Virgin Bhasskar season 2

Have you heard the news of releasing Virgin Bhasskar season 2? Somewhere we all are spending our lockdown days by watching web shows and films. In the last couple of months, you may have watched numerous web series and shows. Now, one question that may be pitching your mind, again and again, is – What to watch next?

This is a situation when your mind often feels a dilemma. But you don’t need to worry as I’m going to help you to solve this problem. Recently, Virgin Bhasskar Season 2 has been released over Alt Balaji and Zee5. Considering the responses of viewers you can surely watch this web series.


What is the story of Virgin Bhasskar Season 2?

Virgin Bhasskar season 2

One of the most interesting facts of Virgin Bhasskar season 2 is its theme and concept that separates it from other Indian web series. The web series describes the story of a young guy who is nearly 20 years old whose name is Bhasker. Bhasker writes lustful content for novel occupationally.

In that, he along with his companions experiences several failures. Ultimately one day he saw a girl for whom he develops a deep love at very first sight. The name of that girl was Vidhi but their relationship didn’t stay long.

After that Bhasker becomes completely hopeless and thereafter he meets another girl whose name is Pakhi who appreciates his profession. Now, when Vidhi hears about both, she understands that she has done a fault. Thereafter, the series becomes more interesting.

How many stars are part of Virgin Bhasskar Season 2 Cast?

1. Anant Joshi

Virgin Bhassker season 2

The role of that virgin, Bhasker has been played by Anant Joshi. Before acting in Virgin Bhasskar season 2 he has also worked in Virgin Bhasskar season 1. Anant mainly became popular among the audience when he worked in the Hindi web series Gandii Baat,

Although the series doesn’t get much attention from the viewers. Do you know the most surprising fact about him? He is not only an actor but he is also a nice singer and dancer.


2. Rutpanna Aishwarya

Virgin Bhassker Season 2
Rutpanna portrayed the character of Vidhi, in the series who initially meets Bhasker but lefts him soon. If you have seen one of the most popular tv serial Naagin, then you may have seen her in that show. Thereafter, he acted in Virgin Bhasskar season 1 and now he became a member of the 2nd part of the series.

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3. Dhirendra Kumar Tiwari

Virgin Bhassker season 2
Dhirendra Kumar Tiwari will be seen in the character of Mishra Ji in season 2 of the series. He has also acted in the Virgin Bhasskar season 1 and now he has entered the Bhasskar season 2 cast.

Dhirendra was part of the comedy web series Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare(2018) and recently he has done a movie ‘Chaman Bahaar‘ that was released 2 months before over Netflix India.


4. Himanshu Arora

Virgin Bhasskar season 2

While watching the series you will see him in the character of Rohan. Himanshu was also part of Bhasskar season 1 cast. He has played the role of Arjun Singh in Tamanna (2016) tv series. Do you know that he has also directed a song Chulbuli along with Shariq Khan that was released in 2018?

Along with these actors Omkar Nautiyal, Pradeep Yadav and Durgesh Kumar have acted in the Virgin Bhasskar 2. While there were 11 episodes in part-1 of the series but this time the series includes a total of 12 episodes.


Virgin Bhasskar Season 2 Trailer Info:

Firstly, Let me tell you one thing that Virgin Bhasskar 2 is available on two OTT platforms i.e. on Zee5 and ALTBalaji. Just 1 week ago the trailer of Virgin Bhasskar was released over Youtube and till now it has crossed 2.5 Million+ views on it.

While watching the trailer I enjoyed it a lot and if I tell you frankly it is looking very entertaining and interesting. It is filled with a bunch of hilarious moments and it is looking more impressive than season 1.


Decent IMDb Ratings

Virgin Bhasskar season 2
As per recent responses of viewers the web series reached 6.2 stars on the IMDb. Therefore you can consider these ratings to watch Virgin Bhasskar season 2. Recently, I have finished all of its 12 episodes, if you follow my opinion it is a good web series to watch.


When Virgin Bhasskar released over Zee5 and Alt Balaji?

Virgin Bhasskar season 2
One good thing regarding the series is that it is also available with the option of English subtitles. The web series is available from 29th August for the audience to watch. Hence do visit zee5 or Altbalaji and start watching!

Therefore, it was the complete details regarding the recent release ‘Virgin Bhasskar season 2‘ if you found anything missing in this article. feel free to comment below to let us know.

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