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The American crime drama, Queen Of The South has always enjoyed a decent base of audience and the viewers have quite eagerly awaited the release of its fifth season. We have got some good news for the fans – Though the wait for the viewers on Netflix still continues, Queen Of The South Season 5 has already been telecasted by some broadcasting networks and streaming platforms.

The fifth season happens to be the last season in the series. The show has been pretty popular on the broadcasting network in the US, however, the confirmation came in March that it would not continue for any more seasons after this. Queen Of The South Season 5 telecasted its last episode on the USA network on June 9, 2021.

Scroll down and discover all that you need to know before you watch the fifth iteration of the thriller-

Queen Of The South Season 5  – What Is The Show About?

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Created by M.A Fortin and Joshua John Miller, Queen Of The South is ultimately based upon the novel La Reina del Sur by the Spanish writer, Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

The series revolves around Teresa Mendoza and her roller-coaster journey of becoming the controller of the biggest drug network across the globe. It becomes even more interesting because she rises from scratch and reaches the topmost level in a sphere that is otherwise dominated by men.

Mendoza, a financially weak Mexican woman who resides in Sinaloa, ends up falling in love with a man who is part of a drug gang. Mendoza tries to improve and strengthen her poor living and financial condition, however, the murder of her boyfriend forces her to take an escape route towards the other side of the border in the US.

Life takes a turn in the new country where Mendoza decides to face the situation and join hands with an old acquaintance of hers against the leader of the drug dealing circle that has been relentlessly chasing her. As fate has it and the writer wants it, Mendoza herself gets involved in the business of drugs over a period of time and becomes rich and powerful.

However, with the kind of power that she attains, also come some challenges and threats. These are not like the pangs of poverty that Mendoza has earlier faced but definitely dangerous enough to put even her life at risk.

When Is Queen Of The South Season 5 Releasing?

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Well, the release date would depend upon which streaming platform you follow. For some, the entire season has been out for months and many have watched it as well, however, for others, their patience is still getting tested.

The fifth season of the show was aired during April and June 2021 on the US Network. Moreover, all the ten episodes of Queen Of The South Season 5 have been made available on Disney+ Hotstar where you can go and watch it any time. It can also be watched on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, and iTunes.

While the first four seasons are very much available on Netflix to be binge-watched and enjoyed, the fifth season would still take some time. We(fiferst) expect Queen Of The South Season 5 to arrive on Netflix in 2022. Further, the release date on Netflix across the network in various countries may vary.

Who All Would Be A Part Of Queen Of The South Season 5 Cast?

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The fifth season has included the same actors from the previous seasons to play the major roles. Alice Braga returns in her lead role as Teresa Mendoza. Hemky Madera comes back as Pote Galvez, one of the strongest associates of Mendoza, while Peter Gadiot joins the cast as James Valdez, the trustworthy man of Camilla and the lover and mentor of Teresa.

The roles of Alonzo Loya, who is a DEA agent, and Chicho, one of Teresa’s important companions, are also retained by Nick Sagar and Alejandro Barrios respectively. Molly Burnett also comes in as Kelly Anne Van Awken. Among others, Pasha Lychinkoff joins the team as Kostya and Eve Harlow joins in as Samara Volkova.

All these characters come in for Queen Of The South Season 5 and bring a very interesting and enjoyable plot for you!

Queen Of The South Season 5 – What Do We Expect To Happen In The Next Installment?

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Well, we do not just expect but already know with certainty what is going to be served with the fifth installment of the drama. However, we(fiferst) would drop only hints and not give a detailed description of the plot so that the fun doesn’t get spoiled for those who haven’t watched it yet.

The fifth season has been set into ten fine episodes. Centrally revolving around Mendoza, the Queen Of The South Season 5 sees her trying to strengthen the empire that she has built. The daring woman attempts to broaden her circle from America to Europe. However, the CIA gets after her because of some unsettled disputes from the past.

Mendoza faces a threat from the Russians who are one among the many who are eager to see her fall. The fate of Mendoza gets uncovered in Queen Of The South Season 5 with thrilling and interesting twists and even the involvement of the DEA.

What would Mendoza’s next step be? Would she again flee to a new location or find another supporter to help her get through the crisis? What would happen to her business? What and with whose help would she plan the next sequence of action? Would she be able to escape the clutches of those who are after her or would the enemies succeed to take her down?

To know more than this, go and tune in to watch the episodes of Queen Of The South Season 5 and discover it all.

Queen Of The South Season 5 Trailer – What’s The Status?

Did you just ask about the trailer when the entire season is available out there? Yes, you heard that right!

Queen Of The South Season 5 is already available on some platforms but for those who are still waiting for it to arrive on their favourite platform (Netflix), here is the trailer that would make you feel charged up before you watch the season –


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