The Letdown Season 3 release date

The Letdown is an Australian TV show which premiered first time on the ABC network in 2016. However, later the series was made available on Netflix because of which we all got the opportunity to watch this comedy-drama. Fans not only liked the story of the series but also gave good feedback to it. Because of their up-to-the-mark reviews, the drama performed pretty well on popular platforms like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

It secured stunning 7.5/10 stars on the IMDb and whopping 91% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. We all have watched both the seasons of the series and somewhere we all are satisfied as its episodes were quite entertaining. Now, after watching the second season fans have become more enthusiastic to know The Letdown Season 3 release date. So, let’s see what the makers have decided for the upcoming season of the show.


Is Netflix Coming Up With The Letdown Season 3?

The Letdown Season 3 Poster
Source – Netflix

We want to share some sort of good news regarding the upcoming season with you but unfortunately, we can’t do so as showrunners haven’t disclosed their decision about season 3 yet. We can’t tell you whether The Letdown Season 3 will arrive or not?. If we consider the performances of the previous two seasons then season 3 should be launched in the future.

But creators haven’t even renewed season 3 leaving a question mark on its fate. The second season of the comedy-drama streamed on Netflix on 31st July 2019 while it aired in Australia a few weeks prior to that. The Letdown Season 2 was telecasted from May 2019 to July 2019. So, not much time has passed since its arrival.

But co-showrunner actor Alison Bell while discussing with E! news mentioned that the series is performing amazingly in the United States. Alison even specified it as LA. “There are doors opening here in a way someone in my position or in my field can’t really turn my back on if I want longevity in this career,” she told.

So we have seen that The Letdown Season 2 has performed greatly in different countries. In such a scenario, it can be given more chances. The first outing was aired on Netflix in 2018 while the second season was launched in 2019. So, there was hardly a year gap between the premiere dates of the initial two seasons as per this the third season would have arrived by now, but that didn’t happen. So, still, it’s unclear whether season 3 will come in 2022 or not.

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Letdown Season 3 Plot – What Is Going To Happen Next?

The letdown season 3 release date

In the previous season, we have seen that Audrey’s daughter has turned 1 year old and her hubby Jeremy is residing and doing a job in Adelaide. Audrey and her companions are still facing problems with parenthood since the last year. In the climax of the first season, Audrey suddenly knows that she is pregnant.

While watching the second season we get to know that Audrey has already done feticide as she wasn’t in a situation to give birth to the second child. Her doctor has told her that giving birth to a new baby will damage her uterus. Audrey shares this problem with her artsy mum and gets to know that her mum has also faced this issue in her life.

In the final episode, she discloses this abortion problem to her doctor and also to her mom’s friends who also respect her decision. In fact, one of mom’s friends told that she too has suffered from this issue when she was young. As far as The letdown season 3 plot is concerned we don’t know what will happen in it as showrunners haven’t shared any official synopsis of season 3 with us.

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The Letdown Season 3 Cast – Are We Going To See New Faces?

The Letdown Season 3 Cast
Source – Netflix


So far Netflix hasn’t revealed any details about the cast of season 3. But we have seen that in both of the previous seasons the series mainly revolves around Audrey and Jeremy. So, if season 3 comes then they will surely return as the story can’t go ahead without them. They are the core characters of the show.

Apart from them, other characters are also an important part of the show. So, they can also make a comeback in the next season. In fact, major actors of the last two seasons are expected to return in the third installment of the series. Some actors can also be removed from the cast but we don’t know who those names can be. If we consider these points the stars who will be seen in the forthcoming season are –

  • Alison Bell will play her role of Audrey.
  • Duncan Fellows will deliver her role as Jeremy.
  • Noni Hazlehurst will be seen as Ambrose.
  • Sacha Horler will portray the character of Ester.
  • Lucy Durack will display the character of Sophie.
  • Leon Ford will present the character of Ruben.
  • Celeste Barber will play her role as Barbara.
  • Taylor Ferguson will be seen as Jenna.
  • Leah Vandenberg will deliver her role of Martha.
  • Xana Tang will portray the character of Georgia
  • Sarah Peirse will display the character of Verity.

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How Many Episodes Will Be In The Letdown Season 3?

The Letdown Season 3
Source – Netflix


In the previous season, we have seen 6 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: One
  • Episode 2: The Dilemma
  • Episode 3: He’s a Girl
  • Episode 4: Heavy Heart
  • Episode 5: Rat Park
  • Episode 6: Shameless

As we told you earlier that the creators haven’t dropped any details about the plot of the upcoming season. However, we have seen 6-6 episodes in both of the previously launched seasons so as per this the next season will also have 6-7 episodes. But it’s just a prediction, the real data will be disclosed only after the launch of the season.


Is Letdown Season 3 Trailer Out?


We know that you are a big fan of this series and want to watch its trailer as soon as possible. But till now season 3 hasn’t even got a green signal from the makers of the show, therefore, we can’t tell you when will its trailer arrive. If Netflix shares any details about season 3 we will surely inform you. Till then you can watch the previous season’s trailer embedded above.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To The Letdown Season 3 –

1. Will there be a season 3 of The Letdown?

The show hasn’t been lucky enough to get a green light for the third time. The showrunners haven’t also revealed their perspective regarding the future of the series. The last episode of the drama was premiered back in July 2019, since then no updates have arrived so far.

2. Where is The Letdown filmed?

The AACTA Award-winning comedy-drama series has been filmed in Sydney, Australia.
3. How many seasons of The Letdown are there?

Two installments of the series have been released so far.
4. How old is Alison Bell?
She is 44 years old.

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