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Nowadays, to understand a teenager, you can watch his/her favorite series. Most teenagers dislike watching TV because they prefer series. So, every year, Netflix and other platforms release a lot of teen series. Many parents believe that watching them is a waste of time, but you can argue with that.

Modern TV series show essential problems that can bother teenagers. Therefore, when children watch series where the characters have similar problems, they find support and can start to be more open with others.

But these series are not always a way to expose their difficulties. Some like to spend an evening with Netflix. So, in the article, we will consider which series is currently the most popular among students and what influence they have on children.

How series help to write an essay

There is an opinion that if a child watches a TV series, he is wasting time, even though he could spend it on studying or something else. Some parents even forbid their children to watch more than 1 episode of a TV show per day. But they should look at TV series from a different angle. Watching various TV shows can be suitable for studying.

Students often have the task of writing an essay on shows. And instead of specifically watching a TV show to complete such a task, students can use for essay a TV series they have already watched.

But even just being interested in the topic is not enough because not everyone has the appropriate writing skills. But nowadays, this is not a problem because every student can get a writer’s help or get a service that will help in writing an essay.

A teenager can find an essay by EduBirdie and save time on homework. Such practice improves writing skills and develops the thinking of teenagers. This way, they learn to solve problems and even use serials to get helpful information.

Here is the list of TV shows-

1. Euphoria

Poster of Euphoria Series
Source – Disney+ Hotstar

The series reveals one of the most relevant topics — the use of prohibited substances and their impact on the individual. You will see how a young girl who dreams of a good life and true love falls into bad company. She understands what she’s doing wrong, but it’s getting harder and harder to follow her path.

The primary role in this series is played by Zendaya, the idol of today’s youth. And the plot itself will help you understand how much influence the environment has on a teenager and how it is not easy to find faith in one’s strength.

Also, in “Euphoria,” issues of gender identity and body positivity are raised. Well, this series is a Bible of youth trends in clothes and makeup for those interested in modern fashion trends.

2. Skins

Poster of Skins series
Source – Disney+ Hotstar

In the center of the plot are the stories of gaining independence and other problems of the transitional age.

Using the example of British teenagers, the creators show how hooliganism and bullying can flourish in companies, family problems affect the psyche, and how young people learn to understand themselves and others.

Someone disappears at parties, locks themselves at home, paints windows, and bullies the weak, but they all dream of finding their place in life.

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3. Riverdale

Poster of Skins series
Source – IMDb

How to prove to everyone that you will become the soloist of your group if you have classes tomorrow?

“Riverdale” shows how the relationship between teenagers and parents develops regarding career choices, what intrigues arise at school, and how teenagers are affected by the death of their friends.

Bright and strong characters, a dynamic plot, and a detective line in the series will make you interested in the fate of the characters.

4. Stranger things


“Stranger Things” is a sci-fi series about a girl with unusual abilities who falls into the company of boys who investigate their friend’s mysterious disappearance in a provincial American town in the 80s.

The plot, of course, is not directly related to the peculiarities of teenage life, but it will capture your attention from the first series and, along the way, will tell about true childhood friendship and timid first love.

5. Sex Education


It’s a comedy series about the most tricky topic of the transition age. The main character, an ordinary modest guy, is ashamed of his mother, a famous sexologist.

Constantly enduring ridicule at school, he suddenly realizes that his knowledge about sex life can make him the most popular boy among his peers.

Each series will convince you that teenagers take this topic so seriously that the usual conversation about where children come from is not enough for their peace and self-confidence.

6. 13 reasons why


Adaptation of the book of the same name is about a girl who committed suicide, but before that, she wrote down a message for each person who influenced her decision to die.

“13 Reasons Why” is a drama series about the sensitivity of teenagers to gossip, rumors, and bullying. You will understand or remember how difficult it is to experience betrayal at 16, especially when social media allows the ridicule to multiply tenfold.

So, TV series that highlight essential issues are prevalent among teenagers. It happened because the modern generation of teenagers is tolerant and tries to show the whole world that all people are equal.

Therefore, instead of saying that TV shows are not helpful, parents can try to find the best tv shows for teens and watch them with their children. It will help parents understand their children better.

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