Traitors Season 2 release date

Nowadays, multiple detective shows are releasing on different platforms and viewers are enjoying watching them. Two years ago, Channel 4 and Netflix had launched a spy thriller whose name was Traitors. The series started airing in February and concluded in March 2019. Now, sufficient time has passed to the arrival of the first season and fans are wondering whether they will get to know Traitors Season 2 release date or not?

Right now, it’s seeming that the second season can hit digital screens in the future. The kind of welcome that the first season has received from viewers hints that Traitors will make a comeback with season 2. The drama has got 6.6/10 stars on the IMDb which is quite good. The global version of the series was aired on Netflix on 28th March 2019. Now, let’s see when the second installment of the show will arrive –


Are We Getting To Know Traitors Season 2 Release Date?

Traitors Season 2 release date

Even though makers have mentioned that Traitor episodes don’t follow incidents of the real story but its several incidents are related to the events of real-world including America’s attack over Japan, the defeat of Prime Minister Winston Churchill from the Labour Party, the discussion in parliament regarding demanding funds from the United States. A high voltage spy thriller, the series especially attracted the fans of the crime show.

Till now makers haven’t revealed any details about the release date of the upcoming season. Even they haven’t renewed season 2, but speculations are suggesting that the second season will arrive by the end of 2021. However, this is just anticipation the creators will make official announcements once they are ready with their decisions.


How Will Traitors Season 2 Plot Be?

Traitors Season 2 release date


Traitor, earlier called Jerusalem revolves around London in 1945 when Britain is just coming out after facing the consequences of World War 2 and experiencing problems in accepting the changed world order. The episodes of the series revolve around the juvenile mysterious British government butler, Feef Symonds, a valiant, wishful, and courageous officer.

As soon as Clement Attlee’s Labour Party achieves success in throwing down Winston Churchill, the Americans took an oath that the growing Socialist ideology of England not get utilized by the Soviets for their own profit.

Now, to complete their mission they take the help of nasty American detective Peter (Lauria), who also likes Symonds. While Symonds despite being skilled gets discouraged by her family. That’s why she fastly accepts the opinion of her companion of becoming the secret agent of her own nation. She has been allotted the work of exposing a Russian detective who is working for the British government.

But soon Symonds works become mysterious to Priscilla (Hawes) – her leader and upper-level officer – who believes that freshly hired executive is somewhere different from what she pretends to be. Struggling, Symonds should know how to take calculative decisions. She also needs to purify her technique of playing by her own principles and cognize what needs to be done when knowledge is power and no people in this world are the same from outside and inside.

When Symonds decides to play this threatening role of behaving as a dual executive for her own nation, she unknowingly does the largest move of sedition. If she gets grabbed then there isn’t any pardon or liberation. The play is quite risky and the show moves into discovering the incidents that surface when she starts moving towards the target. Is she get through? Or is there anything hidden from the eyes?

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Who Will Be Part Of Traitors Season 2 Cast?

Traitors Season 2 release date


As I mentioned earlier that showrunners haven’t given green light to season 2. They are yet to take a decision on the fortune of season 2. That’s why neither Netflix nor creators have disclosed any details about the cast to the public. After analyzing recent conditions it isn’t seeming that they will disclose any information about the cast of the upcoming season soon. But it can’t stop us from making anticipations.

We all know that how superbly the lead actors of the series have performed in the first season. The audience has also admired their acting skills. So, it’s seeming that they will return in Traitors Season 2. Trusted sources like Cinemaholic and Otakukart are also suggesting that former stars will make a comeback to reprise their roles in season 2. Showrunners won’t change the lead actors of the show. According to this the stars who will be seen in Traitor Season 2 episodes are –

  • Emma Appleton will be seen as Feef Symonds
  • Luke Treadaway will play the role of Hugh Fenton.
  • Michael Stuhlbarg will deliver his role of Rowe.
  • Keeley Hawes will portray the character of Priscilla Garrick.
  • Brandon P. Bell will display the character of Jackson Cole.
  • Greg McHugh will be seen as David Hennessey.
  • Jamie Blackley will present the character of Freddie Symonds.
  • Bijan Daneshmand will play his role of Abu Selim.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Traitors Season 2?

Traitors Season 2 release date

In the first season, we saw 6 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Feef
  • Episode 2: Hugh
  • Episode 3: Priscilla
  • Episode 4: Rae
  • Episode 5: Jackson
  • Episode 6: It’s Me

Channel 4 hasn’t revealed any information related to the episodes of season 2 to the public, therefore we can’t provide you any authentic details about it. But speculations are suggesting that the forthcoming season will also consist of 6 episodes. However, it’s just a prediction, the exact metrics will be disclosed only after the launch of the series.


Is There Any News Of Traitors Season 2 Trailer?


All of us want to watch the season 2 trailer as soon as possible, but our wish can’t be completed soon. Showrunners are taking a long time to finalize their decision that’s why season 2 won’t arrive soon. So, we will have to wait until creators make any further announcements. If any new information arrives we will let you know. Till then you can watch the previous season’s trailer inserted above.

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