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Are you also one of those fans of fantasy shows who are now looking for the Good Witch season 8 release date? Yes? Okay, well, we have something that you might find useful.

Good Witch is one of the very few shows in the Fantasy and Fiction genre that has not disappointed the viewers yet, and hopefully not even shortly. The show has reached a new level of success and has set the bar so much higher for other shows as well. And we feel one reason the show is so successful is that it has kept the viewers engaged with it and the show was made in a way that the viewers kept coming back to it.

But now, as the seventh season of the show has ended in 2021, is there going to be a season 8? If yes, what would be the plot? Who will be in the show’s cast? What would be the release date? Where will you be able to stream the show?

We know there are so many more questions like that which might strike your mind and we are here to answer them.

Good Witch Season 8 Release Date- What Do We Know So Far?

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Here we are talking about the Good Witch Season 8 release date. But what do we know about it already? Let’s throw some light there.

The excellent show initially released in 2015 has applaudable ratings on IMDb and Google.

The show has a rating of 7.3 stars out of 10 stars on IMDb while it was liked by 92% of Google users. The show has been consistent with good ratings and new twists and turns that the show has to come up with. Bringing the newness in the shows that we needed.

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What Will Be Good Witch Season 8 Plot?

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What is the reason behind the show’s success? If you ask us the very question about Good Witch, we would straight up say that the plot. The plot of Good Witch had brought a much-needed freshness in the fantasy shows that existed when the first season of the show came into existence.

The show is kept and set in Middleton.

The show’s main character is Cassandra Nightingale, also called “Cassie”. Cassie owns a shop known as Bell, Book & Candle and is a newlywed to Dr. Sam Radford, played by James Denton.

But this is not all. There are a lot more that people like you and we don’t yet know.

What’s the secret?

The secret is, Cassie is gifted. She has very strong magical intelligence and magical wisdom.

But wait!

She’s not the only one. Her daughter Grace is also like her.

As, at the end of season 6, ended when there were new mysteries to unravel and so many more things and season 7 embarked the beginning of new romances, relationships, and mysteries… season 8 promises a lot more fresh surprises.

But what about the cast of the show? Who will be the Good Witch season 8 cast?

Let’s see!

Who Will Be In Good Witch Season 8 Cast?

Cassie, Grace,and Dr, Sam
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The major cast members that followed as of the latest season, I.e. season 7 of the show, were:

  • Catherine Bell,
  • James Denton,
  • Sarah Power,
  • Catherine Disher,
  • Kylee Evans,
  • Katherine Barrell,
  • Marc Bendavid,
  • and Scott Cavalheiro.

These are also expected to be the season 8 cast as they’ve taken the show to the heights it is now.

But all that would only be possible if the show is renewed for the 8th season. Has it happened so far? Can we expect the show to release soon?

Are you aware of the show’s renewal status yet? If not, let Fiferst make you aware of that.

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Is Good Witch Season 8 Renewed?

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“Is Good Witch Season 8 Renewed?”

This is a question we have been the most dreadful to answer. Yes, the news is not that pleasing to the ears.

The show Good Witch season 8 has been ended/ canceled by the Hallmark Channel Channel. The particular reason for the same has not yet been told and viewers, as well as us, are left out wondering what could the mystery be behind that.

Some suspect that the show’s viewers had declined over time as the ratings still seem to go pretty much unbothered.

Some say the reason for the cancellation of the show was one of the key cast members, Bailee Madison, quit the show as the “permanent cast” and viewers would miss the story that revolved around her.

Now, what about the Good Witch Season 8 release date? Do we still have hope?

Let’s talk about that for a moment now.

What Is The Good Witch Season 8 Release Date?

Cassie, Grace,and Dr, Sam
Source: IMDb

It was such a heartbreak for the viewers of the show and to Fiferst as well when the news for the show getting ended at the end of season 7 came out. The thought was made more daunting when we couldn’t figure out the right reason behind its termination of it.


Since the show now has been canceled officially, no release date for Good Witch season 8 has come up in the air as of now.

However, if in near future, the show’s renewal status is changed or anything of the sort happens before June 2022, the Good Witch season 8 release date would be around the last week of June-July 2023.

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Is The Good Witch Season 8 Trailer Released

No, since the show has been canceled by the Hallmark Channel Channel no trailer for the Good Witch season 8 has been released and if no changes are made in the renewal status of the show, there are no chances of the trailer getting released soon then.

Meanwhile, we have the trailer for season 7 for you right here!

Where Can I Watch Good Witch Season 8?

Now, if there will not be a season 8 of the show, where can you watch the Good Witch till the seventh season?

And where can you watch Good Witch season 8 if it comes out with good luck?

The answer is here!

You can watch all the seven seasons of Good Witch on Netflix where all the characters come to life and where Cassie shows her magic to the world! All seven seasons of the show are available for the viewers to serve HOT!

So, if in the future the Good Witch season 8 releases, it will be made available for the viewers to watch on the streaming giant, Netflix.

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Summing Up | Good Witch Season 8 Release Date

So sorry for the fans who were eagerly waiting for the Good Witch season 8 release date and the show. As mentioned earlier, the show was canceled in July 2021.

The reasons for the same remain a mystery.

But you know what they say… all good things must end. Hallmark might have thought that this was the right time to end this good thing called the Good Witch!

What do you think? Could the reason be renewed for the 8th season? Or according to you as well, it was the right time to bring the series to an end? Do let Fiferst know!

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Good Witch Season 8 –

1. Will There Be a Good Witch Season 8?

Unfortunately not. The Hallmark network has confirmed to wrap up the drama so we won’t be getting the eighth season in the future. The exact reason behind the cancellation of the series hasn’t been revealed. However, the ratings and views fell down in the last premiered season.

2. Is Good Witch coming back in 2022?

No. It officially stands cancelled.

3. Is Good Witch Cancelled?

After thirteen years of a long journey, the show finally concluded with the seventh season. So, the eighth season won’t arrive in the coming years.

3. How old is Catherine Bell?

She is 53 years old. Bell was born on 14 August 1968 in London, England.

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