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Created by Tony McNamara, The Great is a comedy-drama series that draws its foundation from fictional history. Addressed as anti-historical by Hulu, the show tells the woven tale of Empress Catherine the Great of all Russia. After the release of its first two seasons, the question now arises about the chances of The Great Season 3.

This twisted display of Russian history keeps the viewers waiting for what would happen next. It is a little hard to predict since the series does not move in honest accordance with the real history. At first, the show came up with its complete title as The Great: An Occasionally True Story. However, the second season was released as The Great: An Almost Entirely True Story. As far as we know, there exists a scope for a few more seasons to follow.

Scroll down to know all that we have got to share about the show in the discussion, that is, The Great Season 3 –

The Great Season 3 – About The Show

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Source – Hulu

The Great is a satirical comedy that revolves around Empress Catherine the Great. The series traces the journey of the rise of Catherine to become the most successful crowned female and the longest-ruling empress in Russian history. Starting with a rural background, Catherine gives away her share of happiness for the national interest as she gets married to Peter III.

Being a fictional series, the series does toy with history. You cannot really tell what would happen next till it gets unfolded. In The Great, we find Catherine in her early years getting married to Emperor Peter III. The attempt and struggle of Catherine to murder her corrupt and vicious spouse after falling for him are next focussed upon.

It has been an interesting journey for the Empress so far but she still has a long way to go. The next seasons would uncover the next steps in her story.

The Great Season 3 Release Date – Do We Have A Confirmed Premiere Date For The Third Installment?

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Source – Hulu

The first season was aired on Hulu on May 15, 2020. Soon after this, the series was renewed for a second installment in July 2020. However, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, needed cautions, and restrictions, the show faced an unavoidable delay. It finally came back with its second season on November 19, 2021.

As of now, The Great Season 3 has not been announced or officially confirmed. Under such circumstances, we cannot really predict a reliable release date for the next season.

If we go by the time that has been taken to materialize the previous seasons, we can expect The Great Season 3 to arrive sometime in late 2022 and that, dear folks, would be the earliest possible period.

The Great Season 2 has been showered with a fair reception and there are chances that Hulu would renew the series for a third season. Moreover, the show has yet not reached the point where Catherine exercises full control. The makers do have a potential plot for a few more reasons and it is most likely that we would witness the journey of Empress Catherine in this twisted historical drama till the very end.

The Great Season 3 Cast – Who’s In and Who’s Out Of The Third Season?

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The Great is based upon the same story that is taken forth in its different installments to shape up a new and interesting plot. If and when Season 3 arrives, we expect it to be back with the same cast members retaining the major roles.

Elle Fanning is expected to be back playing the central character of the series, Catherine the Great. Nicholas Hoult would also be there as Catherine’s husband, Peter. In the role of Mariel, Phoebe Fox is most likely to mark an appearance. Sacha Dhawan would also be awaited as Count Orlo if whenever The Great Season 3 hits our screens.

The other members of the court are also expected to retain their roles as long as their exits do not make sense. At the same time, a third season would mean giving the plot another discourse. New characters and roles may become a part of it. Let us sit back and wait for an official confirmation for The Great Season 3 after which we are likely to have more certain cast updates.

The Great Season 3 Plot – What Is To Happen In The Third Outing? – SPOILERS AHEAD!

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The second season shows how Catherine and Peter eventually fall for each other and are so much in love after their son, Paul is born. The twist in their happy times is brought in when Mariel discloses it to Catherine that Peter slept with her mother and it was him who murdered her mother. Peter accepts that he did get involved with Catherine’s mother but denies the allegation of having killed her.

Catherine contemplates her next course of action concerning Peter. She weighs her love and desire to kill Peter on the two sides of the balance. Revenge and the longing for power create a mess inside her head. After a public apology from Peter on the occasion of Mariel’s wedding, Catherine comes to a better realization about true love. However, she stabs Peter later.

Once Catherine realizes what she has done, she is left shocked and devastated. It turns out that the man whom she stabbed isn’t Peter and the ‘real’ Peter emerges at the scene. Both reconcile and comfort each other in their warmth, however, the other facts of their lives remain the same.

If The Great Season 3 knocks at our doors, it is likely to take the story forward from where it has left. Though Catherine and Peter did embrace each other with love, it would be interesting to see if the same dynamics can be maintained and till how far. Additionally, the next season would take Catherine a step forward towards her role as the established Catherine the Great.

The Great Season 3 Trailer – Is The Trailer For The Great Season 3 Already Out?

No, the trailer for The Great Season 3 has not been released yet. It is too early to expect a trailer for the next season when the previous one has released less than a couple of months back. Moreover, the next installment is yet to be officially confirmed.

Till the makers are ready to come up with the trailer for the third season, here is the trailer from The Great Season 3 for you to refresh the story so far –


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