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When it comes to food the hidden foodie within each one of us starts craving and urge longing for a variety of cuisines. Isn’t it? One can waste a whole damn day fantasizing about the variety of foods around the world. To quench all the cravings of foodies audience’s favorite Netflix in 2018 was up with a soul-quenching American food series.

After the show’s great journey fans are eager to head on for The Final Table Season 2. Is it happening? Questions are many! So, here’s to what we know so far.

The Final Table Season 2 – About the show


The show’s first season premiered on Netflix in the year 2018. The concept of the show was competitive cooking where the panel of judges judged contestants based on various tasks assigned to them. The show was anchored by a food critic and writer Andrew Knowlton.

The reality series showcased 10 episodes, each episode was based on the theme of a country in which the contestants were tasked with making authentic and traditional cuisines. The season was unique because every episode was judged by 3-panel judges including food critics and two prominent cultural citizens of the assigned country judged the chosen remarkable dish.

The series was binge-worthy and if you are amongst foodies and haven’t watched it yet! The season is now streaming live on Netflix. The charismatic rush amongst contestants and the amusing concept have led its audience to the eagerness for season 2. So hoping for a drop of the new season, here’s to what our sources know.

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The Final Table Season 2 Release Date – When it is arriving?

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Source – Netflix

The distinctive concept of The Final Table gained a lot of admiration from the audience. The show was honoured by the famous ‘Directors Guild of America’ award in 2019. The show was awarded under the category ‘Outstanding Directional Achievement in Reality Programs.’ Despite, the fact that show underwent a huge fan following and raised to a new popularity level, still there’s no clue for The Final Table season 2.

Netflix hasn’t claimed any official announcement yet. The food diggers were curiously waiting for the show’s season 2 premiere by the wrap-up of 2020. But even 2022 has headed towards its second month and season 1 will complete its four years in November. This raised certain questions amongst the audience like, is The Final Table Season 2 canceled? Or it has been delayed due to the terror of pandemics worldwide!

The foodies still are peculiar about The Final Table Season 2 and wait to witness the tastes yet again… Food diggers hope for the best in the brand new season, with many new twists and one level up that might drop by the end of this year.

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The Final Table Season 2 – Who will be the Contenders?

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Source – Netflix

The series provides a platform to 24 budding chefs who participate to accomplish their aspirations. The latest concept and upgraded tasks bring out the best in the chefs and add to the food flavors Timothy Hollingsworth from the United States and Darren Maclean from Canada were the top two contestants from season 1.

In 2019 Hollingsworth in a conversation with Eater Los Angeles discussed the happening of The Final Table Season 2 and making it more difficult for contestants by adding more regions in the assigned task to bring out the several flavours of creativity. Hollingsworth also said that chefs shouldn’t be assigned to create a specific dish rather they should prepare the dish following their choice. This will showcase the true creative brilliance of chefs.

The Final Season 2 – Who will be the judges?

Team of Judges
Source – Netflix

The whole series was mouth-watering as the audience was lucky to witness the authentic delicacies of various regions the concept of the series was unique because of the latest idea and surprising judges from several corners of the world significantly represented their country and judged the cuisine based on various parameters.

The series had a massive fan following because it became a hub of representation of different cultures across the globe. In The Final Table Season 1 Episode 5 the theme country selected was India and R. Madhvan was the actor, writer, and producer. Hasan Minhaj TV host of Indian descent, political commentator, writer, and producer.

Rashmi Udhay Singh Indian food expert author and Vineet Bhatia is an Indian chef and a famous media personality. These were some prominent personalities in episode 5 to make judgments on several famous Indian delicacies.

So, what new awaits in The Final Table season 2 is something bothering the food lovers! Till then keep watching season 1 to uphold your love for food. Until then happy cooking and happy exploring!

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To The Final Table Season 2 –

1. Will there be a Final Table Season 2?

Well, it’s unclear. Netflix hasn’t dropped any details about the second season since the final premiere of the first season. It’s surprising but we haven’t been updated on Final Table Season 2 for the last three years.

2. How many seasons of the final table are there?

Only a single season of the renowned food competition show has been aired so far.

3. Who won The Final Table?

Winner Tim Hollingsworth came out as a winner in the first season.

4. Where is the final table filmed?

It was shot at Sony Pictures Studio in Culver City, California, the identical location where many Spider-Man movies have been filmed.

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