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TV shows are quite popular among college students. It’s a great way to spend your leisure time observing shows with the people of your age in the center of the plot. Also, reduce the stress gained while doing all the homework projects. Some of the students seek someone who can “write my article for me”, so they could take some rest enjoying their favorite TV show. And one of the most commonly recommended TV shows for college students is Blood And Water which finished its 2nd season a few months ago.

African people definitely know how to make good TV shows, and Netflix has proved that. They are especially good at youth shows, where all young people are educated about racial tolerance, gender equality, and free choice of gender identity, just like any other Netflix series. We, in turn, will try to answer the question, when will Blood and Water season 3 be released?

The African continent has always suffered from all kinds of slave traders. It all began with the discovery of the “Ivory Coast”. The Arabs traded with the natives of the more southern part of their continent as early as the 3rd century A.D. The first Europeans who bought slaves from the natives sailed there in 1441, and after the settlement of the “Blessed South”, in what is now the United States, slaves with ebony skin populated all the plantations in that area.

Slavery still exists in some African states, quite legalized in those countries. As far as legality is concerned, it is questionable, and there are still clandestine criminal organizations all over the world stealing people to sell them to others. Puleng’s sister, Phume, has not avoided such a fate. It happened a long time ago, the South African police have already stopped searching, and the parents are all sad about the missing child. Puleng herself decides enough is enough. Especially, one of her school friends, Fikile, invites her to a party where all their classmates will be, why not go?

Fikile introduces her to the guests and the next guy she introduces notes their remarkable similarities, both externally and internally. Wade’s words made the girl think and analyze, which led her to an interesting idea, what if Fikile is Phume? Starting to figure out what is going on, the heroine stumbles upon more than one dark moment that her parents and those around her are hiding from her.

What is Blood And Water Season 3 Release Date & Renewal Status?

Two characters of Blood And Water Season 3
Source – Netflix

Speaking of the third season, Netflix has not officially shown a green signal for Blood and Water Season 3 yet. But the third season of the series seems unavoidable, considering that the second season ends with a huge cliffhanger.

It’s a typical situation because streaming service Netflix needs to take some time to evaluate a program’s hit rate before scheduling a new season.

If we assume that the new season will get the green light soon then we can expect Blood and Water Season 3 to come out sometime in the fall of 2022.

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What will be the plot of Blood And Water Season 3? 

A girl in Blood And Water Season 3
Source – Netflix

The season 2 finale of “Blood and Water” features some amazing twists. For one thing, Puleng with her family undergoes a DNA test.

The test shows that Puleng and Fikile share a mother, but have different fathers, which makes things extremely complicated. Furthermore, the mother of Fikile has been kidnapped and questioned by none other than Lizbeth, who intended to find out more about Puleng.

On the other hand, the cops take Fikile away, leaving her friends at the party confused. We will probably see the tension within the love triangle between Puleng, Wade, and Karabo (KB) in season three.

We may receive some clues about Puleng’s role in the conspiracy and why Lizbeth is seeking information about her. The true nature of Fikile’s adoption and paternity may also be revealed, and we may also learn who her biological father is.

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Who will be part of the Blood And Water Season 3 Cast?

Blood And Water Season 3 Cast
Source – Netflix

The cast is led by Amamkele Qamata, who appears as Puleng Khumalo, a freshman at Parkhurst College, and Khosi Ngema, who plays Fikile Bhele, the school’s star athlete. Actors Thabang Molaba (Karabo “KB” Molapo), Dillon Windvogel (Wade Daniels), Greteli Fincham (Reece van Rensburg), and Arno Griff (Chris Ackerman) portray the roles that makeup Puleng and Fikile’s group of buddies.

The main cast also consists of Getmore Sithole (Julius, Puleng’s father), Gail Mabalane (Thandeka, Puleng’s mother), Odwa Gwanya (Siyabonga, aka Siya, Puleng’s brother), and Ryle de Morny (Coach Chad Morgan), Katishcka Kiara (Pauline), Leroy Siyafa (Sam), and Alzavia Abrahams (Zayd), who play the main roles in season 2.

According to the researchers from the best writing services, in Season 3, we can expect most of the aforementioned actors to be playing their roles again. Actors Anil Sabharwal (Jono), Nasty C (Zhero), Baby Cele (Minister Dlamini), Andre Lombaard (Mr. Loots), Sonia Mbele (Lisbeth Molapo) Laura Bosman (Mrs. Joffe), and Esther von Waltsleben (Mrs. Thorn) are also likely to play in Blood and Water Season 3. Perhaps we’ll see some new characters in season 3 as well.

Blood And Water Season 3 Trailer – Is It Coming Soon?

At the moment, no trailers haven’t been released yet, as well as no official announcement about it. Keep us with our updates to be the first to know!

The Blood and Water brought great success, so we can be sure about its next season! It’s just a matter of time.


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