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Not only just comedy and drama, Shameless is an American Tv Series developed by John Wells that has been running in a long run since the year 2003, it got aired on showtime on Jan 9, 2011, to April 11, 2021. After the recent season 11, assumptions are there about Shameless Season 12 Release Date to show up next year in 2023, contradicting the fact that there is no official statement and confirmation about the same.

As far as Showtime’s history is concerned, Shameless is the longest-running original scripted series with the premiere of the ninth season in the year 2018.

This series is all about the dysfunctional and ill-adjusted Gallagher family having an extremely chaotic life showing various tantrums over every aspect. After the death of their mother, Fiona, Phillip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and Liam handle the havoc created by the father who passes the whole of the day drunk neglecting all his children who instead take care of themselves.

It has around 140 episodes, each episode is an icon of entertainment in itself, showing all the maniac works of the family that drives into one or the other crazy situation one after the other.

Shameless Season 12 Release Date – Is It Official?

Characters from Shameless Series
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In December 2020, Season 11 of the show got premiered on showtime and ended on April 2021. This series has been quite an elongated one with each episode of around 40-45 minutes, this one never failed to grasp the interest of the audience all throughout. Despite such a long span can we expect this amazing show to continue growing?

As far as Shameless Season 12 Release Date is concerned the showtime’s official Twitter account mentioned the final season coming in December 2020, so, unfortunately, we do not expect any information about the series’ Season 12 release officially anytime soon.

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Shameless – Flashback To Previous Seasons

Characters from Shameless Series
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Shameless is all about the mess and disorganization in the Gallagher family, there come times where in they are on the verge to drift apart but still managing to come back together.

The series provides us with unlimited entertainment showcasing ups and downs in the family’s life but the best part about the series is that even after their devouring lifestyle, they still somehow manage to uplift and carry forward, one of the basic virtues despite all the humor and informalities in the series we learn is to not to give up as life goes on and ahead anyway, with or without anyone.

All the previous seasons include the perks of the six children growing up without a mom and a single drunk, unstable father, the starting episode itself begins by depicting the drama of the family’s head that is Frank, and continues up till a long trail of eleven seasons with numerous facets of the family.

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Shameless Season 12 Release Date – Cast

Characters from Shameless Series
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William H. Macy has played the role of Frank the drunk father in the series and has left everyone stunned with his extraordinary acting skills. On the other hand, Jeremy Allen plays Lip, Cameron Monaghan plays Ian and Emmy Rossum plays Fiona Gallagher, she is the oldest sibling in the family and hence has a lot of responsible roles to play.

Steve Howey plays Kevin, Shanola Hampton with her delectable back beauty and amazing curls plays Veronica, Emma Kenney as Debby shows up in the Gallagher family, Carl Gallagher being the second youngest child in the series is played by Ethan Cutkosky.

Mesmerizing everyone with her short hair Joan Cusack plays Sheila Jackson who lives in the neighborhood of the Gallagher family. Justin Chatwin plays Jimmy, and last but not least Noel Fisher plays the role of Micky Milkovich. All in all, everyone has given forth their best selves in portraying different characters in the series.

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Shameless Season 12 Release Date Trailer – Do We Have One?

Since there is no official announcement for season 12 of the series we do not have any trailer for the same too, till the very time, you all can have a glimpse at the recent or most probably the final season of the same i.e 11.

The series has had a huge fan base and hopefully, we soon get to hear about the final season of the same, stay tuned!

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