Best web series on tvf play

Have you finished all the web series of OTT platforms? If your mind is answering no, then you may be thinking which are those web series that you missed. Don’t worry as in this article we will help you to know about some of the best web series on tvf play that is completely worth watching.

Like Netflix and Amazon prime tvf play is also an OTT platform. It provides entertainment through several types of web series, shows, and movies to its users. So, let’s check about those tvf best web series.

Here is the list of Best Hindi web series on tvf play:

1. Kota Factory (2019)

Best web series on tvf play
One of the most inspiring web series that I have ever seen on tvf play. Kota factory tells us about just 16 years old guy Vaibhav. He is one who reaches Kota with an aim of cracking JEE so that he can get admission to IIT. If you have watched it remember how Vaibhav put his best efforts to accomplish his aim.

While if we talk about the cast of the web series they were just impressive. Either it was Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Jitendra Kumar, Revathi Pillai, or Urvi Singh all of them played their role in a very effective way. Especially I liked the character of Jitendra Kumar as Jeetu Bhaiya.

One of the most powerful reasons that made Kota Factory season 1 one of the best web series on tvf play is its IMDb rating. Those who haven’t watched Kota Factory till now can consider its 9.1 stars on the IMDb as a key factor to watch out for this motivating series.


2. TVF Pitchers (2015)

Best web series on tvf play
The web series created the craze of Jitendra Kumar among the audience. In the series, you may have seen a tale of efforts and obstacles that was linked to four businessmen which showed how they discontinued their job to pursue their aim of doing a business.

The characters of Jitendra Maheshwari(by Jitendra Kumar), Yogendra Kumar(by Arunabh Kumar), Naveen Bansal (by Naveen Kasturia), and Saurabh Mandal (Abhay Mahajan) were deeply liked by the viewers of the web series. Believe it or not? But it was their intense acting that continued our interest in the web series till the end of the 5th episode.

If you too are planning for your own start-up then it is worth watching the series for you. If you are still in doubt, then after seeing 9.1 stars and 49,000+ votes you won’t resist yourself to watch this awesome thriller. It was the overwhelming response of the viewers that made tvf pitchers season 1 one of the best web series on tvf play.

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3. Flames (2018)

Best web series on tvf play

One of the finest web series that I have ever seen on MX player and Tvf play. Flames tell the story of a young guy Rajat who meets a girl Ishita in his chemistry tuition classes. In very little time they become each other’s, good friends. After spending time with each other they begun developing love and affection for each other.

Overall the story of Flames is quite interesting and that’s why it holds our interest throughout all the episodes whether you consider – Flames season 1 or Flames season 2? The way in which Ritvik Sahore played the role of Rajat and Tanya played the character of Ishita appealed to viewers a lot.


Have you forgotten to watch Flames? Then the time has arrived to watch both seasons. From 9.2 stars on the IMDb to amazing responses of viewers on Social Media all factors indicate why Flames is considered as one of the best web series on tvf play.


4. Yeh Meri Family (2018)

Best web series on tvf play

Yeh Meri Family is a web series that you can comfortably watch with your family. It’s one of the reasons that made it one of the most popular and best web series on tvf play. As clear from its name the web series shows about a family residing in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The web series shows how a 12-year-old guy Harshu Gupta along with his family faces various troubles and problems in their daily activities. All of the 7 episodes show how they tackle all of the problems that they face in their lives. Vishesh Bansal and Mona Singh have played key roles in the series.

The combination of acting, story, and direction was fabulous and that is what you and we expect from a web series. Since all these factors were good, therefore, as a result, Yeh Meri Family Season 1 collected 9.2 stars after receiving 18,000+ votes on the IMDb.


5. Gullak (2019)

Best web series on tvf play
The web series directly connects to the aspirations of people belonging to the middle class. Do you know that Gullak describes a tale of a family that lives in the northern part of our country? The family includes two children(Annu & Aman) along with Santosh Mishra who is a hubby of Shanti Mishra.

The story shows the struggle of Annu who has completed his civil engineering course and making efforts to become a public servant. On the other hand, his junior brother is still taking his education. Their Dad(Santosh Mishra) is an employee of the electricity sector and Mom(Shanti Mishra) is a housewife.

Now, you may be thinking who are those stars that played these characters. Jameel Khan has portrayed Santosh Mishra(Dad), Geetanjali Kulkarni has played Shanti Mishra’s(Mom) role. While Annu’s and Aman’s characters were played by Vaibhav Raj, and Harsh Mayar respectively.

Probably you may have missed the web series now you may be thinking that why watch it? I think 9.1 stars on the IMDb signals is an awesome web series. You can keep these ratings in your mind while making your decision to watch it or not?

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6. Permanent Roommates (2014)

Best web series on tvf play

The web series shows the story of a young relationship. The story is about Mikesh and Tanya, they are having bonds for the past 3 years and now they are encountered with the possibility of a wedding. This story has been shown with the help of two seasons.

But, do you know it was the first-ever web series that was released in India? One of the most liked characters of Mikesh was portrayed by Sumeet Vyas and the character of Tanya was played by Nidhi Singh.

If you missed watching the series then its 8.6 stars after receiving 21,000+ votes on the IMDb will surely make you irresistible to watch it. Great story and Fabulous acting are the factors that made Permanent Roommates one of the best web series on tvf play.


7. TVF Tripling (2016)

Best web series on tvf play
The unique thing about the web series is its story which is about the brothers and sisters of the family. The story tells about the Chanchal, Chandan, and Chitvan who are going through their tough faces in their lives makes their mood a road journey to explore their personal and relationship problems.

You may be wondering who played the characters of those three siblings. The character of Chandan, Chanchal, and Chitvan were respectively played by Sumeet Vyas, Amol Parashar, and Maanvi Gagroo. I liked most the character of Chandan, Sumeet Vyas was just awesome in the role.

I’m pretty much sure that you have watched the web series but if you missed then you should watch TVF Tripling season 1 & TVF Tripling season 2. If you have any doubt then be sure as 8.5 stars on the IMDb with 14000+ votes proves that it is one the best web series on TVF Play.


8. Immature (2019)

Best web series on tvf play
The web series reminds us of our previous school days. While watching the series you could have seen a 16-year-old guy whose name was Dhruv wanted to grow very rapidly. Through the support of his school classmates who are Susu and Kabir, he efforts to impress Chhavi who is beyond his radar.

The most surprising thing that I experienced while watching Immature season 1 is how superbly Omkar Kulkarni, Rashmi Agdekar, Chinmay Chandraunshuh, and Visshesh Tiwari played their roles. I think it was their fabulous acting that maintained my interest until I finished the final episode.

If you haven’t watched this web series then you should plan to watch it. Even I can assure you that won’t feel bored while watching it. While if we talk about Immature season 1 IMDb ratings they are also just fantastic. It has got 8.8 stars on the IMDb after receiving responses from more than 3 thousand people.

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9. Cheesecake (2019)

Best web series on tvf play

When we start feeling that now no happiness will arrive in our lives, suddenly there happens something unique that makes it possible. The story of Cheesecake is pretty much linked to these lines. The web series tells the story of a guy Sameera and Neel,

When one day a dog arrives in their lives it changes a lot in their lives. That dog also played a key role in making them (Sameera and Neel) close to each other. The influential character of Neel was played by versatile Jitendra Kumar and the role of Sameera by Akanksha Thakur.

Cheesecake is available on two platforms i.e. on MX player and tvf play. After considering 8.5 stars on the IMDb you can assume that it is a pretty well web series to watch. Definitely, these ratings are one of the important reasons why it is one of the best web series on tvf play.


10. Cubicles (2019)

Best web series on tvf play
I find the story of cubicles pretty much interesting and innovative to watch. In the web series, you will get to know about a guy whose name is Piyush. The episodes will show you what varies in his life after he becomes an employee of the IT department.

The series shows crucial aspects of life regarding his 1st income, his job on Saturdays and Sundays. The obstacles and achievements of his whole career. His story has been shown to us with a set of 5 episodes. The role of that guy has been played by Abhishek Chauhan.

If you haven’t watched the Cubicle season 1 till now, then its 8.3 stars on the IMDb is one the strongest factor that you should consider to watch it. Either you talk about cubicle IMDb ratings or its uniqueness they both have a key role in making it one of the best web series on tvf play.

Hence, it was the complete list of the best web series on tvf play. Therefore, if you missed watching any Hindi web series from the above list then the time has arrived to watch them one by one.

Source: IMDb

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