Expiry date season 1

Did you ever watch a Telugu web series? If not then now you have an amazing opportunity to watch the series. Want to know how? A Hindi-Telugu thriller Expiry Date Season 1 has released just a day ago over the Zee5 digital streaming platform.

If you have been waiting for a long time to watch any adventurous drama series then that time has now arrived. Follow the article to know the story, cast performance, and real review of the crime drama.

Is Story, Cast Performance, And Review Of The Series Fine?

1. Expiry Date Season 1 Plot

The freshly released drama is a perfect example of an espionage crime thriller. It narrates a tale of a married couple who are in intense love but ‘Unke Rishte Mein Darar Aa Jati Hai’ and thereafter a series of murder and suspense games took place in the drama.

Vishwas(Tony Luke) has immense love in his heart for his cute spouse Disha(Madhu Shalini). One day he murders his spouse because he came to know that her spouse has an affair with Sunny(Ali Reza), a gym owner. Pretending to be unaware of the whole incident he registers a missing case to find her wife in the police station.

On the other hand, he smartly gets rid of her dead body and in this way ‘Vishwas Police Ki Ankhon Mein Dhool Jhonk Deta Hai’.

But the story is not as simple as it is looking, it has several curls and spins. Ultimately, Vishwas came to know that Sunny also got murdered on the day her wife was and the surprising thing is that his spouse Sunitha(Sneha Ullal) too doesn’t know anything about her hubby similar to Vishwas.

Expiry Date season 1

Now, both make an agreement between them and they try to show police officers that Disha and Sunny have escaped i.e. they are really lost. But latter both experiences that someone is aware of their black deeds and will disclose them soon.

The series encircles numerous curious questions in your mind, it makes you predict the story of the Expiry Date episodes and also makes you stick to the screen till the final episode. The initial episode of the series begins with a young guy who is following a secluded area for his life.

Suddenly, he falls on the floor and begins begging for his ‘Zindagi’. Thereafter, soon we get to hear gunfire. The guy behind the fire is Vishwa and after that viewers are calmly moved backward over time to elaborate on the whole scenario. Now, after every second the series will make you think – will the Vishwa come out of this stuff?

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2. Expiry Date Season 1 Cast Performance

Expiry date season 1

Acting is the thing due to which the audience connects to any film or show. For the Expiry Date cast, I can say – ‘Actors Ne Dhamaka Macha Diya’, literally they have done a mind-blowing job in all the 10 episodes of the crime drama. There is a proverb in our native language – “Jitni Tareef Karo Utni Kam Hai”, its fits quite well in the acting of the cast.

Actor, Tony Lake has delivered a rocking performance in the Expiry Date season 1. You will be become his fan after seeing him in the character of Vishwas. Also, Sneha Ullal has played his role of Sunitha gracefully. She impressed us with her image of an innocent lady to whom her hubby has given betrayal.

Expiry date season 1

On the other hand, actress Madhu Shalini has given an eye-catching performance in the drama. She is someone who attracted us deeply through his character of Disha(Vishawa’s wife). She belongs to a prosperous family, who creates a strategy for terrible misdeed but she finishes up in dropping down on a big hole which she drilled for someone else.

Ali Reza has played the character of Gym Trainer who is also the owner of a gym. His only motive in life is to get rich by using any practice. His inner motives are completely different from his external attractive stylish looks. You will be entertained a lot after watching him in the Expiry Date episodes.

3. Expiry Date Season 1 Music, Direction And Script

Expiry Date season 1

The music scores of the series are just awesome, music directors have made the music effectively. The tones and background sound works perfectly during the scenes. We also applaud the director Shankar K Marthand, he has taken shots very subtly and hasn’t committed major mistakes.

Expiry Date season 1 has added one more extra superhit tag in his bag, apart from other mega-hits like Manasantha Nuvve and Evaraina Eppudain. We congratulate and thanks for making yet another awesome series to entertain us. His work really deserves appreciation.

Writers of the Expiry Date season 1 have done a great job they have made a tight gripping script that accomplishes its target of holding the audience to the screens till the final Expiry Date episode. I can bet you too admire them because of their refine work in script framing. I simple define their job through the word ‘high-spirited’.

Hence, Expiry Date season 1 is a high-voltage power-packed drama that crime show lovers love to watch. It will not only provide you an adventurous story of suspicious murders but also show you a well-planned and excellent narration through its nail-biting script. Therefore, do visit the Zee5 official site or download the app to watch the thriller. 

Source: Hindustan Times

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