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Yes, we know that you want to know about the Monsters Inc 3 release date and we are here to tell you exactly that. But, before the main course, don’t you want to dive into the starters first?

Monsters Inc (Monsters Incorporated) is a movie set in the town of Monstropolis – in a world of monsters. They live a jolly life there. But this whole scenario is disrupted when a little human girl, Boo, enters their world and spins it around.

The animated movie was first released in 2001, on November 2.

You will not find a single person in the world who wouldn’t smile at the name of Monsters Inc Unless they don’t know about it.

The movie has a rating of 8.1/10 on IMDb, while 79% of users on Metacritic, another critic site, liked the movie. Besides that, the movie is also liked by 96% AND 90% of users on Rotten Tomatoes and Google, respectively.

Want to know more about Monsters Inc 3 release date? Well, keep reading the post further. It’s not that boring, promise.

Monsters Inc 3 Plot – What is About To Happen?

Monsters at Work episode 03
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So, if you haven’t already watched Monsters Inc (rare chances), you probably don’t get what the hype is about.

The movie is set in a whole different world of monsters and where we’re going specifically?

As mentioned above, Monstropolis.

In the world of monsters who harness energy from the screams of little children, live Sulley and Mike. They’re best friends and also the scarers in Monsters Inc.

They open little doorways to the real world and scare children to harness their energy, and one fine night, a mishap happens and a little girl enters the doorway and hence, enters Monstropolis.

Soon, Mike and Sulley realize that scaring little children is the wrong thing to do and they want to drop Boo, the little girl, back at their house.

The Monsters Inc is one of the largest grossing movies of 2001 whopping a huge amount of 577 Million Dollars. Yes, you read that right.

Now you know what are the fans excited for!

Coming to Monsters Inc. 3 plot, we can have two possibilities. One can be that the movie can be set where Boo has grown up.

The other possibility can be the introduction of a character like Boo, who is also not scared of monsters.

Or… there could be both!

We don’t know where this is going. We’ll only get to know what’s going to happen in Monstropolis for sure when the third movie releases.

Monsters Inc 3 Cast – Who Are The Characters and Voice-Over Artists of The Show?

Mike, Sulley, and Boo
Source: The Cinemaholic

In the loving memory of James Coburn. (1928 – 2002)

The movie is iconic and no one ever questions that. But what made it iconic except for the smooth animation and great storyline?

The dialogue delivery of the Monsters and Boo!

If you don’t know who did that iconic work, here is a list of the major characters and their voice-over artists!

  • John Goodman voices our favorite Sulley,
  • Billy Crystal voices Mike,
  • Steve Buscemi voiced the cruel Randall,
  • Late. James Coburn voiced Henry,
  • Mary Gibbs voiced our little Boo,
  • and Jennifer Tilly can be heard voicing over Celia.

What Is Monsters Inc 3 Renewal Status?

The most important question of the evening, Ladies and Gentlemen!

What is the renewal status of Monsters Inc?

Is there going to be a sequel to it?

Well, the plot of the movie says yes. There is a lot to tell the audience.

In an interview in 2016, the director of the movie, Mr. Pete Docter, also hinted at the making of a sequel.

The movie is not in the making but it has not been canceled as of now – he said something around this line.

And recently, according to Pixar, the third movie is in the game.

So, yes, Monsters Inc. 3 is coming soon!

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What is Monsters Inc 3 Release Date?

Mike and Sulley
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We’re here to know Monsters Inc’s 3 release date.

When and where can we watch it? Well, Fiferst will answer it for you.

The earlier speculations were that the movie was to be released in early 2021. But because of the pandemic, the release had to be pushed back to early 2022.

Since Fiferst is writing this article in July, and there is no release date given as of now, and the movie is also not released, there’s no confirmed season 3 release date.

If you ask us about Monsters Inc 3 release date, we will analyze the previous release patterns. The first movie was released in 2001, while the second came out in 2013.

Almost a gap of 12 years in between.

And since we’re waiting for Season 3, we might have to wait for another year or two. The movie might come in 2023 or 2024 – you never really know.

But don’t worry. As soon as there is an update on Monsters Inc 3 release date, Fiferst will put it right here, so that you get to know about this animated movie before anyone else.

Where Can I Watch Monsters Inc 3?

You will watch Monsters Inc. at Disney when it releases. Disney+ can also be the OTT platform for the same since the last movie was also broadcasted through it.

And since it is one of the largest grossing movies, there’s no way you will not find this movie in cinemas. That too, in 3-D.

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Monsters Inc 3 Trailer Release Date – When The Trailer Will Be Released?

Since we’re already waiting for Monsters Inc 3 release date, and there’s no hint of it, we cannot say when the trailer will come out. It might also take a year or so.

But till then, why don’t you watch the Monsters Inc. 2 trailer? We’ll put it right below for you:

Summing Up | Monsters Inc 3 Release Date

So this was all for Monsters Inc 3 release date. We know, we know, the wait has been way too long. The first movie came out in 2001, the second one in 2013, and it is 2022 already! There’s no hint of the movie on our screens.

Yes, it is heartbreaking.

But hey! Look at the silver lining? The movie isn’t dismissed, and the director is hinting at a sequel to the movie.

There is no specific Monsters Inc 3 release date in the picture.

As soon as we get new information, we’ll put it right here. Till then, if you think there’s something you would like to know from us, why don’t you put it in the comments below, and we’ll try answering that.

Till then, read how the characters of your favorite Monsters movie were created!

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