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See Season 3 Release Date – Is American Sci-fi Show Returning Back With A Brand New Season In 2022?

It has been one hell of a ride with Miraculous. With season 1 coming in and being a hit, to people waiting for the Miraculous season 5 release date- it was an up and down journey.

With so much already behind, seems it is time for a new season of Miraculous. Is there going to be one? Will there be a fifth season of Miraculous? What will be there release date of the show? Who would voice the characters of the show? Will there be a plot twist? Guess we will find that out soon!

For now, let us talk about the Miraculous season 5 release date and everything related to the show.

Miraculous Season 5 – What Do We Know About The Show So Far?

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The show Miraculous is liked by audiences of all age groups. Whether it is a toddler, a 10-year-old, or a teenager, you will find everyone watching the show, hooked to the screens.

That also shows in the ratings of the show. Miraculous has a rating of 7.9 stars out of 10 on IMDb, whereas, 92% of users on Google like the show. The show also has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Play.

Moving ahead now, let us now discuss the further details of the show. The fourth season of Miraculous aired last year and since then the viewers have been waiting for it to pop up on Netflix. Is that going to happen?

When will season 4 of Miraculous release on Netflix? What about seasons 6 and 7 of the show? What is the Miraculous season 5 release date?

Let’s chat!

What Is Miraculous Season 5 Plot?

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Miraculous, a very lovable children’s show is about a group of new-age youngsters who live in Paris.

When trouble strikes Paris, Marinette, and Adrien, originally classmates use jewels that have supernatural powers to transform themselves into heroic beings, Ladybug and Cat Noir, respectively.

The trouble in the city falls because of Hawk Moth, and later in the show named as Shadow-Moth. He wants to capture the jewels of both Ladybug and Cat Noir using devil butterflies named Akumas.

What makes the show more interesting is the fact that Ladybug and Cat Noir are unaware of their identities as Marinette and Adrien and keep loving one another.

The fifth season of Miraculous might change the location from Paris to somewhere else for a while.

What Is Miraculous Season 5 Renewal Status?

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The good news for the fans and viewers of the show is that season 5 of the show has been confirmed.

Miraculous season 5 is officially renewed. The official renewal status of Miraculous season 5 is CONFIRMED.

Who Can Be In The Cast Of Miraculous Season 5?

Fantawild teams with ON Kids, ZAG to bring 'Miraculous' to China | News
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The cast and characters of the show won’t be changing and they will be as similar as in the previous four seasons.

Below mentioned are the major characters (R) of the show along with their voice-over artists on the left!

Cristina Vee Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug
Bryce Papenbrook Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir
Keith Silverstein Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth
Mela Lee Tikki
Max Mittelman Plagg

Where Can I Watch Miraculous Season 5?

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The fourth season of the show was released in 2021 on the Disney channel and then on Disney+. The fourth season of the show was also available to watch on Nickelodeon, both the channel and the website.

As for the fifth season of the show, Miraculous, you can watch it on the same platforms as the fourth season.

Miraculous season 5 will be available to watch on the Disney channel, Disney+, and Nickelodeon channel and website.

When Is Season 4 of Miraculous Coming Out On Netflix?

Miraculous season 4 initially aired on Disney Channel and eventually went on to air on Disney+.

The chances of the show airing on Netflix seem to be pretty low and near zero.

Why Fiferst says that because it has been more than a year since the show has released and OTTs like Netflix does not take a lot of time to air new shows.

Also, the fact that the show is already airing on an OTT like Disney+  further decreases the chances of the show getting released on Netflix.

It is advisable from Fiferst not to expect the show to release on Netflix or anytime soon.

Is The Trailer For Miraculous Season 5 Out?

Yes, the trailer of Miraculous season 5 is released. Fiferst has it here freshly for you and the fans of the show so that they don’t have to look for it at other places!

Watch the Miraculous season 5 trailer right here!

Summing Up | What Is Miraculous Season 5 Release Date?

The miraculous season 5 release date is expected to be in the summer of 2022. The fourth season of the show was released in 2021 summer and now season 5 is also scheduled for this year in the summer.

For the fans of the show, season six of Miraculous is also scheduled for the summer of 2023!

So here is the news as we all know, season 4 of Miraculous will be released but not on Netflix. The show however will be released on Disney+.

Netflix did cover the first three seasons of the show but the coming seasons will not land on Netflix as we know.

The show is very funny and interesting to watch. The love story of Cat Noir and Lady Bug just adds to the fun, excitement, and mystery of it!

Season 4 of Miraculous was released in 2021. It has been almost a year since the show has dropped but there is still no hint of it on Netflix, and hence, concluded that the show won’t be airing on the OTT, Netflix.

So what if the show is not coming on Netflix, there are several other equally amazing shows on the OTT that you can watch and be equally entertained!

You can also watch these shows below as you wait for the Miraculous season 5 release date and the show itself!

You can find the link to those shows right below for you!

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Fiferst is pretty sure that you will find these shows binge-worthy!

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Miraculous Season 5 Release Date –

1. Is Miraculous going to have a season 5?

Jeremy Zag has confirmed that the anime series is getting a fifth season. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir will be coming this summer and will comprise 27 episodes.

2. What is the release date for Miraculous Ladybug season 5?

The exact premiere date hasn’t been revealed yet. However, credible sources like Alpha News Call are stating that the fifth season will arrive by the summer of 2022.

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