To make a movie that makes the audience gasp and say “OH MY GOD THAT SCENE!” the directors and the producers have to make sure that the shots are nothing less than PERFECT.

One such movie is The Flash. The movie has impressive graphics, plot, stunts and features, probably one of the best and most beautiful locations to be seen. But do you have any idea where was The Flash filmed? Where is it that the cinematographers and the director of the movie got the wonderful locations that they did?

You’re here probably because of that… or you just stumbled here from another page… whatever the reason may be, you’re here now and you want to know where was The Flash filmed (the movie).

While most of the locations seem like they were out of the world and just too good to be true, you would be a little surprised to know that not the whole movie was shot on a green screen. There were some locations that very much exist on our planet Earth and the makers didn’t have to go anywhere else in the universe to make it seem like the same.

When it was made aware to the viewers that Gotham City is fictional, it was also important for the creators to make it as real as possible for the viewers. And we must commend the job that they did.

Let’s go on and find out where The Flash was filmed!

Where Was The Flash Filmed?

The creators of the movie have tried their best to make sure that most of the fictional locations mentioned in the movie as well as the comic and the show were portrayed in such a way that keeps the attention of the viewers for as long as possible.

The locations that were mentioned, for example, the Batcave, Gotham City, and Wayne Manor took a lot of time for them to be filmed and put forth on the screen.

Many live locations were used in the filming of The Flash movie.

Many real-world destinations were employed in The Flash movie to recreate well-known settings from the DC Universe. The Flash follows Barry Allen, performed by Ezra Miller, as he causes havoc in the universe by rescuing his mother in the past.

The film had several actors from previous DC films as cameos in the multiverse and DCEU, with Michael Keaton’s Batman playing an essential role. Keaton wasn’t the only Batman to appear in the movie; Ben Affleck, the DC Extended Universe’s Dark Knight, also appeared in The Flash.

The movie’s portrayal of Central City, which is much less dangerous than Gotham, contrasts beautifully with the sequences set in Affleck’s Gotham City because of the addition of Keaton’s Batman and the appearance of places like Wayne Manor and the Batcave.

Here are the 4 Locations Telling You About Where Was The Flash Filmed:

Before we mention which major scenes have been filmed in what particular location, here is an overview of where was The Flash filmed.

The Flash movie mainly used 4 places to build up their major locations. But you must know that to shoot a movie at a live place, there are a lot of precautions and factors taken into consideration.

People cannot just set up their cameras and begin shooting. There’s the time slot available, measures for public safety, assessment of if there are any chances of facing an explosion on the set, and so on and so forth.

Keeping these factors in mind, the interior shots of The Flash movie were mostly shot in the Warner Brothers studios, the other locations were: Lincolnshire, London, Scotland, and Watford.

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1. London | Where was the Flash Filmed?

Where was the flash filmed?
Source – Hotels

Major parts of the movie were shot in London. 2 Main locations from London were used.

i) Senate House, London

The Flash indicates that Barry has a place of work with Patty Spivot, played by Saoirse-Monica Jackson, and Albert Desmond, played by Rudy Mancuso, in the Central City Research Centre.

The Senate House in London served as the actual backdrop for the trio’s sequences surrounding the Central City Research Centre, as originally seen in a 2021 The Flash set shot. Senate House, the main administrative building of the University of London, originally appeared in Batman Begins as the court lobby in another DC movie.

The Flash replicated Gotham and Central City using actual environments, which resulted in the imaginary cities bursting with energy and charm.

ii) St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

St Paul's Cathedral, London
Source – Wikipedia

At the end of The Flash, several scenes take place in and around the courthouse where Henry Allen is ultimately released of any wrongdoing concerning the murder of his wife.

This was made possible by Barry tampering with the past once more by placing all tomato cans—the item Henry had gone to the store to purchase at the time of his wife’s death—on the top shelf so that the security camera could film Henry’s face.

With automobiles, billboards, and additional buildings, the area around the church was supposed to resemble Central City, a fictitious metropolis. The courthouse was crucial since three of The Flash’s endings occurred there.

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2. Watford – The Warner Brothers Studios In Leavesden | Where was the Flash Filmed?

Where was the Flash Filmed? The Warner Brother Studios, Watford
Sources – TheGWW.com

The Flash spends a lot of time with Miller’s Barry Allen within the Chronobowl, a Virtual area where The Flash is presented with a limitless quantity of alternative events to choose to intervene in the future.

Nicolas Cage’s Superman makes an appearance with other multiverse appearances in the film’s culmination scene between young Barry and the main version of the character in the Chronobowl. Although The Flash gave the impression that Cage was all a CGI invention, The Playlist reported that Cage shot his sequence for the film in person.

Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden served as the location for the Chronobowl sequences, keeping surprises like Cage’s recurrence intact.

3. Burghley House, Stamford, Lincolnshire | Where was the Flash Filmed?

Burghley House
Source – Discover Rutland

Bruce Wayne, played by Keaton, is completely distinct from how the public last saw him, as Barry discovers when they first meet. The Flash says that Keaton’s Batman has retired since, years into the Caped Crusader’s tenure, Gotham City has become crime-free.

Bruce’s work was completed when Gotham was ranked among the safest cities in the world. Wayne Manor was seen in The Flash to depict the state of the elderly Bruce’s life, which was grimy and appeared to have been abandoned.

The Flash was reportedly filmed at Burghley House in Stamford, Lincolnshire, with Wayne Manor in real life serving as the set. As reported by the BBC, the exterior image from The Flash that shows how the two Barrys arrive at Wayne Manor was shot at Knebworth House in Stevenage, which previously served as Keaton’s Wayne Manor in the Tim Burton-directed Batman films.

4. Scotland | Where was the Flash Filmed?

The Flash movie trailer shows Glasgow filming locations
Source – The National

Glasgow, Scotland, was used as the location for several sequences in The Flash. Glasgow’s local press frequently featured The Flash’s filming regions. Glasgow was used for Gotham City in the aborted Batgirl movie, just like it was for The Flash, because of the city’s Gothic architecture.

Barry journeyed to Gotham at the beginning of the film to assist Ben Affleck’s Batman in stopping a burglary and a hospital from collapsing. When Ben Affleck’s Batman is chasing the criminals at lightning-fast paces through Gotham City, he is riding his motorbike through Glasgow landmarks like George Square and Ingram Street.

These were the major locations informing you where was the Flash filmed. Hope you liked reading this post.

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