Somewhere the creators of shows and movies have understood that this COVID-19 pandemic will not go away soon. That’s why they have started working on further seasons of the popular series The Walking Dead. The tenth season of horror-thriller was released in the previous month but still, six episodes are remaining that will arrive in 2021.

They will mainly focus on the individual stories of the central characters of the series. You will see Negan’s unfortunate spouse Lucille, who later turns out to be an eponym for his horrifying baseball bat. One Tree Hill’s fame Hilarie Button will portray the character of Lucille in the forthcoming Season 10 episodes.

It is going to be quite amazing because she is also the genuine spouse of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. However, there isn’t any news regarding her addition to The Walking Dead Season 11 cast. Lovers of series are now quite curious to know what will they get to see in the upcoming season. It’s seeming that the series will appear slightly distinct in 2021 because its shooting is happening in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drama Creator, Angela Kang has disclosed that the group is planning something unique so that they can start the shooting of the series as soon as possible. They are seeking options through which they can begin creating drama from the last month of 2020. Let me tell you what more has been revealed regarding the eleventh version of the series.

When We Will Get To Know The Walking Dead Season 11 Release Date?

The Walking Dead Season 11 release date

We haven’t got any authentic news regarding the release date of season 11 however speculations are saying that shooting will start in 2021 and it will release in 2022. Also, there is news that next season will be a bit long as it will consist of 24 episodes which will further be divided into two distinct parts.

However, prior to that, you can enjoy the surprise gift that makers have announced a few times ago. The extra episodes of season 10 will be launched in July 2020. In a conversation with and other media, drama creator Angela Kang mentioned “dive really deeply into some of these characters that we have. It’s a kind of focused, almost more anthology-like storytelling in some of them.”

Is The Walking Dead Season 11 Going To Be the Last Season of Drama?

The Walking Dead Season 11 release date

The reports of several trusted sources say that Netflix is winding up its popular series on its 11th season. As the news telling the end of drama on the eleventh version arrived two more spin-off series declared to be made including formerly Fear the Walking Dead and the forthcoming The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Also, a sequence of Rick Grimes spin-off movies is in the way.

The Head Of Netflix Unique Content, Scott Gimple speaking about The Walking Dead series said “It’s been 10 years ‘gone bye;’ what lies ahead are two more to come and stories and stories to tell beyond that.”

“What’s clear is that this show has been about the living, made by a passionate cast, a team of writer/producers, producers, and crew, bringing to life the vision put forth by Robert Kirkman in his brilliant comic — and supported by the best fans in the world.”

“We have a lot of thrilling stories left to tell on TWD, and then, this end will be a beginning of more Walking Dead — brand new stories and characters, familiar faces and places, new voices, and new mythologies. This will be a grand finale that will lead to new premieres. Evolution is upon us. The Walking Dead lives.”

Now, Lauren Cohan in a conversation with Entertainment Weekly told “I know that there are murmurings of an extended story with Maggie when the official mothership is done. And so just like you and I talked about a year or two years ago now, whatever it was, that’s cool.”

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How Will The Walking Dead Season 11 Plot Be?

The Walking Dead Season 11 release date

24 episodes of season 11 somewhere suggest that it will be packed with full action and suspenseful twists. Apart from it right now it’s a bit difficult for us to anticipate more regarding the plot of next season as we haven’t got deep information about it. However, it is looking that season 11 will highlight the preface of The Commonwealth and the consequences of the Whisperer War.

Also, series lovers won’t be able to get clues about the story of The Walking Dead Season 11 episodes from the comic book as it has previously made several changes in comparison to the tales given in it. Series Creator, Angela Kang has said that they have been planning to make the episodes more interesting, gripping, horrible, and entertaining for viewers.

But she didn’t talk in detail about it. Hence one thing is clear that next season will show several amazing tales which we are looking for.

Who Will Be Part Of The Walking Dead Season 11 Cast?

The Walking Dead Season 11 release date

As per rumors that are running over the internet the stars who have remained part of season 10 will also act in the next season. Also, don’t be surprised if you get to see any new face in season 11, but the remaining characters will be the same. If it will happen then they will reprise their roles in season 11 also. According to that:

  • Danai Gurira will be seen as Michonne.
  • Callan McAuliffe will play the role of Alden.
  • Avi Nash will portray the character of Siddiq.
  • Samantha Morton will display the character of Alpha.
  • Ryan Hurst will replicate his character of Beta.
  • Eleanor Matsuura will reprise his role of Yumiko.
  • Cooper Andrews will present the character of Jerry.
  • Nadia Hilker will be seen as Magna.
  • Cailey Fleming will play the role of Judith Grimes.
  • Cassady McClincy will portray the character of Lydia.
  • Lauren Ridloff will reprise her role of Connie.

Apart from them some stars including Norman Reedus, Melissa McBridge, Christian Serratos, Josh McDermitt, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Lauren Cohan will play their respective roles.

How Many Episodes Will Be In The Walking Dead Season 11?

The Walking Dead Season 11 release date

In last season there were 16 episodes including:

  • Episode 1: Lines We Cross
  • Episode 2: We Are the End of the World
  • Episode 3: Ghosts
  • Episode 4: Silence the Whisperers
  • Episode 5: What It Always Is
  • Episode 6: Bonds
  • Episode 7: Open Your Eyes
  • Episode 8: The World Before
  • Episode 9: Squeeze
  • Episode 10: Stalker
  • Episode 11: Morning Star
  • Episode 12: Walk with Us
  • Episode 13: What We Become
  • Episode 14: Look at the Flowers
  • Episode 15: The Tower
  • Episode 16: A Certain Doom

Still, 6 episodes are remaining that will arrive by July 2021. Now, If I talk about season 11, it will have 24 episodes. As it will be the last part that’s why creators are trying to make it best.

When Will The Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer Arrive?


It will be too early to make any predictions regarding the trailer of the upcoming season. It will definitely take a long time to arrive as the shooting of season 11 hasn’t started yet. Till then you can enjoy watching the season 10 trailer inserted above.

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