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Spencer Haywood, a former American professional basketball player, played for the NBA for nine seasons (1969–1983) until retiring in 2013. He will likely be 74 years old by 2023.

He had worked with the Washington Bullets, Los Angeles Lakers, Seattle Supersonics, and New York Knicks among other organizations. Do you know what is Spencer Haywood net worth in 2022? Well, you landed at the right place.

In this article, we’ll talk about Spencer Haywood net worth, early life, NBA career, and many more unknown facts about him. Keep scrolling and get to know facts about him.

Spencer Haywood – Early Life & Education:

Spencer Haywood was born in 1949 in Silver City of Mississippi. During his early teenage years, he relocated to Michigan’s Krainz Woods in Detroit. Three weeks before Spencer’s birth, his father passed away. On state-provided food and clothes they recovered in trash cans, his family was able to get by.

Spencer Haywood during his young age
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He attended Pershing High School where he was the major driving force in leading his school basketball team in the state championship.

On his initial day at McNair High School (when he was thirteen years old), a Black Coach by the name of Charles Wilson asked him about leading the school’s basketball team. In 1967, he helped Pershing, his previous high school, win the Michigan Class A state championship.

This powerful man attended Trinidad State Junior College, and thanks to his talent, he was selected to play basketball for the United States at the 1968 Summer Olympics. He assisted his team in scoring 145 points and was the youngest player that ever participated in the Olympics (he was 19 then).

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Personal Life:

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Haywood married actress and fashion model Iman in 1977. They were parents to a daughter they named Zulekha. Later, in 1987, the couple separated. In 1990, Haywood wed Linda, his second wife; the couple had three daughters. In 2015, Haywood received recognition by being made a member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Spencer Haywood’s Career:

When Haywood was selected for the American men’s basketball squad for the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City when he was still a college student. Averaging 16.1 points a game, the competition’s youngest competitor also finished in the first position. He took home the gold to stand in for his group.

Haywood chose to try out for the 1970 NBA Seattle SuperSonics after competing in the lower leagues. Haywood joined the Seattle SuperSonics of the NBA in 1970. His selection to the All-NBA First Team in 1972 and 1973 and the All-NBA 2nd Team in 1974 and 1975 was among the high points of his five seasons with the team.

Spencer Haywood announcing onstage
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He assisted in guiding the SuperSonics to their first-ever playoff spot in 1974–75, his series finale with the team. Before being transferred to the New York Knicks, Haywood spent five seasons (1975–1979) with the SuperSonics.

After that, he was given a brief run with the New Orleans Jazz. He then participated in the 1979–80 Los Angeles Lakers season after that. He was a cocaine addict at that time. The Lakers eventually released him after noticing him dozing off during practice mostly during the 1980 NBA Finals. Haywood played only for Washington Bullets for the final two years of his NBA career.

Between his time with the Bullets and the Lakers in the 1980–81 season, Haywood participated for the Italian basketball team Reyer Venezia. He shared the field with Dražen Dalipagić of Serbia, among the most accomplished sportsmen in Yugoslav ever. If you are impatient to know about Spencer Haywood net worth, then you are just a scroll away to get to know about that.

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What Is Spencer Haywood Net Worth?

Spencer Haywood net worth is $3 million, as of 2022. He played in the NBA from 1969 through 1983. In addition to other teams, he has played for Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, the Seattle SuperSonics, and Washington Bullets. Haywood was a part of the American men’s basketball team that captured the gold medal in the 1968 Summer Olympic games in Mexico City.

Spencer Haywood net worth
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Initially in his career, a new shoe business named Nike contacted Spencer and asked him to serve as an ambassador for their goods. He was given the choice to choose $100,000 (about $500,000 in today’s currency) or a 10% stock stake in the business.

Spencer ultimately chose to accept the $100,000. According to recent estimates, Spencer Haywood net worth would be well above $10 billion if he had accepted the stock offer (including dividends). Spencer made close to $1.5 million in his prime, or around $350,000 per annum.

Spencer once remarked that the bond between his family was the greatest he had ever experienced. Haywood’s mother made him a basketball from an old croaker sack as well as some worn-out clothing, which was the beginning of everything.

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