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It is not actually quite often that one likes a horror show. But the fact that they have a separate fan base cannot be denied either. If you are a part of that fan base, this article is for you and the fans of American Horror Story and similar shows to the one mentioned.

Shows like American Horror Story are hard to get a hold of- agreed. But once you get a hold on it, there’s no turning back, and eventually, you start loving them.

So, to add some more shows to your list of “Shows I love”, here we are with the list of 10 shows like American Horror Story.

10 Shows Like American Horror Story

When it comes to watching shows like American Horror Story, we can never fall short of the list. But to watch good shows like that? It is a big deal. But to your rescue, we got them for you. Here is the list of 10 shows like American Horror story that might put your sleep at length!


1. American Crime Story

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Source – VanityFair

An American anthological television series with eye-openers? Yes, this is what shows like American Horror Story is about. And just like that, American Crime Story is one show we cannot miss while talking about shows like American Horror Story. It shouldn’t be too peculiar that the resemblance is there- both, in the names as well as genres.

Developed by Scott Alexander and Larry Kraszewski, American Crime Story is an American anthology genre true television series. What makes it more interesting to watch is that it is based on the 1999 book ‘A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Story of the Seen Scandal’.

There are a total of 2 seasons and 19 episodes.

Technically, the story is not based on a true story but thematically it is a type of a true story. These characters may not exist in real life, but there are thousands of people out there who are just like them and know exactly what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Both series are awesome and you will feel so natural and realistic while watching them.


2. Bates Motel

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Source – Vervetimes

An American psychological horror drama television series? That’s Bates Motel for you.

This American psychological horror drama TV series aired from March 18, 2013, to April 24, 2017.

There are a total of 5 seasons and 50 episodes.

The theme of the show is based on the book of the same name, authored by Robert Block, which in turn was loosely based on the true story of serial killer Ed Gein!

Well, that’s interesting…

We think it’s definitely worth watching and solidly entertaining. If you are a fan of the Psycho movies or other shows like American Horror Story, then there’s definitely a hook to start watching the series.

3. Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

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Source – Indian Express

In the list of more shows like American Horror Story, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has to be one.

The show is an American supernatural horror streaming television series. The show was developed by Robert Aguirre-Sacasa and is based on the Archie comic book that goes by the same name.

There are a total of 2 seasons and 36 episodes.

The show took inspiration from famous horror films, Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” and Pagan myths.

The chilling Adventure of Sabrina is a perfect combination of drama and comedy, there’s no harm in having a nice change in scenery.

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4. Feud: Bette and Joan

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Source – Time

Feud: Bette and Joan, an American docudrama television mini-series created by Ryan Murphy. The show is based on a true story, focuses on good old-fashioned Hollywood scandal and controversy.

There are a total of 8 episodes.

Both characters, Bette and Joan was inspired by the real-life feud between Crawford and Davis and explores issues of sexism, ageism, and misogyny in Hollywood.

We have only caught the first episode but yes it’s a very good show large and Sarandon is BRINGING it on this show. It’s also surprisingly very funny.


5. The Haunting Of Hill House

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Source – Netflix

Directed by Miki Flanagan, The Haunting Of Hill is an American supernatural horror drama television series loved by many.

There are a total of 10 episodes in the series.

The Haunting of Hill House is series was inspired by real-life paranormal investigators.

Jackson was inspired to write the novel after reading about a group of 19th century “psychic researchers” who rented a house they believed to be haunted in order to study paranormal phenomena.


6. Into The Dark

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Source – Decider

Into the Dark is an American Horror anthology streaming television series produced for Huler.

There are a total of 2 seasons and 24 episodes.

The first season premiered on October 5, 2018, and the second season on October 4, 2019.

There is a lot of creativity in the whole series and the series has been met with a positive response from critics upon its premiere. Their series holds a 71 percent of approval rating. Overall, the series is worth watching.

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7. Scream

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Source – Den of Geek

Scream is a 1996 American meta slasher film by the craven and written by Kevin Williamson. In the series, the gorefest may seem like Hollywood fiction, but it was actually inspired by a real-life killing spree that sent an idyllic Florida town into a panic.

There is a total of 3 seasons and 30 episodes. If you love scream movies the series is great for you. It has its flaws and plot holes but the acting and twists are pretty good. So overall great two seasons.

8. Scream Queens

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Source – Pride

Scream Queens is a term used to describe an actress who is prominent and influential in horror films. There are a total of 2 seasons and 23 episodes.

The idea for the first season of scream queens was inspired by an email that went viral from the executive board of the Delta Gamma Sorority at the University of Maryland.

If you love scream movies or shows like American Horror Story, the series is great for you.

9. Stranger Things

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Source – Netflix

Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror drama television series created by The Duffer Brothers.

There is a total of 3 seasons and 25 episodes. It is based on a true story.

The program a mix of comedy, horror, science fiction, and the supernatural is widely anticipated whenever a new season is announced.

If you haven’t watched Stranger Things on Netflix yet, you really should. It’s the best Netflix original so far.

10. Slasher

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Source – Netflix

Slasher is a Canadian-American television series that was created by Aaron Martin.

There are a total of 3 seasons and 24 episodes.

Each season is centered around a masked killer with an unknown motive for killing their victims.

If you enjoy the Scream movies or even the MTV series, this is a show worthy of watching. We enjoyed this show more than expected.

So, it was our list of 10 shows like American Horror Story that you must watch if you have loved watching the show or any other shows like American Horror Story.

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