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The fifth season of “Jane The Virgin” concluded 3 years ago, will there be Jane The Virgin season 6? If yes, then when will we be able to see it on our screens? What will be the plot for the sixth season? Jump in to know the details!!

Jane The Virgin” is a rom-com American television series created and produced by Jennie Snyder Urman. The first season premiered on Oct 13, 2014, on The CW television network and concluded with the fifth season on Jul 31, 2019. The series won many awards such as Peabody Award and People’s Choice Award in the year 2014.

There are five seasons of “Jane The Virgin” as of now. The last season premiered on Mar 27, 2019, and concluded on Jul 31, 2019. The show contains 100 episodes in all with each of duration 40 minutes. Talking about the audience’s response to the show, the drama was able to create hype among the fans. The show has an average rating of 7.9/10 as stated by IMDb.

Jane The Virgin Season 6: A Peek Into The Previous Seasons

“Jane The Virgin” is a story about a girl named Jane Gloriana Villanueva, who vowed to her grandmother to remain a virgin until her marriage. She is a 23-year-old hard-working woman in love with writing. Her life turns upside down when her gynecologist mistakenly artificially inseminates her making her pregnant.

Jane The Virgin Recap
Source – Netflix

She is stunned after learning that the biological father of the sperm is the owner of the hotel in which Jane works. Rafael Solano is her teenage crush who turns out to be the biological father of the sperm and to make the situation worse is that he is married now. Jane has to make a difficult decision as this sperm is the final sperm which means the last chance for Rafael to become a father.

Jane is confused now as she has to choose between Rafael, her career, or her boyfriend who is a detective. As the show moves forward we find that she does give birth to the baby who has now grown into a toddler and keeps her career safe also. The fifth season was all about surprises, happy moments, and Jane and Rafael’s romance we do find Jane getting married to her teenage crush Rafael.

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Jane The Virgin Season 6 Premiere Date: Will It Be Going To Renew?

It is almost about 3 years now since the fifth outing of the series has been concluded. Though there are many rumors about the revival of the show none of them have been confirmed. Fans are impatiently waiting for Jane The Virgin season 6.

Jane giving birth
Source – Netflix

As mentioned before also that there is no official announcement on either renewing or canceling the show. Neither the makers nor Netflix has opened up about the sixth season. Many people believe that season fifth was the finale as the show completed the 100th episode with a happy ending leaving no storyline for the next season.

We are not sure yet but maybe it will be revived for Jane The Virgin season 6. As of now, nothing is confirmed so let’s hope for a brand new season of the series. And whenever we get updates on the series, Fiferst will be the one to deliver them to you first.

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Jane The Virgin Season 6 Plot: How Will The Story Progress?

As there is no news of the renewal of Jane The Virgin season 6 so it is obvious that we are still not introduced to the plot for the upcoming season. The fifth season of the show ended with Jane and Rafael getting married and Michael returning back because he is not able to move forward with his life.

Jane The Virgin Season 6 plot
Source – Netflix

Jane The Virgin season 6 can come up with the romance of newlywed couple Jane and Rafael as they were not able to enjoy due to some misunderstanding. It is quite possible that Jane and Rafael will not be able to make it through their new relationship as Michael returned.

As we already told there will not be much to offer to fans even if Jane The Virgin season 6 is renewed as we all know that the show ended on a happy and satisfying note with Jane and Rafael’s wedding.

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Jane The Virgin Season 6 Cast: Introduction Of New Characters?

The casting of the show was much praised by the fans. It is quite clear that the fifth season was the finale and Jane The Virgin season 6 won’t be released. But if by some miracle, The CW decides to renew it then we are pretty sure that there won’t be much change in the casting. Here are the actors and roles played by them.

Source – Netflix
  • Jane Gloriana Villanueva is played by Gina Rodriguez(Jenna Ortega as young Jane)
  • Rafael Solano is played by Justin Baldoni
  • Xiomara Gloriana Villanueva is played by Andrea Navedo(Catherine Toribio as young Xiomara)
  • Petra Solano/Natalia is played by Yael Grobglas
  • Michael Cordero is played by Brett Dier
  • Alba Gloriana Villanueva is played by Ivonne Coll
  • Mateo Gloriana Rogelio Solano is played by Elias Jannsen(Aria Rose Gracia as toddler Mateo)

Others in the recurring roles are Yara Martinez as Dr. Luisa Alver, Mia and Ella Allan as Anna and Ellie Solano, and Carlo Rota as Emilio Solano. Though there were a hell lot of characters in the show we won’t be discussing each and every one of them.

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Jane The Virgin Season 6 Trailer: Will It Arrive Soon?

A trailer for Jane The Virgin season 6 is still not out, so we’ve dropped the trailer of the previous season for you to remind you of the epic rom-com series. And if you are still confused about whether or not to watch the show, don’t wait!!! Watch it now!!

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Jane The Virgin Season 6 –

1. Will there be season 6 of Jane the Virgin?

Netflix and showrunners haven’t dropped any details about season 6. So, it’s not clear whether the series will be renewed for the sixth edition or not.

2. Is Jane the Virgin based on a true story?

The drama follows the book Venezuelan telenovela Juana la Virgen penned by Perla Farías but isn’t a real love tale.

3. Is season 5 the last of Jane the Virgin?

The drama wasn’t terminated by the streaming platform. As per the reports of CBR, Urman concluded the drama in season 5 in an organic way.

4. Who does Jane marry in Jane the Virgin Season 5?

Jane tied the knot with her boyfriend Rafael (Justin Baldoni) and sold the book narrating her story for $500,000.

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