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Want to get fascinated with more historical dramas? Or are you wandering for any update about The English Game Season 2? If you are looking out for the show’s second season, you will surely enjoy reading this piece of content. Want to know how?

The English Game is a drama that reveals the real story of two legends named Fergus Suter(first full-time professional player) and Arthur Kinnard(AKA ‘First Lord of Football’). It is a miniseries showing the opposition faced by two strong players in the sports world. We can also see the picture of patriarchy that exists in early London. The makers have connected all the incidents in such an engaging and attractive way that we can’t even blink our eyes while watching episodes. But now we want the suspense with which season 1 concluded.

Netflix hasn’t released any official statements about The English Game season 2 but some credible sources have dropped big news about the upcoming season. So we have gathered all the latest updates and will present them to you in an ordered way. So be ready to see our hard work in this creation. So, here is the first burning update –

The English Game Season 2 Release Date: Is It Disclosed?

Man with beards and woman in his sideways with crying face
Source – Netflix

We got the first season of ‘The English Game’ on March 20, 2020, on Netflix. Now, we all are looking out for the renewal of the drama that arrived a year ago. So, let’s see if any progressive update has arrived?

Unfortunately, we haven’t got any continuation hints about the show from Netflix so far. But as The English Game season 1 hasn’t wrapped up well, so there is a possibility that we will get season 2. You should be aware that before giving a green signal to any series Netflix always take a look at the reactions of viewers. And the responses are well known to us, the show has secured stunning 7.6 stars on the IMDb. And its popularity among football players cannot be described in words, they are also quite excited about The English Game season 2 and want to watch it as soon as possible.

So, every audience segment wants the next dose of the drama, but no one knows what will happen. Credible sources like What’s on Netflix are saying that as it’s a miniseries so season 2 might not come.

The English Game Season 2 Cast: Who Will Be Part Of It?

The English game season 2 cast
Source – Netflix

Some changes can take place in the cast but most of the actors are going to be the same in season 2.

There is no doubt that Kevin Guthrie and Edward Holcroft will again come in the second season as Fergus Suter and Arthur Kinnaird. Niamh Walsh will reenter as Martha Almond.

Some other actors that will return to play their characters are Craig Parkinson, Charlotte Hope, James Harkness, Sam Keeley (‘Anthropoid’), Gerard Kearns, Daniel Ings, Henry Loyd Hughes, and Ben Batt.

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What’s The Production Status Of The English Game Season 2?

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Source – Netflix

The journey of the miniseries started in April 2018 when Netflix announced that they has brought Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes to make another historical drama for the platform. Along with the creator they had also released a list of directors that are Birgitte Staermose and Tim Fywell. Besides them, the executive producers who were associated with the first season are Julian Fellowes, Rory Aitken, Eleanor Moran, Ben Pugh, Ben Vanstone.

The entire season 1 had been shot in London. Now, it’s seeming that the next season will also be filmed in a place like London.

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Where Will The English Game Season 2 Be Premiered?

Since the first season aired on Netflix, it’s obvious that the second outing will also be premiered on it. Those who are prime members of the OTT platform will get access to The English Game season 2 episodes when they will arrive.

The English Game Season 2 Plot: How It’s Going To Be?

Source – Netflix

Do you remember the time when only the higher class of society was given the right to play football? Perhaps not, right? But The English Game episodes have just shown these things that we can’t even remember. Season 1 has taken us into that time when Fergus Suter(the first footballer to get paid for the sport) was a stonemason. It does not leave any situation and showed everything from his joining in the local football team Darwen FC to his face-off with the team of elites, Old Etonians. There’s one thing that never changes during season 1. Do you want to know what is it?

It is the Fergus struggle to get chosen in the team and then paid by owners. But the ending does not seem to be complete and it creates space for the next season. But what can be there in The English Game season 2? The creators can extract more incidents from football history and display them to us in a charming way. In the next dose of this historical thriller, we may watch the work of Fergus and Arthur to socialize football and their efforts to provide the popularity to football as it has today. It may show us nepotism again which is the dark side London history has.

Since Netflix hasn’t dropped any official announcement, we can’t put anything forward strongly, as makers may go beyond our expectations and can give a more interesting storyline. Can we get any trailer while we wait for season 2?

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The English Game Season 2 Trailer: Is It Arriving Soon?

We haven’t got any trailer or teaser of The English Game season 2 but we have managed to put the trailer of season 1 to revive your viewing experience of the first season. So have a look at it.

Now we have spilled all the beans about The English Game season 2 whether it’s a release date, cast, plot, or anything. Sorry to say but miniseries has rarely got follow-up season so we should also be ready for that.

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