ImMature season 2 release date

At the beginning of 2020, MX Player showed us one of the best web series made on childhood days. After watching such a nice series, fans have started insisting creators make another installment of the drama. From this, it can be inferred how much they loved season 1 of the series?

Now, the series is going to complete one year of its release and that’s why fans have become straightforward and they have started asking about the Immature Season 2 release date in India. But will the drama get renewed for the second installment? Probably, yes but when this will happen is still unknown.

However, I have got some updates regarding the upcoming part of the series to tell you. So, are you excited to know them? If yes, then let me begin.

Have Makers Announced Immature Season 2 Release Date?

Immature season 2 release date
Before I tell you about the release date of the upcoming season of the series I have something amazing to share with you. Do you want to know? If you are a big lover of drama then definitely you would want to know it. The surprising and celebrating thing is that it is the only Indian web series that got featured in the Cannes International Series Festival in the genre of digital content

After hearing this now you might have turned more thirsty to watch the second season. The series has crossed the mark of 8.8 stars on IMDb and has collected 3.5 stars on Times Of India. But despite getting good ratings and awesome responses from viewers it is still waiting for the renewal. That’s why we have to wait until showrunners take any progressive decision regarding the fortune of the series.

How Will Immature Season 2 Plot Be?

Immature season 2 release date

In the series, we see Dhruv Sharma who is poor at decision making and always faces hurdles when he has to take any decision while his colleagues are better at giving opinions. Kabir Bhuller (Chinmay Chandranshuh) is the main head of their group who has remained connected to Susu(Visshest Tiwari). That’s why Kabir looks active in offering answers to the puzzling questions of Dhruv.

All three friends are going through a life of spins and curls. And, it all remains zig-zag until Dhruv sees a girl Chhavi Upadhyay (Rashmi Agdekar) an intelligent and bright student of the class. Dhruv has a crush on her but he shies to confess his love for her.

One day Kabir pressurizes Dhruv to purchase a motorcycle rather than driving his faded bicycle. But he knows that his guardian will not give him a motorcycle because his academic records are not good. Still, Dhruv tries to convince her parents using all tactics and he becomes half successful in doing so as he gets a pink scooter of his sister.

At that time he wasn’t aware that this scooty will bring a big reform in his life. Now, a tale between Dhruv and Chavi starts. Various things took place like skipping lectures, playing games, exams and we also see Susu weeping just because her teacher(crush) has got engaged.

Thereafter, Dhruv from somewhere hears that Chhavi loves some other guy. He too gets depressed like Susu, now Kabir opinions Dhruv to bounce back to her boyfriend by consuming alcohol. He tries to battle Chhavi’s love Shatanu with full confidence and further he feels quite calm as he hears that they have separated from one other.

Now, lastly, he gets a chance to tell Chhavi about her immense love for her. One day after conversating with her in school he starts feeling shy as Chhavi is ready to go with him on a date after their exams. Now, both are feeling slight discomfort as they will go on their first date, but just after a while, they begin liking one other’s companionship.

Initially, Dhruv hesitates slightly on his first date and thereafter he smoothly picks Chhavi to go to school together. He also gives her a t-shirt crowded with full of iconic folks where some good lines are written which are saying a happy goodbye. Because he is now going to Kota for further studies. In this way, the story ends.

If Immature season 2 arrives then the story will probably resume from here. Maybe we get to see the story linked to Kota as now Dhruv is going there. Now, it will be interesting to see how Dhruv adapts himself to the environment of Kota? So, let’s see what will happen in the coming months?

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Who Will Be Part Of ImMature Season 2 Cast?

Immature season 2 release date

Look, stars who have acted in the first season have delivered pretty well performances and viewers have liked them a lot therefore as per that it doesn’t seem that makers will change the cast in the forthcoming season. Therefore, if makers will go through the interest of viewers they won’t change the main stars of the drama.

If it happens we will again get a chance to see our previous stars replicating their earlier roles. So, the stars that are going to be seen in next season –

  • Omkar Kulkarni will be seen as Dhruv Sharma.
  • Rashmi Agdekar will reprise his role of Chhavi Upadhya
  • Chinamay Chandraunshush will play his role of Kabir Bhuller
  • Visshesh Tiwari will replicate his role as Master Susu.
  • Dilip Meralal will be seen as Gole wala.
  • Komal Chhabaria will display the character of Dhruv’s mom
  • Sameer Saxena will play the role of Dhruv’s dad (cameo)
  • Indiuben Mehta will portray the character of Old lady on Walker
  • Jitendra Kumar will deliver his role as a Drama Teacher.
  • Vijay Rawal will play his role as Karan(Nervous kid).
  • Sachin Negi will portray the role of Nukkad.
  • Ranjan will be seen as Ranjan.
  • Biswapati Sarkar will deliver his role as Hindi Teacher.
  • Nidhi Singh will replicate his role as Sonam Miss.
  • Hamika Bose will replicate his role of Nandini/Natasha
  • Gopal Datt will play his character as Vice Principal.
  • Nikhil Vijay will reprise the role of Shantanu Mehra.

How Many Episodes Will Be In Immature Season 2?

Immature season 2 release date

The story of millenials in the first season has been shown to us with the help of 5 episodes that are:

  • Episode 1: Daddy’s Little Princess
  • Episode 2: Being Humayun
  • Episode 3: Pehla Pehla Pyaar, Pehla Pehla Bar
  • Episode 4: Unstable Equilibrium
  • Episode 5: Triple H Versus The Rock

Well, showrunners haven’t disclosed any details about the episodes of the forthcoming season that why I can’t deliver you any specific details about it. However, speculations are suggesting that next season will have 5-8 episodes.

Has The Immature Season 2 Trailer Released?

Even the renewal of the second part is not yet confirmed ‘Trailer Toh Bahot Door Ki Baat Hai’. So, If you have heard any news regarding the ImMature Season 2 trailer then it is nothing else than a rumor, you just simply neglect it.

You will only find the trailer of Immature season 1 on Youtube, so if you haven’t seen it yet then you can easily watch it above.

The best thing about the trailer of Immature season 1 is that it has gathered phenomenal 60.3 Million+ views across Youtube which even many big films and shows failed to do.

How To Watch ImMature Season 1 Episodes For Free?

Immature season 2 release date

ImMature is a series that helps us to recall our previous adorable memories of our childhood. It brings the image of our school folks in front of our eyes. That’s why major people of our society is loving it, I can say that it is made for every age group. So, if you haven’t seen it yet then I can tell you how to watch it that too without paying any cost.

Are you enthusiastic to know? If yes, then let me tell you how you can do this. As ImMature is an MX original series, therefore, you have to first download the official app of MX Player. Then, you have to open it and search the name of the series on its search bar. Thereafter, you can watch all the episodes of the drama absolutely for free.

Source: Times Of India

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