Wakaalat From Home Review

A web series that fits perfectly in the present conditions, as throughout the whole lockdown most people worked from their homes and promoted the slogan ‘ Work From Home’. ‘Wakaalat From Home’ is a fresh Amazon’s Original series that is pretty much based on the concept that I said above.

How is the web series really? To answer the question, initially, we are required to analyze the Wakaalat From Home Review before we can say anything regarding the series. But before knowing the Wakaalat From Home Review let’s know about its cast and storyline.

Wakaalat From Home Cast And Their Acting

1. Sumeet Vyas

Wakaalat From Home Review
One of the most-versatile and Permanent Roommates fame Sumeet is playing the lead role in the series. He is in the character of Sujjin. Sumeet has delivered his role in a very effective way, people are admiring him for acting so nicely in the web series.

Even you will become a die-hard fan of Sumeet after watching the Wakaalat From Home Season 1. If don’t know much about him, then let me tell you that he has acted in web series like TVF Tripling Season 1, TVF Tripling Season 2, RejectX, Official Bhootiyagiri, etc.


2. Nidhi Singh

Wakalat From Home Review
Nidhi is in the female lead role in the series. She is presenting the character of Radhika in Wakaalat From Home Season 1. She hasn’t done many films yet, but she has acted majorly in superhit shows and series. She mainly became popular through her role as Tanya Nagpal which she did in Permanent Roommates season 1 and season 2.

If you have seen Akshay Kumar’s M.O.M – Mission Over Mars film, then you may have found her in that movie where she portrayed the character of Neetu Sinha. Apart from these, she has remained an integral part of the web series like Humorously Yours, Immature, and Abhay 2.


3. Kubbra Sait

Wakaalat From Home Review
Kubbra is displaying the character of a divorce lawyer in the series. She is an integral part of the Wakaalat From Home Cast. You might have seen her in movies like Gully Boy, Jawaani Jaaneman, and Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare.

She is not just limited to films, she has delivered roles in web series like Four Play, TVF Tripling, RejectX, Illegal, etc. She has acted in India’s one of the most popular web series Sacred Games where she played the character of Kuckoo.

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4. Gopal Datt

Waakalat From Home Review
Gopal Dutt is also playing the character of a lawyer whose name is Lobo Tripathi. I’m pretty much sure that you have recognized his face. He has played different kinds of roles in the movies. One of the most popular characters of Gopal is Chandra in Salman Khan’s Tere Naam.

Besides working in films, In the last couple of years he has acted in web series like TVF Pitchers, TVF Bachelors, Official Chukyagiri, and Official CEOgiri. Recently, he has also appeared in the Delhi Crime web series where he presented the role of Sudhir Kumar.

Storyline Of Wakaalat From Home Season 1:

The story of the web series moves about a wedded pair who are forced to stay in distinct places due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Already, the marriage life of the pair was not going smoothly for the past few months and therefore, now they have make-up their minds to separate from each other.

After this part, the comedy begins in the series because the advocates that both of them have appointed are of dissimilar natures that’s why they often make conditions funny in between the case. The series becomes more entertaining as soon as a judge joins video conferencing to analyze the whole scenario.


Wakaalat From Home: Stars Performance

The cast of the series is quite small, It just includes Sumeet Vyas, Gopal Dutt, Kubbra Sait, and Nidhi Singh. All the stars delivered their dialogues in the perfect pitch. If we talk about Gopal Dutt he is just phenomenal, his style of saying dialogues will make you laugh.

Wakaalat From Home Review

There is no doubt that Sumeet Vyas is incredible, On the other hand, Nidhi is also amazing. Kubbra Sait catches the attention of the audience with his superb acting. You know that our ability to create innovative solutions to any problem is in our genes.

No, matter how bad the conditions are we almost every time make them simple through our ideas. This web series proves that we can make anything interesting with our innovative thinking and idea. After watching its funny dialogues they will come continuously again and again in your mind.

Waakalat From Home Review

Wakaalat From Home Season 1 has been created and directed by Rohan Sippy. The duration of the episodes is very short therefore the audience doesn’t feel any discomfort in watching the web series at a time. The length of each episode is in between 10-15 minutes.

Therefore, I reward Wakaalat From Home Season 1, 4/5 stars. If you follow my opinion it a worth entertaining web series that will make your mind completely joyful. Hence, Do visit Amazon Prime Video and start watching the series.

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