Who here can deny that the CW brought a new side of the Arrowverse and everyone loved it? No one, you bet! It was almost hard to keep track of the vast array of the characters that the 2014 CW show The Flash came up with. But we managed to learn after all these years.

It is also no longer concealed that the show has also come to an end in the year 2023. But we still miss the show, don’t we? We miss the Flash, The Reverse Flash, Iris, Wally, and who not!

Well, here is the list of the best of The Flash characters who made the show memorable for us and brought a new dimension and life to the show.

Best of The Flash Characters – 10 Characters That Each Represent Life!

Source – The Verge

Not to mention that all the characters were written carefully and with a different kind of backstory and a reason for them being the way they were.

Let’s now explore the 10 best of The Flash characters who won the hearts of the audience.

1. Barry Allen

A superhero is looking at something
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Of course, so typical of us to put the protagonist of the show on the first spot but wait, hear us out.

Barry is called the “fastest man alive” for a reason. It is not just his physical speed that earns him the title but also his fast decision-making and all that while, standing strong on the high moral ground he set for himself.

He is faced with issues that deal with world peace and sometimes the destruction of the whole world – and knowing what to do and doing it. Well, you have to hand the first place to Barry Allen.

Gustin’s portrayal of this process effectively captures how his setbacks and errors force him to adapt and improve. The spectator receives the impression that he has merited his status as a superhero by the time he achieves the heroic heights for which he is destined.

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2. Killer Frost

a woman
Source – The EW

You have to hand the 2nd place to Caitlin Snow, aka, Killer Frost when it comes to the best of The Flash characters.

Caitlin Snow joins members of The Flash as an added value component who works behind the scenes to help the group defeat the superpowered enemy of the week.

She eventually acquires her talents, and the way she interacts with them gives a character who is already engaging and sympathetic a tonne of complexity.

With Caitlin’s superpowers arises a personality named Frost, who is more aggressive and robust than Caitlin and even takes on a villainous demeanor before reconciling with the team.

3. Vibe

Vibe - One of the best The Flash characters
Source – MEAWW

Ah, the IT Guy no one would want to take lightly.

Cisco Ramon is one of the characters that connects the audience with the show, hence, earning 3 place in Best of The Flash characters.

He also manages the actual site Chronicles of Cisco on Tumblr, which offers additional information on the episodes of the show. Further, he is the one who gives the wicked guys their code names.

When Cisco finally gets his own set of powers, he becomes an active member of the battleground and even fights on with the most prominent antagonists at times.

4. Reverse Flash

Eobard Thawne reverse Flash
Source – Variety

Enough chit-chat about the good guys now, this is time for us to take a look at the Flash’s competition – The Reverse Flash.

Well, you can’t deny, that for someone to stay good, one has to stay bad.

Eobard Thawne, a scientist from the future with the same talents as Barry, is his first and undoubtedly more difficult enemy. He is obsessed with killing The Flash.

He formerly appeared as Harrison Wells, Barry’s mentor, whom he slaughtered and spent a lot of time mimicking.

5. Harrison Wells

The Flash-Harrison Wells | DC
Source – DC

Although not introduced very early in the series, Harrison Wells is one of the most and best of The Flash characters.

The real introduction of Doctor Harrison Wells, the creator of Star Labs and The Flash’s mentor, doesn’t happen until later in the series given that the one from the first season is a fake. However, later on in the series, a Wells from a different reality appears, followed by an assortment of others.

Tom Cavanagh portrays each of the characters, and each one adds an original personality and insight to the narrative.

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6. Captain Cold

a man looking angry
Source – DC Database

Captain Cold is a card-carrying supervillain in The Flash and later an anti-hero in Legends of Tomorrow. He is always delightful to see on a screen. In his early appearances, Wentworth Miller’s portrayal of the character paints him as a clearer villain than the one in the comics; he even defeats Barry in his debut.

His initial appearances in the show let the viewers see a sneak peek of the fact that there is room for a potential transformation of the character.

His transformation as a character earns him the title of one of the Best of The Flash characters!

7. Iris West-Allen

The Flash Season 9 Episode 6 - The actors are looking at someone. (Best of the flash Characters)
Source – The CW

Oh, Senorita! We can’t imagine The Flash – The show AND the superhero without you. And what would he even do?

You’re so pretty, so kind, and oh so smart that not only Barry, but we have fallen in love with you too! (Don’t worry, that is not the ONLY reason you’re on the list of the Best of The Flash Characters)

Iris, like her father, is open to going on missions with the team and has even been successful in bringing down criminals that have caused The Flash himself trouble.

One of the many things that retain Barry’s moral compass pointing north and the most dependable source of support in his life is Iris’ grounding effect.

So, yes. You are really important to us!

8. Joe West

The Flash: Joe West
Source – ComicBook

Joe West, Barry’s foster father, and future father-in-law, introduces the series as a persistent realist who encourages Barry to abandon his quest to set Henry free for the sake of his well-being.

But as The Flash goes on, Joe learns to live with the bizarre circumstances that surround him.

One should be open to change and acceptance – hence Joe gets to be on the list of best of The Flash Characters!

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9. Zoom

the flash villains | Zoom aka hunter zoloman
Source – Medium

Would our list of the Best of The Flash characters would even be complete if we didn’t include Zoom?

Stop, before you say “yes” to that question, Fiferst is going to make it clear – THE ANSWER IS NO.

The Flash’s second season witnessed the first appearance of this ruthless speedster, who initially pretended to be a universe-hopping Jay Garrick until revealing his true identity.

For Barry, Zolomon functions as a sort of depressing mirror, having similar experiences but without the more uplifting elements of life that gave him stability.

10. Henry Allen

Henry Allen - Barry Allen's father (best of the flash characters)
Source – Screenrant

Henry Allen, Barry Allen’s father, starts The Flash erroneously detained for the killing of his wife. Despite the stressful and unjust situations he finds himself in, he has an optimistic attitude and frequently serves as a moral anchor for Barry, who is zealous about establishing his innocence.

His “the glass is half full” attitude is what got him on our list of best of The Flash Characters.

Do you have more suggestions for us? Let us know in the comments!

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