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The Widow is a British action-drama series that is developed by Harry and Jack Williams who are recognized for The Missing. The show is about a lady who thinks that her hubby has lost his life in a plane accident three years back, and later she gets to know that he hasn’t died and he is living in Congo.

The Widow Season 1 first premiered on Amazon Prime Video on 1st March 2019 and was then released on ITV on 8th April 2019. The show has been quite special for the prime video as it has been shot in places like South Africa, Rotterdam, and Wales. Also, it has been streamed in more than 200 nations across the world by All3Media International.

It has secured 6.9/10 stars on the IMDb and 3/5 stars on the Times Of India. It’s been a long since the show was released and that’s why fans are wondering whether they will be getting The Widow season 2 to watch or not. If you are also searching for the answer to this question, here is what you should know –


The Widow Season 2 Release Date: Will it Arrive or Not?

The Widow Season 2 Cast
Image Credit – Amazon Prime Video

The Widow aired for the final time on 30th April 2019, and since then fans have been expecting to see another season. But unfortunately, their desires can’t be fulfilled as script makers Harry and Jack Williams validated that there aren’t any schemes to extend the story.

They mentioned that they are contented to see the kind of ending that the show has got. The duo also cleared that there isn’t any confidential storyline so there won’t be a sophomore season. They also asked fans not to expect more from them.

They further said that there was just a single story in their mind, which they showed us through the first iteration. The ending also took place in a planned way which also seems natural. So, the final touch was up to the mark and doesn’t need anything extra.

So, as of now, The Widow season 2 is canceled and there aren’t looking any possibilities of its renewal in the future as well. However, if Amazon Prime Video or the ITV network passes the follow-up season, we(fiferst) will notify you.

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How Will The Widow Season 2 Plot Be?

The Widow Season 2 Cast
Image Credit – Amazon Prime Video

A woman Georgia is downhearted due to the demise of her hubby in an airplane accident – close to the forests of Congo. She gets the shocking news through a phone call at midnight.

The episode carries us to her life subsequently the mishap where she seems to put effort to forget her past, accepting her present, and also trying to begin a new journey in life. But unexpectedly one day her allegedly dead husband comes in the news which causes a chain of unpredictable incidents.

As Georgia arrives at a clinic following a nasty fall, she gets a glance of her hubby in a protest clip in Kinshasa where she identifies him through his orange cap and beard. The cap represents the team of assisting laborers for whom he went to Africa, initially. So, the matter of concern is whether he died or did he spread false news about his death.

Georgia’s discovery to know the truth takes her to the center of Congo in Kinshasa. As she gets immersed in the missing of her partner, we witness her getting stuck in an enigma filled with surprising facts and threats.

But despite all this, she isn’t going to back down and will give her best to figure out the reality. Will she be able to do so? To know the answer you have to watch the series. The show also contains some short fables. As the drama goes on, we see Ariel, a sightless man who was also part of an ill-fated plane, effort to restore his vision with another lady Beatrix.

Besides this, there is a guy named Martin Benson who seems related to the incident in one way or another. However, all these mysteries get solved by the end of the first season. So, if The Widow season 2 arrives in the future, it will begin on an entirely fresh note.

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Who Will Be Part Of The Widow Season 2 Cast?

The Widow Season 2 Cast
Image Credit – Amazon Prime Video

Since the show has been called off, we can’t anticipate what kind of changes will occur in it if it arrives in the future. However, The Widow season 2 can follow the ongoing trend. Presently, we have seen that creators don’t change the lead actors when they make sequel seasons of shows.

Though The Widow season 1 ended on a conclusive note, showrunners won’t change the prime stars of the show easily. It means that previous actors will be in the second iteration to replicate their roles.

Credible sources like The Cinemaholic are also predicting the same for the upcoming season. Kate Beckinsale is the leading star of the show who portrays the character of Georgia Wells. She is also recognized for playing the character of vampire Selene in the Underworld series.

We are expecting that this skilled actress will return in The Widow season 2. Apart from her, other actors like Charles Dance, Alex Kingston, and Matthew Gravelle should also be seen in the next season.

If the show returns after a long time, some new actors can also be seen in it. The cast of season 2 can include names like –

  • Kate Beckinsale will play her role as Georgia Wells.
  • Charles Dance will deliver his role as Martin Benson.
  • Alex Kingston will be seen as Judith Gray.
  • Babs Olusanmokun will portray the character of General Azikiwe.
  • Shalom Nyandiko will display the character of Adidja.
  • Luiana Bonfim will present the character of Gaëlle Kazadi.
  • Louise Brealey will play the role of Beatrix.
  • Bart Fouche will deliver his role of Pieter Bello/Hennie Botha.
  • Ólafur Darri Ólafsson will be seen as Ariel.
  • Howard Charles will portray the character of Tom.
  • Réginal Kudiwu will display the character of Djamba.

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How Many Episodes Will Be In The Widow Season 2?

The Widow Season 2 Cast
Image Credit – Amazon Prime Video

In the first season, we have seen 8 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Mr. Tequila
  • Episode 2: Green Lion
  • Episode 3: The Survivors
  • Episode 4: Violet
  • Episode 5: Poteza
  • Episode 6: The Spider and the Web
  • Episode 7: Will
  • Episode 8: Nigel

As the series has been discontinued, we don’t have any authentic details about the episodes of the upcoming season to tell you. If we(fiferst) receive any updates about next season’s episodes, we will let you know.

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The Widow Season 2 Trailer: When Will It Arrive?


If we consider the showrunner’s final decision, The Widow season 2 will never come. Also, it would be wrong to predict anything about it now. So, instead of thinking about it, you can watch the first season’s trailer by clicking on the video embedded above.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To The Widow Season 2 –

1. Is The Widow based on a true story?

No, the show doesn’t follow real-life incidents, and also it’s not an entirely new concept.

2. Was The Widow renewed?

As I told you before that that the showrunners never thought about the second iteration of the drama. So, the series never got a green signal for the second outing.

3. How many episodes of The Widow on Amazon Prime are there?
There are a total of eight episodes.
4. Is The Widow TV series based on a book?
No, its storyline is imaginary. Credible sources like Bustle have also reported that the drama hasn’t been extracted from the events of any book.
5. Is The Widow TV series Cancelled?
Yes, the series has been called off. We won’t get to see season 2 in the upcoming future.
6. Where to watch The Widow Season 1?
All the episodes of the drama are available on Amazon Prime Video.

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