The creators of the Narcos drama series have finally dropped a piece of good news for their fans. If you too are a big lover of this thriller then you will go crazy after hearing it. Are you super excited to know what it is? I think you are and that’s is a reason why you are following these lines?

If you believe that the last season of the drama didn’t end well and it should continue more to show all things in a more detailing way to celebrate then Netflix has announced the renewal of the series for the third time. Now, several questions may have started coming to your mind including what is Narcos Mexico Season 3 release date and many other things regarding drama.

But you don’t need to worry as here you will get all answers to your questions regarding the series. You just cool your nerves and calmly follow me till last so that you won’t miss any crucial update regarding drama. So, let me start answering your queries that are constantly striking your mind again and again.

Has Narcos Mexico Season 3 Release Date Revealed?

Narcos Mexico Season 3 release date

On 28th October 2020, the official streaming partner Netflix announced that the series will strike back for the third season in the coming days. But, as of now, we haven’t got any updates regarding the release date of season 3. Netflix has only disclosed the news of the renewal of the fourth season, apart from this the OTT platform hasn’t even indicated about Narcos Mexico Season 3 release date.

The COVID-19 has severely affected the pre-production, shooting, and all works linked to the making of the series. Right now it is not even clear that whether shooting has started or not and that’s why makers are failing to give an accurate release date to the series.

During a conversation with Rolling Stone Magazine Puetro Rican rapper Bad Bunny (Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio) whom you will see in the supporting role in the next season mentioned that they had started shoot for Narcos Mexico Season 3 episodes but just after few days this pandemic arrived and spoiled everything.

Thereafter, the shooting got paused, and even after more than six months it is yet to start. Also, If you remember there was more than a 1-year gap between the arrival of Narcos Mexico Season 1 and Season 2, and the second installment has released just prior to the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic i.e. in February.

And that’s why it would be too early to expect season 3 now. So, we require to wait for at least 6 more months before the third season stream on Netflix.

How Will Narcos Mexico Season 3 Plot Be?

Narcos Season 3 release date

The series shows a depth version of the contemporary drug battle that begun when the Mexican trade universe was an unsecured and disordered collaboration of self-reliant traders and developers. Félix Gallardo was the first who discovered an integration of peddlers to construct an administration with the support of the Guadalajara Cartel during the 1980s.

He has done quite hard missions with Walt Breslin (Scoot McNairy) and Kiki Camarena (Michael Pena). The action-packed drama finished on a highly charged note that took place between Gallardo and Breslin as last mentioned sent to jail. Now, it will be interesting to see how incidents happen in Narcos Mexico Season 3 episodes.

Seeing the ending it seems that next season will be filled with more suspense, action, and sparkling scenes. So this time we are going to witness a more gripping story as well as top-notch performances by the actors.

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Who Will Be Part Of Narcos Mexico Season 3 Cast?

Narcos Season 3 release date

Diego Luna may not be seen in the next part of the series because the actor is busy shooting for the Star Wars: Rogue where he will display the character of Cassian Andor. Apart from him, other actors will probably remain the same.

There are very few chances that the cast will change in the upcoming season. But some experts predict that some new faces will be added to season 4 to make it more intriguing and rocking. So, the previous stars will be seen as reprising their roles. If it will happen then:

  • Michael Peña will be seen as Kiki Camarena.
  • Diego Luna will replicate his character of Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo.
  • Tenoch Huerta will portray the character of Rafael Caro Quintero.
  • Alyssa Diaz will display the character of Mika Camarena.
  • Joaquín Cosío will play the role of Ernesto “Don Neto” Fonseca Carrillo.
  • José María Yazpik will be seen as Amado Carrillo Fuentes.
  • Matt Letscher will reprise his role Jaime Kuykendall.
  • Ernesto Alterio will present the character of Salvador Osuna Nava.
  • Fernanda Urrejola will play the role of Maria Elvira.
  • Teresa Ruiz will replicate his role as Isabella Bautista.
  • Aaron Staton will display the role of Butch Sears.
  • Lenny Jacobson will be seen as Roger Knapp.
  • Gerardo Taracena will portray the character of Pablo Acosta.
  • Julio Cesar Cedillo will play the character of Commander Guillermo.
  • Alfonso Dosal will present the character of Benjamín Arellano Félix.
  • Mayra Hermosillo will display the character of Enedina Arellano Félix.
  • Jesse Garcia will be seen as Sal Orozco.
  • Alberto Zeni will reprise his role of Amat Palacios.

Apart from them, other stars like Clark Freeman, Guillermo Villegas, Horacio Garcia Rojas, Brian Buckley, Mike Doyle, Eric Lange, Viviana Serna, and Sosie Bacon will be seen playing their respective roles.

How Many Episodes Will Be In Narcos Mexico Season 3?

Narcos Mexico Season 3 release date
In season 2 we have seen 10 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Salva El Tigre
  • Episode 2: Alea lacta Est
  • Episode 3: Rubén Zuno Arce
  • Episode 4: The Big Dig
  • Episode 5: AFO
  • Episode 6: El Dedazo
  • Episode 7: Truth and Reconciliation
  • Episode 8: Se Cayó El Sistema
  • Episode 9: Growth Prosperity and Liberation
  • Episode 10: Free Trade

To be honest, neither creators nor Netflix has disclosed the number of episodes that the coming season will consist of. But there were 10-10 episodes in previous both seasons that’s why some experts are predicting that season 3 will also have 10 episodes. But there is no such authentic information regarding that.

Has Netflix’s Narcos Season 3 Trailer Released?

As we have already discussed earlier that just a few days back the drama has been renewed. Now, the work on production and shooting is going on so the question doesn’t arise about the trailer. It will only arrive after the completion of the shooting.

So, Until then we can do nothing except waiting. However, if you loved the previous season a lot then you can relive the moments by watching the trailer embedded above.

Till then stay in touch with us to know more updates regarding Narcos Season 3 release date.

Source: Radio Times

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