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Are you ready to read about The Grand Tour Lochdown ending explained? The Grand Tour is one of the reality series that is loved by the community that loves cars (well, clearly we don’t know what that community is called).

Sure you’re ready, but before diving into the ending, let’s see how it all began…

The first season of the show was shot from 2016 through to 2017. And it was in 2017 that the show came to life. It did not take the show a lot of time to be people’s favorite.

The show also gained a superb rating on all the rating and review platforms. The show has a rating of 8.7 stars out of 10 stars on IMDb, while (holy smokes) 95% of Google users like the show. The show is also liked by 69% of users on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show stars Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May since the first season and we expect little casting change in the upcoming seasons as well.

What Is The Grand Tour Lochdown?

The Grand Tour Lochdown Ending explained - three men standing
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The Grand Tour Lochdown is the 3rd episode of the 4th season of the very famous and loved by all reality series, The Grand Tour.

As mentioned above, the show has an excellent IMDb rating, and also exceptional ratings on other reviewing platforms as well. So, the question here is, what makes us write on “The Grand Tour Lochdown ending explained”?

Why is there so much fuzziness about this specific episode?

Well, all these questions in your head are valid, but a guest for a fewer while. Because, here is The Grand Tour Lochdown ending explained by all the things you need to take into consideration further.

The Grand Tour Lochdown Plot – What Happens?

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They specifically do not need to mention that Clarkson, May, and Hammond are the masters of their wills.

Now that we mentioned it, you should know that The Grand Tour is a reality series and does not specifically follow a script in particular.

So you need to know that there is no scripted plot of The Grand Tour Lochdown episode or any episodes that come along the way or that have already been released.

The Grand Tour Lochdown episode follows the same regime as other episodes of the series.

The three stars try to figure out why some of the American vehicles did not work in Great Britain.

The location of the episode is, Scotland.

So the three do their thing that people love them for in Scotland.

Now, what happens in the end? That’s what we’re going to talk about in The Grand Tour Lochdown ending explained.

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The Grand Tour Lochdown Ending Explained – What Happens and Why?

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At the end of The Grand Tour Lochdown, the main characters of the hit show, May, Hammond, and Clarkson, are seen sitting in a sports bar.

As Clarkson enters the bar, it does not take him a lot of time to realize that the goodies and the bar are not very American. We could easily see a lot of products from China – the on-the-house drinks, luggage, sports – everything was from China.

This left the viewers of the show flabbergasted.

And this is also where the so-called “bizarre” ending of the show begins.

Beginning of the end…

The major reason the viewers of the show were not fans of the end was because of the Chinese products.

You can find more reasons in a specific review section below.

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The Grand Tour Lochdown Trailer

Just in case you’re

The Grand Tour Lochdown Ending – Reviews

The reviews of The Grand Tour Lochdown were not very enthusiastic, we would say.

The viewers did like the aesthetic of the episode and were very pleased with it, but they did not quite like the ending of the show (no wonder we’re explaining that to you).

As said before, the episode was enjoyed by most, but they also felt that it was lacking in so many ways.

And the last we checked, it had very mixed and confusing reviews on IMDb as well.

However, most of the reviews resonate with each other.

Viewers say it was forced, scripted, nice, filling, funny, entertaining, poor, formulaic, “a terrible disappointment”, staged, “hugely entertaining”… so on and so forth.

(See, told you, mixed reviews.)

But you know what, even though you have all the rights to decide how the lockdown special episode is based on these reviews, you will not know how you feel about it unless you watch it.

So, we say, read this post, and watch this episode for yourself if you haven’t yet.

What’s Next In The Grand Tour?

As we mentioned above earlier that The Grand Tour Lochdown was just a lockdown special episode that was released on July 30, 2021.

The fourth episode of season 4 is underway and under filming.

How do we know this?

We know it as The Grand Tour has confirmed its location for the fourth season and the fans couldn’t be more excited.

With the way the reviews of the special episode were, we hope the produced picked up on the Chinese products hint and won’t repeat that mistake.

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Summing Up | The Grand Tour Lochdown Ending Explained

Hm, Fiferst can figure out what got the viewers furious about The Grand Tour Lochdown special episode.

Although the viewers of the show praise how beautifully the episode has been shot, they were not quite happy about the ending and called it “bizarre” because of the Chinese products shown at the end of the episode.

They were furious and took over the famous social media platform Twitter to express their despair at the end of the show.

If you haven’t read the article properly, above is The Grand Tour Lochdown ending explained all for you. In the bottom line, the fans of this show were pleased with the Scottish visuals of the show but not quite the Chinese ones.

This was all for The Grand Tour Lochdown the explained. Fiferst hopes that you found this article to be informative, and it quenched the thirst of your query.

If you feel you have something to tell us about it, the comment section is your stage to express what you feel.

Fiferst will be back with more such content that intrigues you, but until then, Adios, Amigo!

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