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After the breakdown of the pandemic lockdown, the internet brought drastic changes to everyone’s lifestyles. For instance, the closure of gyms, work from home, and social distancing were some of the new measures. These pandemic lockdowns have been tougher to match the usual routines, whereas you can build your health and wellness while staying at home. Next, if you plan to promote your wellness niche on TikTok, start posting exciting
content where you get huge followers.

Above all, try to drive TikTok’s organic engagement by trying the option to get TikTok crown that helps in gaining traffic and visibility. We will narrate five health and wellness influencers on TikTok that everyone can follow to
improve their mental and physical health.

Top 5 Wellness TikTok Influencers To Follow For Healthy Life

1. Dr. Julie Smith

The doctor is a popular TikToker when guiding fan followers during the pandemic lockdowns. Her progress to the point video gives reminders with the vital self-care tricks on things like depression, anxiety, and burnout. Also, she somehow manages to make the science behind it both enlightening and entering.

2. Michelin Maalouf

Trauma, depression, and anxiety are all niches that several people are trying to work through or work around daily. She is a Florida-based therapist who takes on all these health challenges and more in her videos. Also, she shares consistent strategies on the side effects it can create and peeks at a few of the ignorable causes of trauma. She makes the connection look accurate and straightforward.

3. Embody Health London

Embody Health London: It is the dancing dieticians where the TikTokers, Ariana, and Cassie cover more than food facts using entertaining accounts. It took an unexpected and much-appreciated method to food and health issues, discussing things like body image, built-in eating, and how to break an addiction to sugar.

4. Anisa Benitez

Anisa Benitez is a popular health and wellness influencer from New York City. She is a huge advocate who explains mindful living. Suppose you feel drained from work or mentally tired; you need to check out a few of Anisa’s TikTok accounts. Moreover, she discusses self-care tricks for practicing mediation. She also collaborates several of these mindful living methods into her hectic lifestyle.

Suppose you enjoy Anisa’s TikTok account; you need to explore No Starving Artist, a podcast that she performs. In this podcast, Anisa highlights several niched relevant to health and wellness.

Fun Fact: Anisa is an actress and a model; where she features multiple commitments, yet
she takes time to showcase her mindful living. From Anisa’s profile, if you are inspired to
build your TikTok profile, start to use Trollishly, which helps develop your organic followers.

5. Tyen Rasif

Rasif is a fitness influencer who narrates everything about mental and physical wellness strategies. Sometimes, it may be hard to exercise in gyms due to the lockdowns, where Tyen, as a personal trainer, shares fitness content with everyone during the lockdowns.

Also, you can find a wide variety of workouts from Tyen’s TikTok account. For instance, her recent TikTok videos include short exercises for toned arms. Also, her content explains other aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. So, from simple food recipes to home workouts, do check her TikTok account if you need a glimpse into the lifestyle of a personal trainer.

Above all, as a social media influencer, she is the founder of the No Swear app, which consists of every sort of fitness content. So, suppose you are looking for simple, easy steps to follow for your workout tutorials, do try out her app or her YouTube profile.

Here, we will discuss different TikTok wellness trends to update your wellness routine to improve your lifestyle and health.

1. Push Up Challenge

Turn your exercise series as a physical education class on social media into a full-blown trending challenge. Now, Carrie Underwood tried it and nailed it, where you can know it’s better. Next, Kevin Edmonson started the fitness trainer, who followed his physical moves with push-ups, planks, and arms, reaching to the music and fitting in every push-up by the end of the song clip. Finally, suppose your workout routine is starting to feel boring; try to grab millions of TikTok viewers with trending songs that may be motivational to drive your profile.

2. Nature’s Cereal

Are you looking to taste a bowl of berries and pomegranate seeds with coconut water? If so, take a look at this TikTok trend on cereal which started as a health blogger and content creator called fruit bowl, nature’s cereal. Indeed, the trend grew when queen Lizzo tried on this TikTok trend herself. Next, consider these TikTok trends as wellness editor-approved topping fruit with coconut water which has become a go-to option.

3. Salad Jars

Check out your back, bowls! Salads have got a new option, and it is a compelling, convenient, and helpful method. Now, layering your salad ingredients in mason jars is viral, and it’s so Instagram-popular. Suppose you are packing your lunch or preparing salads before the time; mason jars make sense.

So, think about the health jars, where you can get wet ingredients on the bottom and dry ingredients like lettuce on the top, so they don’t get wet. Then, if you are ready to eat, include dressing and shake, whereas you will have a
a perfectly crisp salad with perfect dressing every time.

Summing Up

These are five health and wellness influencers that have spent their time and effort making meaningful content. If you are looking to jumpstart your fitness journey or build your mental wellness, try out these TikTok influencers to grow your health system. Above all, if you are looking to elevate your TikTok profile with a healthy niche, then start to try Trollishly, where you can enhance your profile visibility. Thanks for reading.

I hope you liked the article; please let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions. If you want to improve your TikTok niche on wellness and healthcare, look ahead for better trends and TikTok profiles to follow.

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