Characters of We're The Millers

We’re The Millers is an American Crime – Comedy film that got released in the year 2013 via New Line Cinema by Warner Bros Pictures. It’s been quite a long time since the prior movie got released and hence can we expect the We’re The Millers 2 Release Date to show up anytime soon after so many years?

Talking about the budget and success of the same, it went over seven times its budget, which was 37 Million Dollars and it earned over 150 Million Dollars in North America creating over 270 Million Dollars Worldwide, not to cross over the fact that this movie received mixed views and yet did not fail to hype up anyhow.

The Miller family is not connected biologically though, but its family of Casey(a 19-year-old runaway), Kenny (a whimsical 18-year-old personality), and Rose (a stripper) who gets hired by David.

David Clark is basically a low-level marijuana dealer who lives in Denver, he gets robbed of money and the real problem arises when we get to know that some of it he owed to his drug supplier named Brad, unable to fulfill his debt, Brad asks him to smuggle Marijuana from Mexico to clear it.

David understands the fact that doing this could turn out really tough and hazardous and hence hires up the crew mentioned above to satisfy his needs and eventually names the family ” The Miller Family”.

We’re The Millers 2 – What Do We Know So Far?

Characters From We're The Millers movie
Source – Warner Bros Pictures

This movie is all about the gambling and dealing pot from Mexico to the United States, the initiation is done by David who further becomes responsible for creating the family of The Millers. The whole theme is depicted in the first scene itself wherein David whilst watching a funny youtube video urges to go for weed.

Unable to manage his debt he was forced to smuggle pot for which he had to take the aid of another three people who coupled up to form the fake family of Millers. Further in the movie, they all encounter certain hilarious and chuckle moments and the best one belongs to a real family.

We even encounter a scene where Kenny gets into trouble and the whole lot is forced to stick around the hospital, another problem is faced by Casey who becomes a victim of sexual harassment by Scottie P., she is saved by Kenny and Rose who eventually find it out.

The family faces a lot of ups and downs as such which we shall come across in the next part as well, hopefully!

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We’re The Millers 2 Release Date – Is It Out?

Characters of We're the Millers
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It’s been almost five to six years since the movie was released, do we expect another chunk of the same anytime soon? Well, New Line Cinema and Warner Bros Pictures revealed that there will be a sequel coming up to the movie ‘ We’re The Millers’, there was a confirmation that it has been worked upon and is in progress.

According to sources, it was supposed to be released in July of this year that is 2022 but since we haven’t got any such extant as of now, there can not be anything said for the authentication.

In addition, since there is no official announcement regarding the same, nothing can be firmly construed as far as the We’re The Millers 2 Release Date is concerned.

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We’re The Millers 2 Cast – Are we going to see new faces in the second part?

Characters From We're The Millers movie
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As we all know that Jennifer Aniston, who had and still carries a lot of publicity after her show F.R.I.E.N.D.S is one of the prime reasons the show received so much publicity despite having mixed reviews.

We can not expect the next season without her obviously, not only her jolly nature she has won million of hearts with her dancing scene in the movie. However, it was extremely awkward for her to play the role of a stripper as per her confession she still managed to ace it somehow!

Also as per credible sources, Jason Sudeikis will continue playing David Clark, he has done full justice to him portraying as the protagonist. With his commendable acting skills, he fulfilled his duty successfully. Will Poulter will continue playing Kenny Rosemore, in addition, Emma Roberts will continue playing Casey, or David’s daughter.

As far as Thomas Lennon is concerned, he may appear as Rick Nathanson.

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We’re The Millers 2 – What Do We Expect Next?

Characters From We're The Millers movie
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It’s quite inexorable to know the exact plot of the next sequel but all we can confirm is that the theme and people are going to remain near to the same as the prior one and not to forget that the narrative is going to exist as the continuation of the film before.

When the film ended, it depicted how Daniel came into collaboration with Drug Enforcement Administration, the end was not a gloomy one though, it was quite satisfactory where the Millers were well settled with a proper house and agreeable, substantial amount of money and hence the sequel might continue to pave its way from here.

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We’re The Millers 2 Trailer – Is It Officially Out?

Although there is an official statement about We’re The Millers 2 being worked upon but unfortunately, there is not any official trailer in favor of it, till then you all can have a glimpse at this banger’s previous trailer which is 9 years old.

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