Roar of the lion

Have you watched MS Dhoni’s ‘Roar Of The Lion’? The documentary-style based web series was released last year. After that now Captain Cool MS Dhoni has planned to make another web series. Are you excited to know about it? Well, I’m quite interested to reveal all the information and trending stuff about it.

You might remember past year Mahi and Sakshi launched their own production company ‘Dhoni Entertainment’. It is the same production house under which the documentary drama ‘Roar Of The Lion’ was made.

Kabir Khan directed ‘Roar Of The Lion’ marked the return of popular IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League(IPL) tournament after the team faced 2 years of a ban due to match-fixing allegations.

Which Web series Is Going To Be Made After ‘Roar Of The Lion’?

Dhoni Entertainment will now make a sci-fi web series that follows an unreleased book created by a new writer. Chennai skipper’s wife is an MD(Managing Director) of the production house. Talking about their forthcoming series she said it is going to be a “thrilling adventure”.

Roar of the lion

“I have paid more attention to the process of putting thought and idea into creative action. The joy of seeing a concept being brought to life on screen keeps me engrossed, and we ensure the process is quality driven. When we were developing ‘Roar Of The Lion’, we thought it was the perfect time to venture into the entertainment industry,” Sakshi told during the conversation.

Further elaborating about the company Sakshi said – “Mahi’s love for the Army is a well-known fact. We thought of tweaking the designations and adding a quirky touch by giving ranks instead. It is an extension of our respect and admiration for the Armed Forces.”

Then talking further she also revealed their daily routines during the lockdown days and also told us how she took care of Ziva and entertained her.

Roar of the lion

“I also gotten in touch with facets of myself that were dormant. I feel like, instead of my parenting style evolving, I am getting schooled with Ziva with all the online classes I attend with her. The need of the hour during lockdown was to find innovative techniques to make children do their homework, and that was my method as well,” Sakshi included.

“The bond with my family and our dogs became stronger with the ample amount of quality time I got with them. Also, botany and organic farming piqued my interest during this period, resulting in me starting my company,” she further said.

If I tell you, she also discovered writing. Look what she said during the conversation “I got a lot of me time to explore aspects of my personality. I am an expressive person by nature and writing poems became a hobby through which I could emote. The topic could be anything, from the happenings around the world to just conveying some motherly love. Writing now comes naturally to me and is a practice I thoroughly enjoy.”

Roar of the lion

Actually, Sakshi got sufficient time to spent with Mahi before IPL. But now, “Sakshi Ko Maahi Ki Yaad Aa Rahi Hai” as Captain Cool is in UAE to play for Chennai Super Kings in the league. “I am not really missing it (attending IPL in a stadium) as I am following it diligently on TV, but I miss my husband. Honestly, it would’ve been difficult for Ziva and me to be in the bubble for over two months,” she further added.

Now, If I talk about the cast of their upcoming web series, it is yet not finalized. We hope their cast finalizes very soon, also we congratulate the duo for their upcoming web series. We wish the series become as successful as Roar Of Lion was.

Source: India TV

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