Victoria season 4 release date

After the suspenseful ending of season 3, show lovers have been keenly waiting for Victoria season 4. The hopes of fans became alive after the show actress Jenna Coleman disclosed at the beginning of 2021 that her name was in the conversation of season 4 prior signaling that several further seasons could arrive. “Effectively I could play this part until I am well into my sixties,” the actress mentioned.

However, she also agreed that the show may come to a point where using a former actress would be more convenient. Are you enthusiastic to know whether Victoria come back in season 4 or not? Well, if you have a strong urge to read the answer to this question and also have a desire to know Victoria season 4 release date then here is everything that we have figured out so far about the much-awaited season 4 –

Is Victoria Coming Back In Season 4?

Victoria Season 4 release date


At the beginning of 2021, Jenna Coleman revealed to the Mirror that her name was pointed out for season 4: “We are in the process of discussing it at the moment and timelines,” she disclosed in January. So, it’s seeming that the fourth season is in the pipeline but it’s not going to arrive in the coming few months.

She has initially mentioned that the show would require slightly more time to come up with season 4 as the crew plans how will the next season’s plot be. While conversating to Graham Norton on BBC Radio 2 program, the star disclosed, “[Victoria] is definitely going to take a break, a bit of a breather and then we’re working out [what to do next].”

Further, she included, “There’s a lot of conversations: do you start at the Crimean War, or do you start later? I mean there’s too much story unless I literally did commit until I am 63.”


When Will We Get To Know Victoria Season 4 Release Date?

Victoria season 4 release date

Showrunner Daisy Goodwin has cleared that season 4 will come, but, so far we haven’t got any details about its release date. However, prior to the arrival of season 3, the actors of the series disclosed some information about season 4. The script maker of the series Daisy Goodwin confessed that she has begun work on the plot of season 4 and termed it an “absolute humdinger”.

Daisy also hinted that a character will lose his/her life in the Victoria season 4 episodes. Nowadays, we have seen that most of the shows have faced problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, if something like this has happened with this series too then it won’t come before the end of 2022.


How Will Victoria Season 4 Plot Be?

Victoria Season 4 release date

At the start of season 3, we get to see six kids of Victoria and Albert who are reaching the age of 30 and facing problems in their marriage. With each passing episode, these problems move up and down. Small tales in season 3 show Albert’s hard work to search his place, completion in The Great Exhibition of 1851, and his sincere attempts to turn his eldest son into a king.

Victoria’s political bond with the lovely Lord Palmerston, the unexpected coming of Queen Victoria’s motherly half-sister, Princess Feodora, at the mansion. And a hidden love story between Queen’s ladies and a footman. Now, if we talk of Victoria season 4 plot Daisy Goodwin hasn’t revealed many details about it.

However, she has hinted season 4 is going to be the blackest season of the show. Perhaps, the upcoming season will show the events of 1851 and present a picture of Queen Victoria’s empire. The central characters of the series will also lose their lives.

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Who Will Be Part Of Victoria Season 4 Cast?

Victoria Season 4 release date

The creators haven’t announced the cast of the upcoming season yet, but we have certain evidence on the basis of which we can anticipate the cast members of the upcoming season. Many trusted sources like Radiotimes are suggesting that creators won’t change the lead stars of the show. It means that previous stars will reprise their past roles.

On the other hand, there is also a possibility of the addition of new actors in the upcoming season. Several previous actors can also be removed from the cast. But one thing is clear that major lead stars will return to replicate their respective roles. According to this, the actors who will be seen in the upcoming season are –

  • Jenna Coleman will play her role as Queen Victoria.
  • Tom Hughes will be seen as Prince Albert.
  • Adrain Schiller will portray the character of Mr. Penge.
  • Jordan Waller will display the character of Lord Alfred Paget.
  • Tommy Wright will present the character of Brodie.
  • Nell Hudson will play her role as Skerrett.
  • Alex Jennings will be seen as King Leopold.
  • Anna Wilson-Jones will deliver her role of Lady Emma Portman.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Victoria Season 4?

Victoria season 4 release date

In last season we enjoyed watching 8 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears the Crown
  • Episode 2: London Bridge Is Falling Down
  • Episode 3: Et in Arcadia
  • Episode 4: Foreign Bodies
  • Episode 5: A Show of Unity
  • Episode 6: A Coburg Quartet
  • Episode 7: A Public Inconvenience
  • Episode 8: The White Elephant

Showrunners haven’t made any announcements regarding this department but you might have noticed that there were 8-8 episodes in two out of three previously released seasons so maybe the next season will also consist of 8 episodes.

Is There Any News of Victoria Season 4 Trailer?


As we told you earlier in this post that the work on season 4 is going on. Once it’s finished showrunners will reveal the launch date of the trailer. Till then you can watch the previous season’s trailer embedded above. If any updates regarding this series arrive we will let you know.

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