The OA Season 3 release date

The OA is an English thriller based on science fiction, supernatural, and fantasy elements. Netflix dropped the first season of the series in 2016 and then after the gap of more than two years, it launched season 2. Already more than a year has passed since season 2 was released and now the fan’s patience is ending. They are tired of asking questions regarding The OA Season 3 release date.

If you are also a big fan of the series and the same is happening to you then I have something to tell you which can help to calm your frustration. But are you interested in listening to it? If yes then be ready to know the answers to some of your latest queries. I haven’t got exact details about them but I have nearby answers to them. So, let’s proceed further:

When Netflix Is Announcing The OA Season 3 Release Date?

The OA Season 3 release date

Initially, there were hopes that drama would be renewed for the third season. But the latest statement of Jason Isaacs has put a full stop to all speculations. The series has suddenly received a red signal from Netflix. In an interview with This Morning, Isaacs’s facial expressions said everything when moderators Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby asked him about the future of The OA season 3.

Confronting a fan campaign to protect the show Issacs mentioned – “Outside Netflix headquarters, outsider Trump Tower, some unfortunate lady went on a hunger strike – there was a huge fan movement for it. But it won’t be coming back.”

He further said, “It won’t be coming back, but you know, we made two seasons of maybe the most brilliant and original and imaginative show that I’ve been involved in within 32 years.”

Issacs mainly reached into that show to tell people about his new movie Scoop. There he told everything about the fate of season 3 and confessed he was “crushed” after hearing the call off of the third season.

“Most people I know have got a bit of time on their hands right now, so if you’ve got Netflix I suggest you watch it because it just reinvents narrative, it doesn’t do the things you expect it to do.

“Brit Marling, who was lead actress and the co-writer… she’s just an original voice and I was thrilled to be anywhere near it.”

Thereafter he included, “I was crushed when it was cancelled. But now I look back and I think, ‘At least there’s that’. At least there’s two seasons of something unlike anything you’ll ever see.”

Issacs also said that the previous year, drama creators had planned future seasons of the series. But unfortunately, right now it is seeming that those plans have gone far away from their hands.

How Will The OA Season 3 Plot Be?

The OA Season 3 release date

As we all know that the series tells us a tale of a young blind lady. Suddenly, she disappears and after the interval of seven long years, she comes back surprisingly. Now, she is no longer blind and her eyes can see the objects clearly but with the restoration of his vision, he has also got a big mark on her back.

Now, she refers to herself as “OA” and she is not ready to reveal the name of that place where she spent such a long time. She discloses the details of that period to some regional high school fellows and a tutor. Thereafter she creates a plan to save her colleagues with whom she was there for seven years.

We have already discussed earlier that Netflix has no intent to renew the drama for more seasons. So, nothing can be anticipated regarding the story of the forthcoming season. If Netflix renews it in near future then only we can get some information about its plot.

Who Will Be Part Of The OA Season 3 Cast?

The OA Season 3 release date

Right now, the drama hasn’t got a chance to go ahead. But maybe it gets renewed in the future. If it happens then the question is who will become its part? Well, as per the rumors creators won’t make any drastic variation in the cast of season 3 which means that stars of the previous season will be again seen in season 3.

But there is also a possibility of the addition of new faces in drama. Showrunners can add new stars to the series to make the story more spinning and twisting. However, the central characters of the drama will remain the same. So, according to that the names that are going to be seen in season 3 are –

  • Brit Marling will be seen as Prairie Johnson(the OA).
  • Emory Cohen will play his role as Homer Roberts.
  • Scott Wilson will portray the character of Abel Johnson.
  • Phyllis Smith will deliver his role of Betty “BBA” Broderick-Allen.
  • Alice Krige will display the character of Nancy Johnson.
  • Patrick Gibson will reprise his role as Steve Winchell.
  • Brendan Meyer will present the character of Jesse Mills.
  • Brandon Perea will be seen as Alfonso “French” Sosa.
  • Ian Alexander will play his character of Buck/Michelle Vu.
  • Will Brill will portray the character of Scott Brown.
  • Sharon Van Etten will deliver his role as Rachel DeGrasso.
  • Paz Vega will replicate his role of Renata Duarte.
  • Chloe Levine will be seen as Angie.

Apart from them, other stars like Zoey Todorovsky, Bria Vinaite, Zendaya, Zoë Chao, Irène Jacob, Eijiro Ozaki, Vincent Kartheiser, Liz Carr, Melora Walters, and many others can also return in the next season.

How Many Episodes Will Be In The OA Season 3?

The OA Season 3 release date

In season 2 we enjoyed watching 8 episodes that are –

  • Episode 1: Angel of Death
  • Episode 2: Treasure Island
  • Episode 3: Magic Mirror
  • Episode 4: SYZYGY
  • Episode 5: The Medium & The Engineer
  • Episode 6: Mirror Mirror
  • Episode 7: Nina Azarova
  • Episode 8: Overview

No information about episodes of the forthcoming season has come from trusted sources. But you might have noticed that there were 8-8 episodes in each of the previous two seasons of the series that’s why some fans are anticipating that season 3 will also have 8 episodes. However, the actual data will be known after the arrival of the drama.

Is There Any News Of The OA Season 3 Trailer?


It would be too early to say anything on the trailer of the upcoming season. Just a few months back Netflix has canceled the renewal of the series. And it won’t change its decision so soon, therefore definitely the trailer is far away from us. As per the current situation maybe we’ll never see it.

By the way, if you really enjoyed watching the previous season then you can again relive those great moments that you felt while watching it by viewing its trailer embedded above. Till then be in touch with us to know future updates of the series.

Source: Digital Spy

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