mystery road season 3 release date

We people somewhere takes more interest in watching shows and dramas that are filled with suspense and mysteries. We are true fans and active viewers of intense crime series that are crowded with action scenes and multiple twists. In 2018, ABC launched a crime thriller ‘Mystery Road’ turned out to be a superhit drama for the production company.

The series hit 100% Critics score on Rotten Tomatoes and at the same time, it also achieved 7.5/10 stars on the IMDb. After seeing the excellent feedbacks of viewers creators came up with another season of the show in April 2020. Now, with the beginning of the new year, drama fans have started asking about Mystery Road season 3 release date, renewal status, cast, etc. So, here is everything that has been revealed so far.

Has ABC TV Announced Mystery Road Season 3 Release Date?

Mystery Road Season 3 release date

The second season of thriller streamed on 12th October 2020 over Acorn TV in Canada and the US with consecutive episodes. The final episode telecasted on 9th November 2020. But before it was released in the US, the drama streamed on ABC TV in Australia. In all three countries, the drama gathered great reviews from people.

In fact, it also got maximum votes in the category of ‘Most Popular Drama’ at the 2019 TV Week Logic Awards. Mystery Road has also remained successful in securing 5 AACTA awards and accolades on behalf of the Australian Directors Guild and the Australian Writers Guild. The drama’s content offers the freedom to script makers to create a variety of plots.

Each season of the series involves independent cases that terminate at a satisfactory note. Hence, these achievements of drama hints that ABC can renew it anytime in the future. And, if it is going to happen then we will get a chance to watch the third season by the mid of 2022.

How Will Mystery Road Season 3 Plot Be?

Mystery Road Season 3 release date

Extracted from the incidents of Ivan’s popular movies Road and Goldstone, the first season delivers a tale of detective Jay Swan who has been allotted to inspect the strange escape of two guys on an outback cattle station. First one regional football player while the second one is a white backpacker.

Swan collaborates with native police cop Emma James to solve the cases linked with drug smuggling and injustice which harms the peace of the entire community.

In Mystery Road Season 2, Swan arrives at Gideon’s coastal town to probe a killing case that is connected to a drug-smuggling loop. But a big obstacle comes on his path as soon as he meets a Swedish archaeologist whose target is to explore old traditional artifacts. On the other hand, locals aren’t ready that any outlander analyzes their land and recreate history.

In between all this Jay needs to uncover the ominous network of corruption because the body count is constantly increasing. In this way season, 2 ends with this case which means that next season will come up with another thrilling case where Jay Swan and his squad will be asked to solve it too. So, be ready as this time too we will get to watch another nail-biting season.

Who Will Be Part Of Mystery Road Season 3 Cast?

Mystery Road Season 3 release date

Nothing is clear right now as creators haven’t yet renewed the drama for the third time. But we have seen Aaron Pedersen in the lead role in both of the previously released seasons so he might make a comeback in the third season too. Reports of many trusted sources are indicating that creators can make variations in the cast of the forthcoming season.

They can introduce fresh faces as new characters. But it isn’t seeming that they will make major changes in the central characters of the series. Maybe they add new characters just to twist the story. The speculations are saying that most of the actors of season 2 will reprise their roles in Mystery Road season 3 episodes. So, the stars that are going to be seen in next season are –

  • Aaron Pedersen will be seen as Jay Swan.
  • Judy Davis will portray the character of Emma James.
  • Jada Alberts will display the character of Fran Davis.
  • Deborah Mailman will present the character of Kerry Thompson.
  • Wayne Blair will deliver his role of Larry Dime.
  • Aaron McGrath will play his role of Marley Thompson.
  • Tasma Walton will portray the character of Mary Swan.
  • Madeleine Madden will display the character of Crystal Swan.
  • Meyne Wyatt will present the character of Cedric Thompson.
  • Colin Friels will deliver his role of Tony Ballantyne.
  • Rohan Mirchandaney will be seen as David Sharma.
  • Anthony Hayes will portray the character of Ryan Muller.
  • Ernie Dingo will display the character of Keith Groves.
  • John Waters will deliver his role as Travis James.
  • Kris McQuade will present the character of the role of Liz Rutherford.


Other actors like Tasia Zalar, Ningali Lawford Wolf, Connor Van Vuuren, Ben Oxenbould, Benjamin Hoetjes, Jessica Falkholt, and Sofia Helin will play their respective roles.

How Many Episodes Will Be In Mystery Road Season 3?

Mystery Road Season 3 release date

In last season we saw six episodes including –

  • Episode 1: The Road
  • Episode 2: The Flare
  • Episode 3: Artefacts
  • Episode 4: Broken
  • Episode 5: To Live with the Living
  • Episode 6: What You Do Now

ABC hasn’t commented anything about the episodes of the forthcoming season but you might have observed that there were 6-6 episodes in each of the previously released seasons. That’s why it’s looking that season 3 will also have 6 episodes. However, we need to wait until the creators make some announcements about this.

Is There Any News Of Mystery Road Season 3 Trailer?


No, there isn’t any news regarding the trailer of the third season. ABC hasn’t even renewed the series for the third time and we all know that trailer arrives after the completion of the filming. Firstly, the drama will get renewed for season 3 thereafter all tasks related to pre-production and shooting will be done.

So, definitely, all these things will take a long time. If we consider predictions, it won’t be released before the start of 2022. Till then you can enjoy watching Mystery Road season 2 episodes that are available on ABC tv. If any details regarding season 3 come, we will let you know. Stay tuned with us for more updates about the series.

Source: The Cinemaholic

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