Operation MBBS season 1

Did you watched Operation MBBS Season 1 or like me you thought that it is not a good series seeing its name. If it is so, then let me tell you that you are a bit wrong, the web series is quite opposite to our assumptions. If you are thinking that your list of web series is finished and now there is nothing to watch,

Then wait you are slightly incorrect as Operation MBBS Season 1 is that web series that should be the part of your web series list but still it hasn’t added yet. Now, you might be thinking why I’m saying all this? To answer the question let’s know what are those key parameters that make Operation MBBS a worth watching web series.

3+ Reasons That Makes Operation MBBS An Interesting Web Series To Watch:

1. Nice Storyline


The web series tells the story of 3 guys whose names are Nishant, Sakshi, and Huma. All of them are from distinct family backgrounds and they have got admission to one of the nation’s best MBBS institutions.

Nishant is the type of person who has a very friendly attitude and he has mainly taken admission to Institute so that he can live his life according to his principles. While Huma belongs to the ordinary class of society, therefore she has faced several ups and downs in his life. On the other hand, Sakshi is a part of the Joint Family.

After watching the Operation MBBS web series most people start missing their college days. As they enter the eminent Institute of India with big goals and high aspirations soon they face several obstacles and difficulties in their path of becoming a doctor.

Now, how they will achieve their aim of becoming a doctor by supporting and helping each other is a climax of the web series. You will not feel boredom while watching the series as the episodes are of short lengths. You can easily watch complete Operation MBBS at a time.


2. Great Acting By The Star Cast

1. Ayush Mehra

Operation MBBS Season 1
Ayush presents the character of Nishant in the Operation MBBS season 1. Do you know in 2013, he was the part of Cricket Country(a youtube channel) where he worked as an anchor. You might have seen him in the character of Aditya in the TV show Yeh Hai Ashiqui which was aired on Bindass.

Thereafter, he acted in several web series like Mom and Co, Minus One, and then he acted in Please Find It Attached opposite to Barkha Singh where he appeared in the character of Shaurya.


2. Sarah Hashmi

Operation MBBS Season 1 review
Sarah is in the female lead role who is portraying the character of Huma. She has delivered her role in a very effective way, maximum people were talking about her after watching Operation MBBS Season 1. Besides this she has worked in movies like Bebaak, Dil Dhadakne Do, and Not Fit.

The thing that makes Sarah unique from others is that she is not only an actress but she is also an Assistant Director. She has also received the award of Best Actor(Female) for a short movie.

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3. Anshul Chauhan

Operation MBBS Season 1
Anshul is the 3rd one who is playing a lead role in the series. Her character of Sakshi Sachin Pilgaonkar in Operation MBBS web series collected a bunch of praises from the audience. But do you know before she became the part of Operation MBBS Cast she has appeared in films like Shubh Mangal Savdhan and Soulmates?

In Shubh Mangal Savdhan she presented herself in the character of Ginni while in Soulmates she displayed the character of Anshul. If you have seen Shahrukh Khan’s Zero movie then you might have seen her where she played the role of Shamina Khan.


4. Geetanjali Kulkarni

Operation MBBS Season 1
Geetanjali is also an integral part of Operation MBBS Cast. You will find her in the role of Dean in the web series. She has delivered her dialogues in the perfect pitch and manner. Apart from working in Operation MBBS season 1, she has acted in movies like Sir where she played the character of Laxmi. She has also appeared in the movie Photograph.


5. Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish

Operation MBBS Season 1
Deepesh has played the role of a professor in the Operation MBBS web series. He has only appeared in a single episode, but he has shown his best acting skills in that short duration. Apart from working in this series, she has acted in movies like Sone Ki Chammach, Daas Dev, and Rabish Ki Report.

Along with these stars, the Operation MBBS Cast includes Prateek Pachauri, Deepak Simwal, Momita Jaisi, Sagar Kale, Vraj Shah, Ajay Jadhav, Ritika Murthy, Shagun Kazania, Neeraj Khetrapal, Tony Arora, Pravin Yadav, Shishu Kumar, Krishnaa Joshi, and Srishti Rungta.


Operation MBBS Review:

Operation MBBS Season 1
The rating of the Operation MBBS season 1 proves that it is worth watching. It has gathered stunning 8.2/10 stars on the IMDB. Not only the web series has got excellent ratings on the IMDb, but also it has collected 3/5 stars on IWM Buzz which clarifies that is one of the best web series that has been made ever on the medical concept.

There are only 5 episodes in the Operation MBBS Season 1 that has been directed by Amrit Raj Gupta. It is available on MX Player and Dice. Now, what you still looking for? Do visit any of the above mentioned OTT platforms and start watching the Operation MBBS episodes.

Source: IWM Buzz

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