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Are you super enthusiastic to watch The Boys Season 3? If yes then let me tell you that your wish is going to be fulfilled soon. Seeing the excitement of the fan’s prime video have finally declared that they will go for the third season of the series. Now, you might be thinking when we are getting an opportunity to watch the third installment of our favorite drama.

Well, to watch it we will have to wait for a while as Amazon Prime Video hasn’t given any hints regarding The Boys Season 3 release date. Amazon launched the second version of this popular series in July 2019, since then fans have been asking several questions about the third season.

To amuse all lovers of drama the creators not only publicly confessed about the renewal of season 3 but also announced a spin-off series linked to it. Let’s see what other changes have been made to the upcoming season of the drama.

When Amazon Prime Is Revealing The Boys Season 3 Release Date?

The Boys Season 3 release date

Drama Creator, Eric Kripke has mentioned in a conversation with the media press that their entire team of writers is busy framing the script of the new season of their superhit series. He revealed-“Amazon, in a bold and historic push to expand their ‘weirdo’ demographic, has greenlit Season 3 of The Boys! The writers and I are hard at work in the (virtual) writer’s room and we’re sad to say, the world has given us way too much material.”

Another news that will bring a simile to your face is that Craig Rosenberg has created the story for the beginning episode of season 3 whose name is “Payback.” But a bit annoying thing is that the shooting of next season won’t start before 2021. The reports of Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, states that the team of The Boys Season 3 has begun working on the production.

Hence, it is clear that cast and crew by adopting all preventive measures are doing their respective tasks. If you remember season 1 got shot in a duration of four months whereas for the same process season 2 took five months. Now, it’s obvious that The Boys Season 3 will definitely take the time than usual as this deadly virus has delayed all tasks of the series.

Postproduction will even take a long time as the drama requires heavy works on its visuals. The initial two installments took more than 10 months after the completion of their shooting phase to get an official release date. It is expected that the shooting of The Boys Season 3 episodes won’t be completed before August 2021. That’s why it won’t be released before May 2022.

How Will The Boys Season 3 Plot Be?

The Boys Season 3 release date

The ending of season 2 gives us slight indications on how events will occur in the third season as Hughie has combined with the crusade of outrageous congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) because her real character has been disclosed in the series.

The drama is on the way to discover the history of the wicked organization, Vought, by the eyes of Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy and his superhero group Payback. Apart from it, there are several theories remaining that can happen in The Boys Season 3 episodes.

Also, right now it becoming hard to predict what will happen exactly in the upcoming season as no one knows what Kirpe and his team of writers have planned to do. No doubt the drama follows Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s novel of identical name and it can also help drama lovers to get clues of the story that they will get to see in next season.

But, the writers can bring any kind of twist to the series which will completely change the direction of the entire plot. The last season has received pretty well responses from the audience, that’s why there isn’t looking any cause that can hinder them from making the third season’s incidents more firing.

Who Will Be Part Of The Boys Season 3 Cast?

The Boys Season 3 release date

The most recent update that we have got is the addition of Supernatural’s actor Jensen Ackles who will be seen in the role identical to Captain America in Season 3 episodes. Ongoing speculations are also suggesting that The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan can enter the third season.

If only these two are becoming part of next season. It means that the remaining actors will be the same as before. Hence, this time again we will be able to see our favorite stars reprising their earlier roles. If it is true then:

  • Karl Urban will be seen as William “Billy” Butcher.
  • Jack Quaid will play the role of Hugh “Hughie” Campbell.
  • Antony Starr will replicate his role as John.
  • Erin Moriarty will portray the character of Annie January.
  • Dominique McElligott will present the character of Maggie Shaw.
  • Jessie T. Usher will display the character of Reggie Franklin.
  • Laz Alonso will be seen as Marvin T.
  • Chace Crawford will play the role of Kevin Moskowitz.
  • Tomer Capon will reprise his role of Serge.
  • Karen Fukuhara will portray the character of Kimiko Miyashiro.
  • Nathan Mitchell will replicate his role of Black Noir.
  • Elisabeth Shue will present the character of Madelyn Stillwell.
  • Colby Minifie will be seen as Ashley Barrett.
  • Aya Cash will deliver his role of Klara Risinger.

Apart from them, Jennifer Esposito, Jordana Lajoie, Malcolm Barrett, Shantel VanSanten, Nicola Correia-Damude, Claudia Doumit, Langston Kerman, and Goran Višnjić will play their respective roles.

How Many Episodes Will Be In The Boys Season 3?

The Boys Season 3 release date

In last season there were 8 episodes including:

  • Episode 1: The Big Ride
  • Episode 2: Proper Preparation and Planning
  • Episode 3: Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men
  • Episode 4: Nothing Like It in the World
  • Episode 5: We Gotta Go Now
  • Episode 6: The Bloody Doors Off
  • Episode 7: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker
  • Episode 8: What I Know

As we have discussed earlier the name of the first episode of the next season is Payback. But unfortunately, nothing more has been revealed regarding the remaining episodes. You might have observed that there were 8-8 episodes in Season 1 and Season 2 respectively. According to that, the forthcoming season will also have 8 episodes.

When Will The Boys Season 3 Trailer Arrive?


If you are looking for a third-season trailer right now then let me tell you that you have become over-excited. We have already discussed earlier that the creators will begin shooting for next season from starting of 2021 then how can you expect its trailer to release now?

Just calm your nerves and stay in touch with us once it arrives we will let you inform. Till then you can refresh your previous season memories by watching its trailer embedded above.

Source: Radio Times

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