The Inbestigators Season 3 release date

The Inbestigators is an English kid’s comedy-drama series developed by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope. The show airs on ABC me for Australian and New Zealand viewers while it premieres on Netflix for outsiders. Shot at Moorabbin Primary School in Moorabbin Australia, the first season of the series telecasted on 21st June 2020 on ABC me network while the same season was released on Netflix in August 2019.

As a result of great feedback from people, a second season was released in Australia on 11th November 2019 and later it was launched on Netflix in January 2020. The show has performed well on the rating platforms like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. It has received fabulous 8/10 stars on the IMDb while 100% audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes. But can it make a comeback with a season 3? Let’s check it out –


When Will We Get To Know The Inbestigators Season 3 Release Date?

The Inbestigators Season 3 release date

The second season of the comedy series was aired on 10th January 2020 on Netflix. Its episodes weren’t telecasted on a weekly basis pattern rather they all were launched on the same day. Season 2 was earlier released on 12th November 2019 on ABC ME and concluded on 30th November 2019. As far as the third season is concerned, no authentic details have been revealed about it by the Netflix and ABC ME network.

However, if we see at drama’s popularity and its craze among fans then there are maximum possibilities of renewal of the third season. If it’s going to happen then we will have to wait for some time, the way we did for season 2. Trusted sources like Cinemaholic predicted last year that the third season could be released in 2020 but that didn’t happen.

And till now no progressive details have been revealed regarding season 3. So, we also can’t do anything instead of making anticipations. If you consider our views third season can be released in 2021.

How Will The Inbestigators Season 3 Plot Be?

The Inbestigators Season 3 release date

With each passing episode, we are introduced with a fresh enigma which is decoded by a group of squads. The main leader of their group is 10 years old Maudie, who is an expert in analyzing human nature. Along with her companions Ezra, Ava, and Kyle, she forms an investigating firm through which they decode crime mysteries of nearby areas.

The series is quite entertaining and holds the eyes of viewers on screens till the final episode. Major crime cases mainly move around the ‘whodunnit’ outline and the tales are dramatic, appealing, humorous, and full of bravery. The duration of each episode is approximately 15 minutes but still, they aren’t less in terms of thrill and adventure from large episodes of other dramas.

At the ending of the first season, Maudie becomes 11 years old while Ava gets shocked after knowing that her buddy never got a birthday party in her entire journey of 11 years. The squad also becomes busy solving a suspicious case which bothers Maudie’s father, who luckily doesn’t get a call for a meeting in Hong Kong. Later, Maudie ultimately realized that the case was intentionally channelized by Kyle, Ava, and Ezra so that they can celebrate her birthday.

In season 2, these guys decode more crimes cases, the way they were doing in the first season – including a case of a guy who was blamed for committing a crime that he didn’t do. Maudie, Ezra, Ava, and Kyle figures out the actual criminal and identifies his main intent for doing such wrong deeds. A case consisting of three illegal activities done by a single person is also remaining, they also have to point out that guy.

So, in The Inbestigators Season 3, they will solve this case and they will also unravel more crime mysteries similar to this.

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Who Will Be Part Of The Inbestigators Season 3 Cast?

The Inbestigators Season 3 release date

Creators are yet to renew the third installment of drama and that’s why they haven’t revealed any information about its cast. However, we have observed that showrunners haven’t changed the core characters on going from the first season to the second season. So, it’s seeming that this time also the same will happen in The Inbestigators Season 3.

Anna Cooke, Aston Droomer, Jamil Smyth-Secka, and Abby Bergman have been core actors of the series. So, they are expected to make a comeback in the upcoming season. Especially after seeing the incomplete ending of the previous season, we are hoping that they will surely be seen in action in the next season. As per this, the stars who will be seen in The Inbestigators Season 3 are –

  • Anna Cooke will play her role as Maudie Miller.
  • Aston Droomer will deliver his role of Ezra Banks.
  • Abby Bergman and Taysha Farrugia (child) will portray the character of Ava Andrikides.
  • Jamil Smyth-Secka and Austin Archer (child) will present the character of Kyle Klimson.
  • James Saunders will be seen as Mr. McGilick.
  • Maria Angelico will display the character of Miss Tan.
  • Hannah Jonhston will play his role of Amelia Fitzgerald.
  • Clarke Richards will deliver his role of Mr. Barker.
  • Madeleine Jevic will be seen as Mrs. Helen Parides.
  • Eliza Ong will portray the character of Poppy Banks.
  • Soraya Briggs will display the character of Max.
  • Matilda Hardwick will portray the character of Caitlin.
  • Sienna Foggie will present the character of Esther McCarthy.
  • Ayiana Ncube will play her role as Ruby.
  • Marita Wilcox will deliver her role of Mrs. Maniaci.

Apart from them, other stars like Hannah Leigh Struckett, Milla Bishop, Zakariah Rahhali, Ethan Pham, Zac Mineo, Jack Goodsell, and Frank Woodley will also play their respective roles.

How Many Episodes Will Be In The Inbestigators Season 3?

The Inbestigators season 3 release date


In the previous season we have seen 20 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: The Case of the Concert Catastrophe
  • Episode 2: The Case of the Soccer Saga
  • Episode 3: The Case of the Puzzling Pet Day
  • Episode 4: The Case of the Copy Cat
  • Episode 5: The Case of the Rosemary Riddle
  • Episode 6: The Case of the Robot Robbery
  • Episode 7: The Case of the Vanishing Koalas
  • Episode 8: The Case of the Extremely Empty Freezer
  • Episode 9: The Case of the Miraculous Mini Golfer
  • Episode 10: The Case of the Problematic Party
  • Episode 11: The Case of the Lousy Lunch Orders
  • Episode 12: The Case of the Interrupting Intern
  • Episode 13: The Case of the Freaky Frequency
  • Episode 14: The Case of the Tricky Trimathlon
  • Episode 15. The Case of the Burgled Bags
  • Episode 16: The Case of the Distracted Detective
  • Episode 17: The Case of the Fishy Fundraiser
  • Episode 18: The Case of the Incredible Fortune Teller
  • Episode 19: The Case of the Unhappy Camper
  • Episode 20: The Case of the Triple Inbestigation

Show developers haven’t yet dropped any details regarding the episodes of The Inbestigators Season 3. However, we have noticed that there were 20-20 episodes in both of the earlier released seasons of the series, so if next season follows this pattern then it will also have 20 episodes.


Is There Any News Of The Inbestigators Season 3 Trailer?


No, till now we haven’t received any details regarding the trailer for next season and also it’s not going to release soon. You can watch last season’s trailer until any official details come.

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