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Have you watched Sherlock Holmes? If yes, then have you watched the Sherlock Holmes of teens? Yes, that’s what Control Z is. And after its two successful seasons, what is Control Z’s season 3 release date? Yes, that is what we’re going to talk about in the coming few sections of the article.

The show reminds Fiferst so much of Riverdale as well, as it also has a bunch of teen detectives doing crazy things!

Coming to Control Z season 3 release date, we have talked about it later in the coming sections as we have so many more things to say as well. The show, released in the Spanish language, has gained popularity and become so many’s favorites in a short while.

Anyway, make sure you read this post to the end because we have something in store for you. We are pretty sure you will like it\!

Control Z Season 3 Release Date- What Do We Know So Far?

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What is it you have to know about this teen drama? The show is a thriller mystery show that is also considered in teen drama and everyone is loving it.

Decider called this show children Sherlock Holmes and it very well is.

The show’s goodness is also spoken by its ratings. The show has a rating of 6.9 (almost 7) stars out of 10 on IMDb whereas 67% of users on Rotten Tomatoes like the show. 

Besides this, the show is also liked by 86% of Google users as well.

But what do you think will happen in the season 3 plot? Who do you think will be in the cast apart from the existing cast? Will there be fresh faces on screen in the third season? And what do you think the Control Z season 3 release date will be?

What Can Be Control Z Season 3 Plot?

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If you are new to the world of Netflix and don’t know what Control Z is about, have you been living under a rock? Well, now that you’re here, it is Fiferst’s responsibility to tell you what’s happening in the show so far.

The show Control Z is about a Mexican girl named Sofia, who will solve who’s been hacking the lives of people and revealing their secrets to everyone.

Now Sofia takes it on herself to reveal the identity of the hacker and tell everyone the truth. Will she be able to do it? Will she be able to find the hacker? Or will the hacker reveal her dark secret?

Well, there was a lot of suspense that was left unanswered in the show.

Coming to Control Z season 3 plot, no official plotline has yet been shared with the viewers. 

But usually, when season 3 releases, there are going to be so many questions answered… and raised as well.

Who Can Be Control Z Season 3 Cast?

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No official confirmations or list of the show has yet been told by Netflix for Control Z Season 3 cast, but we can confirm that the cast from last seasons will be back this time as well. Fiferst always says that there should always be a little room for the fresh faces to arrive.

The old cast of the show will be back as we said.

  • Alex- Samantha Acuna
  • Natalia- Macarena Garcua Romero
  • Dario- Ivan Ponce
  • Ernesto- Xabiani Ponce de Leon
  • Rosa- Paty Maqueo
  • Migule Quintanilla- Rodrigo Cachero
  • Bruno- Mauro Sanchez Navarro
  • Valeria- Kariam Castro
  • Regina- Ariana Saavedra
  • Sofia Herrera- Ana Valeria Becerril
  • Javier William- Michael Ronda
  • Pablo Garcia- Andres Baida
  • Gerardo- Patricio Gallardo
  • Luis- Luis Curiel

We couldn’t wait for anything else but the Control Z season 3 release date. But what about the show’s renewal? Are we even confirmed whether we are getting season 3?

Let’s talk about that for a while.

What Is Control Z Season 3 Renewal Status?

There has been nothing better than Control Z since the show came out and we very well know that.

But are we getting season 3 or shouldn’t you be waiting for it already or something? 

We are almost definitely already are waiting for the thief season!

The official announcement regarding Control Z season 3 is not yet given or the OTT streaming platforms have not yet given any hints as of now as well.

So, the Control Z season 3 renewal status is still PENDING.

What Is Control Z Season 3 Release Date?

Since the renewal of the show is pending yet, no official release date of the show is announced as of now.

However, the audience and the die-hard viewers of the show can expect the show, Control Z season 3, to be released in 2022.

If we look at the pattern, the time gap between the first and the second season was around 15 months. So, viewers can expect a similar time gap between the second and third seasons as well.

Control Z Season 3 Trailer Released?

No, the season 3 trailer has not yet been released, and since there is no news about when the season 3 release date will come out as of now, one can’t say anything about season 3’s trailer release.

However, we got a season 2 trailer right here for you!

Where Can I Watch Control Z Season 3?

Control Z season 3 is available to watch on Netflix for the subscribers. The two seasons are already available to watch on Netflix.

Summing Up | Control Z Season 3 Release Date

This was all we knew about the Control Z season 3 release date. 

However, the official renewal and release date of Control Z season 3 is not yet confirmed, but viewers can expect the official news sooner than they think.

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