Abhay season 2.

Asha Negi has played the character of Sonam(Abhay’s Girlfriend) in the series. She too is superb in her part. This time she has tried to do something unique from her image. We can say that she has become successful in doing so. Nidhi Singh has also done his role of Kushboo gracefully.

Popular dancer, Raghav has attracted a lot of viewers through his power-packed performance in the Abhay 2 episodes. From the sixth episode, he appeared as a serial killer(Samar) in the series. He has delivered his negative in a quite appealing way. On the television, we have mostly seen him making people laugh but this time you will see his completely different side i.e. of a villain.

Apart from these stars, other members of Abhay 2 Cast including Elnaaz Norouzi, Sandeepa Dhar, Anupriya Goenka, Bidita Bag, Chunky Pandey, Priyal Gor, and Deepak Tijori have played their characters in a diligent way.

Script, Direction, And Music Analysis Of Abhay 2: All The Three Parameters Are Just Awesome

Abhay 2

The script of the series has been excellently framed. The writers have done an outstanding job, they have made the script in a gripping way. The story becomes successful in tightly holding the audience on the screen. They have created the script in such a way that after watching each Abhay season 2 episode curiosity comes into the minds of viewers.

Ken Ghosh has directed all 8 episodes of the series in an impeccable way. He has taken care of every little thing while taking shots of the scenes. On the other hand, Ajay Singha has made the music as per the requirement of the scenes. Both of them are equally entitled to the success of the Abhay 2.

Abhay 2 IMDb And Times Of India Review: Has Got Stunning Ratings On Both The Platforms

Abhay 2

Ratings define how actually any web show or movie is. You will be amazed after hearing that Abhay 2 has got staggering 8/10 stars on the IMDb after receiving whopping 5400+ votes. Not only on the IMDb the series performed well but also on Times Of India it has gathered phenomenal ratings.

One of the most popular newspapers of India has rewarded Abhay season 2, 3.5/5 stars which I think are pretty well. Hence, it is now clear that it is a nail-biting entertainment drama series for web show lovers.

Therefore, If you haven’t watched Abhay season 2 yet then visit Zee5 official or download the official app of Zee5 and start watching the thriller drama.

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