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Living With Yourself Season 2 is going to be phenomenal. This was quite a unique show and I’ve seen much of such series in recent times. Various shows are based on science fiction and even feature cloning. However, this show is different. It gives you a slightly different perspective about life.

Living With Yourself Season 2 would be a comedy-drama just like its debut season. It’d be amazing to watch how two Miles would go hand in hand and lead different yet same lives. This show came out in the year 2019. People wondered if there would be another season to this amazing series. However, the pandemic took over and things got a bit delayed and bleak.

It was this time Living With Yourself Season 2 might slip out of the fan’s mind or maybe the makers’ hand. However, it’s been pretty much in talks lately and there is a huge probability that this show isn’t gonna die anytime soon and would at least for another season. There are multiple opportunities for the makers to go in different directions. It mostly seemed like an experiment, a good one for the audience at least.

Living With Yourself Season 2 – Juggling The Past

Miles and Kate in Living Yourself Season 2
Source – Netflix

If we go by the title then Living With Yourself seems like a comedy show about a bachelor person who has to live all by himself and incidents that happen to him now and then. However, it’s far opposite from that concept.

This show revolves around the life of Miles aka Paul Rudd who is quite unhappy and unfulfilled in his life. He has a beautiful wife, Kate aka Aisling Bea, but they are not happy together. Kate had a miscarriage in the past and that made their life more depressed. However, they are trying again and again for the kid. Life couldn’t be crueler and it has been nothing but a tragic joke with them. Kate couldn’t conceive a kid.

One day, Miles saw an advertisement for a spa that will help you fix all your problems if you pay a high price. Seeing that there is no other option for him. He didn’t blink twice and went all in, spending all his savings for just one more chance at a better life.

However, he woke up in a forest which was far away from the city and also, and he was buried in the ground. He woke up; dug himself up and went directly to his home. And when it couldn’t be stranger, at home, he found another Miles. So, now there are two Miles.

They both marched down to the Spa only to find out that he has been cloned and the other person is his clone. Now, there is nothing that they can do. However, this New cloned Miles was better at everything than Miles and everybody likes him, his ideas, etc. His friends, his wife, people at the office, and every other person he knows like New Miles better. This made things worse and now real Miles is jealous of his cloned version.

Now, Miles tries hard to be like New Miles. But New Miles is depressed because he has no purpose in his life. He also fell in love with Kate but obviously couldn’t help her. So, he took his one hair and went back to the spa and asks them to clone Kate but they refused due to the company policy.

Afterward, he made his profile on the dating app and there also he only could find one match, Kate. He matched with her. Then, Kate also went out with him and slept with him. On the other hand, Miles got kidnapped and after being questioned, he came back home to find out that his wife slept with the New Miles.

Miles almost killed his cloned version but he then had a change of heart and revived him. After that, Kate told them that she is pregnant but would never reveal whose child it was. Then, they all three hugged and decided to live in the same house. Further, it’d be picked up in Living With Yourself Season 2.

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Living With Yourself Season 2 Release Date – Setting Up The Table

Paul rudd aka miles and his clone
Source – Netflix

Living With Yourself Season 1 gained a fair number of fans due to its distinct concept and fairly short-lived journey. Initially, it was just an experiment because the makers of this series just thought that this would be a one-time thing and there would be no other installment.

However, all the makers think the same way. They just put out a thing and see how the audience takes it and if it does well then they do it all over again for several seasons. Since Paul never did such a series type thing. So, it was just a medium to get him out in a weird concept and acting which eventually happened.

By far the makers achieved what they wanted. Since Paul is busy shooting the third Ant-Man. We’ll have to just wait for it. Here, people may ask if Living With Yourself Season 2 is even on the table. Yes, it is. Also, it is upon Netflix to decide if it wants to renew it for another season or not.

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Living With Yourself Season 2 Cast – Who Is Who?

Miles with his clone
Source – Netflix

Paul Rudd would be the most important character in Living With Yourself Season 2. He is playing a double role. So, he just has to be in the second installment of the show. He is just too important to be left out.

Other than that, Aisling Bea is also one of the prime characters in the show. She has to be there in the Living With Yourself Season 2. Why? Because the last episode of the first season ended where Kate was pregnant and she didn’t reveal whose baby was it. Also, all three decided to live peacefully.

There is a window open for additional characters where new characters could easily fit. If Miles survived the cloning process, then there is a possibility that others would too, and this would open up the room for a plethora of characters and clones.

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Living With Yourself Season 2 Plot – Cloning The Future

Miles looking into the mirror
Source – Netflix

The first season ended on the note where both Real and New Miles and Kate decided to start living together. Fast forward, they are also having a baby. Now, it would be interesting to see how this kind of family will work. There could be factors where maybe Kate becomes interested in the New Miles and they hit it off again.

There is a bundle of opportunities to take the show ahead. What if the Spa people could make more and more clones and now, we are seeing multiple clones and a world full of clones? It’d be something worth watching especially with a hint of comedy.

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Living With Yourself Season 2 Trailer – Leveling The Field

No official announcement has taken place till now regarding Living With Yourself Season 2. Due to that, no teaser or trailer has come out. However, the show is not benched or canceled. Therefore, there is hope and maybe in the future, the makers would revive it.

If it comes out then it’d come out in the latter half of 2023. Till then, let’s enjoy the Living With Yourself Season 1 trailer. It was an interesting series and definitely worth watching. Living With Yourself Season 2 is available on Netflix.

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